Top 22 Smart Home Gadgets For 2023

Top 22 Smart Home Gadgets

Smart homes are everywhere and the technology that is available to us is becoming more sophisticated every day. Guardian loves tech that makes life easier and safer. 2023 will bring us smart home gadgets we didn’t know were possible.

Top 22 Smart Home Gadgets For 2023

We have compiled a list of 22 smart home gadgets that you must own this year!

1. Lenovo ThinkReality HTML3 Smart Glasses (coming shortly)

The rise of hybrid and remote jobs is creating a new working environment for remote workers.

Lenovo’s ThinkReality Smart Glasses allow remote workers to succeed in virtual workspaces. They can work remotely from any location, including a virtual monitor and even a virtual coffee shop. Smart glasses are able to bridge the gap between remote collaboration and 3D visualization.

2. Extra Smart Automated Flooring Cleaning

There are many smart vacuums and smart mop models on the market. RoboRock’s S7 MaxV stands out from the multitude of floor-cleaning automation devices by its ability to detect carpets. this is the best smart home gadgets for women.

When the carpet is detected, the device moves its pad away from the surface so that it doesn’t mop surfaces that aren’t supposed to be mopped. The dock can also empty the S7’s dustbin while charging and clean the mop pad. This dock is a time saver!

3. Smart Thermostat

You can control the temperature in your home with your palm!

You can enjoy room-by-room comfort with our ENERGY STAR(r), certified smart thermostat. You can program it to save energy and set it on a schedule that suits you best. It integrates with our smart security system, so no additional app is required.

You can control Guardian’s Smart Thermostat using your smartphone or voice-controlled speaker.

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4. Smart Bathing

After a hard day, nothing beats a warm bath. Imagine if your bath could be drawn to your preferred temperature and filled to the level you desire, all without you having to lift a finger.

Kohler’s Perfect Fill Technology integrates a smart drainage system with the faucet, smartphones, and voice assistants. Smart technology can do more than fill your bathtub; you can also drain it using a voice command or an app.

5. Smart Ovens

Use your smart device to control your oven and cook like never before with the Hoover Vision Smart Oven.

You can adjust the oven’s settings from anywhere with the touchscreen door. It also has an HD camera built-in that allows you to check on your food without having to open the door. You can choose from a variety of cooking modes, including video and pre-set recipes.

6. Smart Bird Feeder

Equipped with powerful artificial intelligence, Bird Buddy can notify you of your feathered visitors, identify the bird, and take up-close-and-private photos stored in convenient collections. You’ll never miss a rare bird in your yard again.

7. Smart Video Doorbell

Guardian Protection’s Video Doorbell Pro lets you see more, learn more, and do more.

Smart video doorbells feature a large vertical viewing area, two-way audio, smartphone alerts, crystal clear resolution, and two-way audio. You can view live video feeds and check on packages and deliveries, answering your door anytime, anywhere.

8. Smart Dog Door

The smart dog door is here just when you thought it couldn’t get any better. MyQ Pet Portal Smart Dog Door makes it easier to spend time with your pet by allowing them to roam outside whenever they want.

The key to the door is a customized Bluetooth collar sensor that connects with the myQ app. It features personalized alerts, preferences, and daily reports.

Two 1080p cameras are included in the smart doggie door. They can live stream with a two-way chat feature, night vision, and live streaming. Because it is customizable in color and material options, your home will not be spoiled by traditional dog doors.

9. Smart Health Monitoring Light Bulb

That isn’t a typo! Sengled, a smart lighting expert, is releasing the SmartHealth Monitoring Light. It uses radar technology to track your heart rate, temperature, and other vital indicators. You can use the light bulb alone or connect several to create a virtual map of your home and monitor human behavior. Sengled plans to release the smart light in 2023, although it is still being developed.

10. Mui Hub Board

Mui Labs, a tech startup, plans to create a smart home hub that integrates analog connectivity into the digital world. The Mui Hub Board, a wall-mounted plank of wood that is both aesthetically pleasing and subtle, can be found here.

You can also run your finger on the surface to make the wood a smart home hub. It connects with WiFi, your appliances, and all other smart devices. You never thought that you could control your thermostat and check the news using a plank made of wood. !

11. Home Gyms

Since Peloton was founded, smart home gyms have been growing in popularity. Companies are now introducing smart equipment to complement interactive treadmills and bikes.

Tonal offers a revolutionary full-body workout that uses magnets and electricity to help you lose weight. Tonal offers personalized training and detailed performance analysis to help you reach your fitness goals.

FightCamp’s smart boxing equipment will make you look like a professional. The home gym comes with a professional-grade punch tracker, professional-grade boxing gloves, hand wraps, a heavy-duty mat, and a free heavy bag.

12. Smart Baby/Toddler Mattress

Babysense Cloud is the smartest baby and toddler mattress. Say goodbye to the traditional baby monitor. The motion-sensitive mattress can detect even the smallest movements and patterns of sleep, as well as environmental conditions.

Parents get tips and predictions for their child’s health and well-being. The product will launch in April 2022. However, it is available for pre-order.

13. Smart Meat Thermometer

Multitasking in your kitchen is easy with Yummly’s Smart Meat Thermometer. This completely wireless smart thermometer makes it easy to cook meat, poultry, and fish. It has dual temperature sensors and built-in timers and alerts and assisted cooking programs. Connect the thermometer to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth to control your cooking up to 150 feet away.

14. Smart Alarm Clock Rug

Ruggie Alarm Clock may be the right choice for you if you are someone who hits the snooze key too often every morning. You can program the smart alarm clock to play your favorite song, and it will only turn off if you stand on it longer than three seconds.

15. Smartduvet

You will never again make your bed by yourself! Smartduvets are, as you might guess, smart duvets. You can set the desired temperature on each side of your bed and have it made for you every day. The Smartduvet, which sits between your duvet covers and duvet covers, reduces electricity consumption and carbon emissions. It heats your body directly and doesn’t turn on the heat throughout your house.

16. Smart Water Valve

Guardian’s Smart Water Valve offers the most advanced water detection and prevention technology. If water is detected by a water sensor device, the new Qolsys IQ ZWave Water Valve can turn off the main water valve. The water sensor notifies you and the smart water valve immediately turns off the water supply. Imagine the savings you could make if you have ever suffered water damage.

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17. Robotic Lawn Mower

Smart lawn mowers, the latest innovation in lawn care, are gaining popularity. The mower detects the edges of perimeters using sensors or a boundary wire, much like an invisible fence for dogs. The lawn mower can be set up with obstacles to prevent it from stepping on them, just as you can with smart vacuums. You have a variety of options for different landscapes. Husqvarna’s 435X is for steep hills, and Ayi’s DRM3-600I Robot Mower is for more rugged lawns.

19. NFT Digital Frame

NFTs ( nonfungible tokens) have been a topic of conversation for the past year. An NFT, or non-fungible token, is a piece of data that can be traded and sold on a blockchain. Many consider them extremely collectible right now. The Netgear Meural Canvas II digital wall frame allows you to place NFTs and crypto-art directly on your wall.

This frame features an antiglare matte display with an ambient light sensor to bring your art to life. Their app allows you to upload, crop, and edit photos.

20. Smart Composter

KALEA combines nature and technology through their Automatic Kitchen Composter, which turns organic waste into fertile soil fertilizer within 48 hours. Smart composters are equipped with sensors that regulate temperature, humidity, and ventilation, and decrease methane gas emissions. The KALEA app allows you to monitor and control your composter and share tips and tricks with other KALEA users. You can also see your environmental achievements and connect with other KALEA users.

21. Smart Coffee Brewer

Invergo’s Smart Coffee Brewer gives you complete control over your coffee. It is the world’s first automatic pour-over coffee system. The motion brew technology allows for uniform water saturation of the coffee grounds. Invergo automatically adjusts the temperature, brew volume, and steeping time to ensure a perfect cup every time.

22. Lua Smart Planter

Are you a plant lover but struggle to keep them alive? You don’t know what your plant needs. It’s not easy to understand them if you aren’t an expert. The Lua Smart Planter is free and allows your plant to communicate with you. It can even evolve into a virtual pet by using the mobile app!

After selecting the category and type of the plant, the smart planter scans and sets the appropriate parameters. The plant can display 15 facial animations that correspond with its health and moods. The planter includes a sub-irrigation reservoir that uses sensors to monitor temperature, moisture, light exposure, and movement.

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