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7 Professional Tips for Successful Business Networking in New Post-Covid Time

Successful Business Networking

A lot has changed in the last two years. This pandemic changed not only the personal but also the professional lives of many people. A couple of years ago, what might have been normal is no longer acceptable or even safe today. For example, the practices of networking and making new business connections face to face don’t seem like a good idea until this is all over!

Still, many companies depend on their networking skills just to keep functioning. The COVID-19 pandemic made some changes in the business world, both in a positive and negative light. For some job seekers, such a global event has opened up many career resources for collaboration. It is still very much possible to make connections during these times.

You can start making your own connections even before entering the workforce or when you are looking for a new job. Any career expert can tell with certainty that using a top-rated resume writing service can improve your chances of getting recognized by recruiters. And one of the main goals of making connections is for laborers and employers to remember you.

So, are you ready to adjust to the post-COVID times, make the most out of this situation, and land a job? Here are seven professional tips for successful business networking in these new troubling times!

1. Remember That It’s Not Over Yet

Don’t think that these new tips will be universal for every business sphere for years to come. The pandemic is still not over, and the game might be changing soon once more. Still, career advice experts say you need to plan for the near future! So, writing down your goals and tools for achieving them might be the first step to getting more interviews.

Also, if you have some events where you might need to make connections, planning is a must when you invest in your career! Here are a couple of tips for you as something to think about:

  • Make a plan of getting to know at least five new people at the event;
  • Make a commitment to setting a personal or an online appointment with these people within a week after the event;
  • Reach out to other organizers if this is not your event specifically; maybe your previous experiences and key skills can be applied here.

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2. Reach Out to People With Whom You Are No Longer in Contact

This technique of networking is especially relevant today. Perhaps you have some previously employed partners or some colleagues that are looking to occupy a new position. Use some of the top networking resume skills to reach out to them! You’ll never know what favors you might need during your career.

This can also be used another way. Your accomplishments might be noticed by professionals in your field or by other people who found you through an applicant tracking system. Even though you as an expert are on the receiving end of your web, it’s still very effective even during such troubling times.

3. Make Your Own ‘Elevator Pitch’

If you don’t know what this is, an ‘elevator pitch’ is a short overview of everything that you have to say. If you are talking to a hiring manager, for example, you have to present your work experience. And when you are talking to other experts in the same field, you need to have a professional pitch ready!

4. Increase Your Digital Presence

In reality, you probably should have started doing this a long time ago. Still, it’s not too late to start now! In the post-COVID times, businesses will be shifting into online mode even more. There are already many ATS bots and resume-scanning software that already dominate the industry. An applicant can be recognized and selected based on the internet presence alone.

5. Find Some Online Platforms That Are Created for Networking

This tip is basically connected to the previous one. Today, business experts have much more opportunities for networking on the internet. Even with Twitter and Facebook, people can reach out to each other and follow relevant news in the field. Also, there are platforms that are created specifically for making new business contacts. These include:

  • LinkedIn
  • Slack
  • Meetup
  • Shapr
  • Ryze

Bear in mind that these websites are not like your average social media! Most networking platforms are created for professionals who want to stay in touch with other experts. Here, you won’t find any photos of somebody’s kids or new cooking recipes. These sites are all about business and new contacts!

6. Reach Out to the Industry Leaders for Advice

Since the pandemic started, most face-to-face conferences have been canceled. Still, many professionals want to share their knowledge with others. Even if there are no online conferences scheduled, you can ask the industry giants for a consultation. Sometimes, they even offer their courses and online documents for free to everyone.

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7. Shift Your Connections From Rivalry to Empathy

The pandemic has been hard for everybody. If there is one thing that every person has learned, it’s that there are plenty of worries in the world right now. So, instead of viewing your colleagues as rivals, try to see them in a different light! After all, sharing your knowledge and joining forces can trigger your career development in the future.


So there you have it, seven professional tips for successful business networking in new post-COVID times! Of course, the pandemic is not over yet, but you can already learn some lessons from it. Today, networking is most important for businesses, especially those who want to function – and make a steady profit even during such troubling times.

Written by
Gloria Lunsford

Gloria Lunsford is a content writer at ResumeService24 with more than five years of experience in the resume writing service industry. Her primary specialization is English and Marketing, but she writes on a great number of other topics

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