What Are Snapchat Planets Orders & Friend Solar System: How to Find Best Friend

Snapchat planets orders

Snapchat is an app that lots of teens use to share silly photos and videos with friends. On Snapchat, you can add filters and effects to make your snaps more fun. There’s also a paid version called Snapchat Plus that lets you do more stuff. One special thing in Plus is unlocks Snapchat planets. They appear next to your friends’ names in order from your #1 bestie all the way to your 8th bestie.

The planets look like cute emoji’s. So your friend list becomes a little solar system, with you as the sun in the middle! Planets are just one cool feature that makes Snapchat popular with people. The app lets you get creative with photos and videos while also seeing your friendship status. Paying for Snapchat Plus gives you planets and more ways to have fun on Snapchat every day!

What Are Snapchat Planets?

In our real solar system, all the planets orbit around the sun. Snapchat took this idea and made it about friends! On Snapchat plus planets, you are the sun. Your best friends are the planets that revolve around you. There are 8 planets total, to show your top 8 closest pals on Snapchat. The Snapchat plus planets appear by your friends’ names in order.

Mercury shows your #1 BFF, Venus is your 2nd bestie, and so on. The planets go in order from your #1 friend all the way to your #8 friend. It’s a fun way to see your Top Friends list as a mini solar system, with you as the sun and your besties as planets!

What Does Each Planet Mean?

The Snapchat planets go in the same order as real planets. Here is a snapchat planets order list

And also what each planet means:

  • Mercury – Your #1 best friend that you snap with the most
  • Venus – Your 2nd closest friend
  • Earth – Your 3rd closest friend
  • Mars – Your 4th closest friend
  • Jupiter – Your 5th closest friend
  • Saturn – Your 6th closest friend
  • Uranus – Your 7th closest friend
  • Neptune – Your 8th closest friend

Snapchat planets order shows up next to your friend’s name and picture. The planet emoji shows how close that friend is to you.

How Do You See Your Planets?

To see Snapchat planets, you need to pay for Snapchat Plus. It costs $3.99 per month. After subscribing, go to a friend’s profile. Tap the “Best Friends” or “Friends” badge. This helps to know you what planet you are for them!

Snapchat best friends list planets make you aware If you are Mercury, you are their #1 best friend. If you are Neptune, you are their 8th best friend. The planets always go in order let’s have a look on Snapchat planets in order from closest #1 friend to #8 friend.

More About Each Snapchat Planet:


Mercury – shows your #1 best friend

Mercury shows your #1 best friend on Snapchat. This is the friend you snap with the most and are closest to overall. Mercury appears as a fiery red planet surrounded by red hearts.


Venus – shows your #2 best friend

Venus represents your second closest friend. You likely chat and snap this person often. Venus looks like a planet with yellow, pink and blue hearts around it.


Earth – shows your #3 best friend

Earth is your third best Snapchat friend. You stay in touch regularly and have a solid friendship. Earth shows up as a planet with a moon, stars and red hearts.


Mars – shows your #4 best friend

Mars is your fourth best Snapchat buddy. You probably snap this friend daily and have meaningful chats. Mars is displayed as a red planet with purple and blue hearts.


Jupiter – shows your #5 best friend

Jupiter is the fifth friend on your Snapchat best friends list. You connect frequently but aren’t quite as close. Jupiter appears as a large orange planet with stripes.


Saturn – shows your #6 best friend

Saturn is your sixth closest friend on Snapchat. You still chat but a little less than your top friends. Saturn looks like an orange planet with rings.


Uranus – shows your #7 best friend

Uranus represents your seventh best Snapchat friend. You may only chat occasionally or have a newer friendship. Uranus shows up as a solo green planet.


Neptune – shows your #8 best friend

Neptune is your eighth closest Snapchat friend. This is a more casual friendship with less frequent snaps. Neptune looks like a cold, lonely blue planet.

How To See Snapchat Planets For Free

Snapchat planets are only for Snapchat Plus users. But you can view planets for free using the Snapchat Plus free trial. Here is how to see planets without paying:

  • First, open Snapchat and tap your profile picture. Then tap the Snapchat Plus banner below your name. Read the details and tap Next.

Snapchat best friend profile

  • Now tap “Start Free Trial” to begin your free Snapchat Plus. You will need to add a payment method, but you won’t be charged yet.

Snapchat Plus Plans

  • Once Snapchat Plus activates, close and reopen Snapchat. Go to your Chats and open a friend’s chat. Tap their Bitmoji to go to their profile.
  • Tap the “Best Friends” or “Friends” badge on their profile. This reveals what planet you are!

best friend planets

  • That’s all you need to do with the Snapchat Plus trial. Make sure to cancel before the trial ends to avoid being charged. After the trial, Snapchat Plus costs $3.99 per month.

But using the free trial lets you access planets without paying! It’s an easy way to see your friendship ranking on Snapchat. Check your planets today with the Snapchat Plus free trial.

Wrapping up

Snapchat planets are a super fun way to see your best friends on the app. Real planets go around the sun, and Snapchat planets work the same. You are the sun, and your top 8 friends are planets! People share their planets on social media to show their best Snapchat buddies. Planets are part of Snapchat Plus, which costs $3.99 per month. If you get Snapchat Plus, check your Snapchat best friends list planets! They put your friends in planet order from #1 bestie to #8. The planets feature is one reason Snapchat is so popular with teens and young people. Planets make your Snapchat friend list into a whole solar system! So hooked up to fun planets to see your friendship status today.


Is Snapchat Planets free for All users?

No, to use Snapchat Planets, you have to buy its premium subscription.

What does it cost to Premium Snapchat?

Snapchat has launched its new Snapchat + Subscription pan in India at a highly affordable price. While it costs $3.99.

What planet is first on Snapchat?

Just like in our real solar system, Mercury is always first. That means you are the #1 best friend.

What is order on Snapchat Planets?

Snapchat planets order is Mercury >Venus >Earth >Mars >Jupiter >Saturn >Uranus >Neptune

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