What Makes Earbuds Comfortable?

What Makes Earbuds Comfortable

If you wear headphones to listen to music, podcasts, or audiobooks, chances are, you’ve been uncomfortable. Most of this pain comes from the one-size-fits-all plastic clamshell earbud design. For a few decades, very few earbud companies have cared about improving this design to avoid ear pain.

In this blog, we’re discussing how you can make your earbuds the most comfortable earbuds on the market. Whether it’s the fit on your earbuds that’s causing you pain or the type of earbud you use, we have some ways to ensure you don’t feel uncomfortable ever again.

Continue reading to learn more about how you can make your earbuds more comfortable.

How Do You Make Earbuds More Comfortable?

If your earbuds are always uncomfortable or they are always falling out of your ears, you likely have a one-size-fits-all product. Not everyone has the same shaped ears, so it’s understandable why your one-size-fits-all product wouldn’t bring you enjoyable listening experiences. Because all of our ears are shaped differently, we need listening solutions that take this into account. When earbuds are too large, they will fall out. When they are too small, they will feel like they are jamming your ears.

You can combat this in a number of ways. Trying different designs can be helpful as you might get lucky and find one that fits your ears better. You might also want to think about getting earphones with foam domes. These designs go a little deeper into the ear and can better secure the ear without causing it any pain or discomfort.

However, often, we might not have the budget to order a ton of earbuds and pick and choose which one fits our ears best. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to ensure you combat some of the problems that you face with earbuds.

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How Can You Make Earbuds More Comfortable?

One of the best ways to improve your earbud comfort is to replace the earbud covers or tips. Most earbuds come with earbud covers and they wear out over time. If you switch to foam, you can easily enjoy a more comfortable fit for your ears. Simply search for replacement foam tips online and your earbud manufacturer/model will be able to provide some inexpensive options for you to try.

Why Do Your Earbuds Fall Out?

One of the most common reasons your earbuds fall out has to do with an excess amount of earwax. You can test out whether this is the problem by looking at your earbuds after you use them. If they have earwax on them, you likely have earwax buildup in your ears. When you have too much earwax buildup in your ears, you will not only have problems with earbuds not fitting properly. The earbuds can pack the wax deeper into your ear. This can eventually lead to hearing problems or ear infections.

Your earbuds falling out of your ears could also be a function of their proximity to your jaw. If you find your earbuds tend to fall out when you move your jaw, this might be the issue. This is because your ears move when you swallow, talk or chew.

How Do You Put Earbuds In Correctly for a Comfortable Fit?

Putting in earbuds correctly can go a long way towards making them feel comfortable within your ears. They will also be less likely to fall out of your ears. Before you put the earbuds in your ears, use your fingers to pull the bud up to the top of your ear. This will help you properly open the ear for insertion. Place the earbud directly into the ear while it’s still open. Then, allow your ear to relax. Another important thing to remember is that your earbuds might be specifically designed for the left or right ear. This is a minor detail but something people often overlook.

New Earbud Covers Make Them More Comfortable

If you find your earbuds fall out too easily, you should consider getting larger tips or covers. There are also certain earbuds that come with several different tip sizes, so you can choose from those as well. If you already have earbuds that didn’t come with different-sized tips, you should look into the larger tips separately.

What Are the Reasons for Ear Pain

One of the most common reasons for ear pain is the fit itself. Poor fits that come from wearing headphones too tightly around the head or plastic ear shells designed as a one-size-fits-all solution will likely cause pain. They typically put pressure on the outer ear and squeeze your cartilage, which can cause discomfort.

Wearing headphones too tightly for an extended period of time can also cause discomfort and pain. Some ears are more sensitive to this type of discomfort than others. Lastly, a potential reason for the pain can result from excess noise streaming directly into your ears. High volume levels can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss. They can also cause tinnitus.

Earbuds that are inserted into your ears rather than resting on the outer potion not only carry noise risks. They can also cause pain-inducing ear infections or allergic reactions by introducing bacteria and debris into the ear canal. The one-size-fits-all aspect can also prove painful if the accessories don’t appropriately fit into your ears.

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How Can You Relieve Pain from Your Ear?

Home remedies for ear pain can include a wide range of options depending on the extent of your problem. SOlutions can include some steps as simple as the following:

  • Adjusting the earphones for reduced pressure on the ears.
  • Removing your earphones or earbuds for extended periods of time.
  • Reducing the sound level in your earphones to 60% or less of their maximum volume.
  • Take appropriate over-the-counter oral medication for pain relief.
  • Using over-the-counter ear drops specifically indicated for pain relief.

How to Avoid Ear Pain from Headphones or Earbud Use

  • Clean your devices with a dry, non-abrasive, lint-free cloth.
  • Keep your volume below 60%.
  • Fit your earphones snugly into your ears.
  • Avoid wearing headphones or earbuds for hours at a time. Take breaks.
  • Schedule periodic ear check-ups, including professional cleanings to clear earwax buildup.
  • Switch your earpads on your earphones to a different material to address allergic irritation.
  • Ensure the volume is at the lowest setting before turning on the sound source or putting your earphones on.
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