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How to Improve Your Personal SEO Ranking

Personal SEO

To see what results would appear, it used to seem a little narcissistic to enter your name into a search engine. Google yourself was once considered a dirty secret, almost as sinful as searching for someone else. You could be a date, a new contact, or a potential employee. It’s not considered stalking to search for someone on Google or Facebook.

All of us are curious about our online personalities. You can get valuable information from the internet about people you are interested in, so it’s okay to have that curiosity. Research is a critical part of working with any supplier or new employee. Google is the “Google” of research.

Are you ready to discover what other people know about you? Search for you online.

You can Google yourself.

This is your digital personal brand.

What did you think the search results made you feel? Did you appear as the first “you” in search results? Did you feel 100% satisfied with the information on your first search results page?

If you answered no to any of these questions, there is room for improvement in personal SEO. This is the good news: this is the guide that you have been searching for to increase your digital footprint using personal SEO techniques.

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What is personal SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is the process of making online content easily found. Your content should be more likely to rank higher than any other content in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Neglecting SEO is one of the most costly marketing mistakes that you can make in business. SEO is essential, regardless of whether you are a freelancer or a start-up. This is true for everyone who wants to create strong personal branding.

Personal SEO, like business marketing, is about creating your unique online presence. It allows you to quickly show people who you are, your thoughts, and what you do.

Google isn’t the only search engine, but it is the most important platform

When your brand’s name becomes a verb, you know it is a success. The verb “to google” is now more popular than “searching the web” in the West.

Google’s ability to interpret search queries is what makes it so successful. It provides a comprehensive list of relevant results that are more intuitive and complex. Google is constantly becoming more intuitive and intelligent thanks to regular updates such as the BERT update in 2019. These updates facilitated Google’s ability to understand language in a more human-like way.

The organic search results are above the paid advertisements which appear at the top result page. These are the results Google considers the most valuable and relevant web pages that relate to the query. These results are what keep users returning to Google and are the holy grail of SEO.

How do SERP rankings affect your personal brand?

The higher up a search result’s rankings, the higher it is likely to be clicked. The average click-through rate for the first organic search result in a SERP is 28.5%. The click-through rates for the second and third results are 15% and 11% respectively.

The chances of your listing being clicked after reaching the 10th page are only 2.5%. The majority of people don’t venture beyond the first page. You want the first page to be the foundation of the picture you want people to see.

What are the new steps to boost your personal SEO?

It is essential to be improving personal visibility by implementing the process. Here are eight steps to help you build your SEO and improve your search engine rankings.

1. Build your social media presence

You can create social media accounts on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter if you don’t have one. Use them. Then, populate them with content that is suitable for public consumption. These platforms are a great place to make connections and have many interactions. Be visible.

Be sure to include lesser-known social media sites. Quora and Tumblr are just a few of the many social media platforms that we have.

2. Clean up your act

The internet is a place with a long history. There are many ways to embarrass yourself online. It’s possible to rewrite the history of a place, just as if they want to get rid of negative reviews.

There are many online agencies that can look at your past and help you improve your image and reputation. This is called “scrubbing.” It removes embarrassing memories like they never existed. They could erase your entire memory like that.

3. Get Yourself a Domain Name That Includes Your Real Name

Your personal SEO strategy will depend on having some internet real estate under your name. If is still available, you should consider it. To make the domain name affordable, you may have to be creative. Variations include hyphens,.net extensions. Make sure you have your full name in the URL.

4. Build a creative website that performs well

After you have registered your domain, take advantage of it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a professional site that showcases your portfolio or a personal website that reflects your passions and creativity, it should be polished. It showcases your best.

It is important that your website is easy to navigate. This can be done with a little sitemap optimization.

Your “about” section should not include your personal story or a detailed bio. Instead, give a brief summary of what you want people to remember about you. It doesn’t matter if you share your superpowers or key accomplishments with others. Make sure you include keywords and are relevant to your audience in everything that you write.

Your website can be used as a portfolio if you are a creative professional. Your website can be an important lead generation tool for freelancers. Portfolios can be useful even if your profession is not creative. You can discuss your most important achievements in detail that you won’t be able in a resume.

You can also link to your personal website from all other parts of the internet.

Visuals can also be used on your website. Google Image search results should show you a photo of yourself with your name.

Google also considers core web vitals when ranking pages. Make sure your page loads quickly both on mobile and desktop browsers. Also, make sure to follow strict cloud security guidelines.

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5. Content is king

Content is the best way to appeal to Google’s algorithms. You need lots of original, well-written, and regularly updated content. This is best done by creating and writing your own blog. Make sure you share your blog on every social media account.

Create guest posts as well as written material for other websites. Forums, digital presses, trade websites, and blogging communities are great places to start. If someone gives you space and gives you a name, take it. Make sure it links back to your website. This is known as backlinking.

6. Position yourself as a “thought leader”

Use your full name to comment on forums, blogs, or articles. Participate in professional discussions. Join panels. Participate in online networking. Participate in online networking. Publicize articles. Review products. You might be able to produce guides, tips, or other information if you are a qualified expert in your field. You might also consider hosting a webinar to share your expert knowledge.

7. Utilize LinkedIn as your online resume

Your LinkedIn profile should be up-to-date. Change the URL of your public profile to reflect your full name. Make sure that everything is complete and accurate. All information should be made public. It should read like a resume that you would be proud to show any employer.

It should be consistent with your resume. Use it. You will be more prominent in listing listings if you have more connections and are more active on LinkedIn. You want to be featured in the listing often, especially if your name is Brian Smith.

8. Ensure you are uniquely identifiable

Your name may make you look like poor Brian Smith on LinkedIn. Unique names are more valuable than the John and Mary Browns. This doesn’t mean that your personal SEO goals are doomed.

If your name is quite common, you might consider changing it a bit. If you share a moniker or name with someone famous or notable, you might consider doing the same. You might consider adding or changing your middle name, initial, or spelling. SEO will be improved if you are consistent in your spelling and variation.

Engaging in authentic behavior is the best way to improve your SEO. Engage people with you. You can write about interesting topics. Make sure you are visible in many relevant places and spaces. Link all of your digital profiles together to make them the best possible.

Personal SEO Optimization

Your work is not done once you’ve invested in optimizing your internet presence. The internet is constantly evolving and growing. These techniques must be practiced constantly to keep your name high up in the listings.

You don’t want to put in the effort but then abandon your online persona. Once you feel you have “arrived”, it would be a waste. Instead, keep an eye on your rankings and practice typing your name into the search bar. You won’t be alone doing this.

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