Top 10 Voice Changer Apps

Voice Changer Apps

Have you ever wondered what your voice would sound like if it were a robot, an animated character, or a younger version of yourself? Voice changer apps are available for both iPhones and Android devices, so you can change the sound of your voice no matter what Smartphone model you own.

While it’s fine to modulate your voice for fun, using voice changers to bully or prank strangers is not acceptable. You can find out about the top voice changer apps available for iPhones and Android devices. Find the one that you like the most by reading on.

Top 10 Voice Changer Apps

1. Celebrity Voice Changer – Face

If you’re looking to sound more like your favorite TV or film star, then Celebrity Voice Changer is the right choice for voice changer apps. You can request different voices as the app’s machine learning mimics any voice. Celebrity Voice Changer is only available in English. It cannot modulate speech for other languages. You must also make an in-app payment to unlock all the features of the application or to get unlimited usage.


  • Automatic voice modulation
  • Voice filters in a huge selection
  • Video files are more suitable for social media platforms than audio files.
  • Impressive impressions of celebrities


  • Unreasonably high prices
  • Deep Learning is still a work in progress for the app

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2. Snapchat

Snapchat has more than 203 million daily users. It is the most popular messaging platform on the market. How to Change Gender on Snapchat was shared previously. The app allows users to capture and share short moments, or Snaps, with their friends. Snapchat offers a wide range of voice-changing effects to make Snaps even more entertaining. The audio recording features Snapchat provides are not ideal because you can’t edit the files created with the app. Snapchat can quickly drain your battery, so you should be careful how often you use it.


  • Voice modulation is easy to do
  • Excellent Messaging Options
  • You can access a large group of people who share your interests.
  • Daily updates are made to lenses and filters


  • It is not possible to edit voice changes once you have created a Snap.
  • Snapchat isn’t primarily a voice changer app

3. Voice Changer

This app will change your voice in a matter of seconds. Launch the app, then press the microphone button to record the message or joke that you want to modulate. Once you have recorded your voice, you can select from more than twenty different voice effects that will make you sound like a robot, alien, or dwarf. File-sharing features allow you to upload your recordings to the social media platforms of your choice or to store them and use them multiple times.


  • Easy to use and entertaining
  • The three-step process for voice modulation
  • A good selection of voice filters
  • File sharing is easy with these options


  • This app shows ads
  • Audio editing software is not available

4. Voicy: Celebrity Voice Changer

It’s fun to impersonate your favorite celebrity on social media. Voicy offers a wide range of celebrity voice imitations that you can use to sound like an actress or TV personality. The app allows users to experiment with voice effects and uses machine learning for the creation of over forty avatars. If you’d like to access all the features of Voicy, then you will need to subscribe to the weekly, monthly, or annual version.


  • Equipped with a powerful machine learning technology
  • A wide selection of voice avatars is available
  • The quick voice modification process
  • This is a great option if you’re looking to create a parody


  • The price is higher than the competition
  • Support for only English

5. Video Voice Changer – Fun Editor

It is easy to change the voice in videos that you have recorded with your iPhones and iPads. This iOS app allows you to either capture the videos that you want to dub or import them directly from their albums. Video Voice Changer is an excellent option for dubbing videos straight from your phone. It allows you to change your video’s voices to sound like ghosts, mice, or bears. You can choose from over 30 voice effects. You can choose the best one for the video you are editing.


  • Video recording tool equipped
  • Excellent dubbing features
  • Voice effects – a rich collection
  • Users can share their creations via Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms


  • To unlock all the features of an app, you must purchase it in-app
  • Audio mixing is not available

6. Video Voice Changer FX

Anyone can use this app to change the voice in a video. Upload a video from your SD card and select the audio effect and apply it. App’s funny voices collection includes options such as squirrel, chipmunk, and echo. The app creates a new video as soon as you choose the voice effect to be added to the video. The app does not allow you to share the videos that you have edited with Video Voice Changer.


  • Easy to use and fun
  • Price to performance ratio is excellent
  • It only takes a few taps to change the voice.
  • Users can switch between effects as the video plays


  • No audio or Video Recording Capability
  • Doesn’t support sharing social media

7. Squeak Voice Changer

Squeak Voice Changer will make any joke you wish to share online with your friends a bit funnier. Tap on the Record button to choose from the various effects. The app’s voice-changing effects are represented by characters. For example, you can choose Jamie the Jolly to make your voice sound as if it were at a party. Or Bruce the Sentimental Bot to make your voice artificial. Squeak Voice Changer allows you to share all recordings on social media.


  • Audio recording capabilities are included
  • Cute and memorable voices that are represented by cute characters
  • Enjoyable and inexpensive to use
  • Functional app design


  • Poor Voice effects
  • AI can only understand English

8. Voice Changer with Effects

The Android app makes it easy to have fun, as voice modulation allows you to reverse your voice recording or make it sound robotic. The app allows you to modulate recorded sounds, save them on your phone and use them as notification sounds or ringtones. The app also allows you to add sounds to photos and share them on Facebook. You can share any audio file you create with the Voice Changer and Effects to all popular social media platforms.


  • This app has been downloaded over 50,000,000 times
  • The device is equipped with a Text to Voice feature
  • This app makes it easy to create a new ringtone.
  • Editing of audio files that have already been recorded is supported


  • Contains ads
  • There are no audio or video editing tools

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9. Voice Changer

Voice Changer is one of the most popular voice changer apps for android that allows you to modulate your voice easily and quickly. This app allows you to record your voice simply by tapping the microphone on your phone and speaking into the speaker. Then, apply an audio effect. You can also import an audio recording you’ve already made into the app, and apply Martian effects, Giant effects, Giant Child, or Foreigner effects. You can apply the effects to your audio files as many times as you like.


  • Funny effects galore
  • Simple audio recording setup
  • Intuitive and modernly designed Interface
  • Share audio files with Bluetooth or other social media platforms


  • No video editing software
  • The output audio quality can be variable

10. Voice FX

It’s easy to modify voices in any audio file. The process is simple and can be done in a matter of seconds. You can record audio and apply voice effects. The sound will be streamed live on your web browsers, or any media player you use. Voice FX allows you to change your voice in real time, so you can preview the results before you decide whether you want to save it. All files exported from this app are saved in MP3 format, so they can be used as ringtones for your Android device.


  • Modulate audio files that have already been recorded
  • Voice effects can be applied in real-time
  • Live streaming is available
  • Export files to MP3 format


  • Prone to glitches
  • Limited voice effects

Final Word — Top Voice Changer Apps

With the apps in this article, you can enjoy good fun while exploring different voice modulation options. These voice changer apps can all change the voice automatically. However, if you want to change the voices of your videos then you will need an app that allows you to do this. What are the best voice changers for iPhones and Android devices? Share your opinion with us by leaving a comment.

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