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How to Switch e-Shops from Shopify to WooCommerce?

How to Switch e-Shops from Shopify to WooCommerce

Shopify is a popular platform, but it doesn’t suit any e-shop building. Quite often, low-budget web stores leave this e-ground. According to statistics, small online shop owners prefer the WooСommerce platform instead. When moving an e-store to another e-ground, experts recommend using the services of professionals. For example, to move Shopify to WooCommerce the sellers may contact the specialists at Using the unverified companies’ services may lead to the webshop operating quality decrease.

Why do low-budget enterprises leave Shopify?

The main reason is the high maintaining an online store cost. For hosting Shopify services, the e-sellers may pay up to $299. Among the additional expenses, online merchants note e-store improving spending, for example:

  • add-ons usage (may cost up to $60 and even more a month);
  • social network connection (costs about $400 per year);
  • enhancement of the site applying PHP coding (the platform produces a special Shopify PHP script).

It’s also important to mark the e-mail hosting absence. E-sellers can’t host domain-based postal addresses like The online business owners may only set up mail redirection. So, if a customer contacts the e-mail will be automatically forwarded to the merchants’ common postal address such as Yahoo or Gmail.

The transition from Shopify to WooCommerce Features

To move the store, sellers must first prepare a little. The WooCommerce ground is a WordPress plugin. Therefore, the first step is to create a website on the WP. To do this, the users need hosting in a couple with a WordPress auto-installer and a domain name. Creating a WP website is a fairly simple operation. Therefore, even inexperienced users will easily cope with this task.

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WooCommerce Plugin Adding

After the site is created, users should log in to the WP administration console. Afterward, they should go to the Plugins section. There, it’s needed to click the Add New button. Then, the sellers should find the WooCommerce plugin using the search bar. After that, they have to activate the added plugin in the WordPress site administration console. As a result, 2 WooCommerce and Products menu items must appear.

Installation Wizard Launching

To run the setup process, users need to click the purple WooCommerce and Products menu button. It’s called Run the Setup Wizard. After that, the installation will start. During the setting up procedure the users should:

  • choose payment systems for transaction execution;
  • enter currency, store address, and a sales products type;
  • switch on the required additional options.

After the installation is finished, the WooCommerce platform will be ready for an e-store building. The sellers can learn more about creating online shops, for example, using the Cart2Cart Company blog.

Migration Process Particularities

After a WooCommerce e-store is created, a seller should contact professionals for information transfer from a Shopify online shop. Within the framework of the data migration service, the conscientious companies usually suggest preliminary target storage data clearing and a relocated site trial run. The moving store process may take from a few hours to 7 days. The procedure duration depends on the amount of data being transferred.

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