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Top 10 Best Apps for Design A Digital Business Card

Top 10 Best Apps for Design A Digital Business Card

Virtually everything is now digital. It’s easy to hand over a card for a new lead. You can do it in a few clicks on your mobile device. There are many apps that design, store, and send digital business cards to mobile devices in today’s tech-savvy society.

Digital business cards eliminate the need to search through a drawer stuffed with business cards in order to follow up on a connection. This app makes it easy to organize your connections.

Apps For Creating a Digital Business Card

These are 10 apps you can use for your digital business card.

1. SnapDat

SnapDat, is a free digital business card application that integrates easily with the iPhone Address Book. SnapDat business cards, “SnapCards”, can be sent via email or through the app. You can create multiple digital business cards using the app for different purposes. It’s both convenient for personal and business use.

2. CamCard

CamCard ranks high among the best business card apps. It’s intuitive because it can read and scan cards in more than 15 languages. You can also import information from your social media accounts. The app costs $5 per month per user for the Team package and $12 per month per user for the Business package.

3. Knowee

Knowee has many key features, including thumbnails and clickable links, in-depth storage, and the ability to make direct calls from your card. You can get the app for free for Basic and Premium plans, and you pay between 74c and $3.55 per month for the Business plan.

4. Inigo

This app lets you manage your digital business cards from your app’s back office and create templates you can distribute to your team’s smartphones. Inigo is compatible with both Android and Apple devices. The standard version is for teams and costs $5.49 per monthly, with annual billing. You can also get a free version.

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5. Haystack

This modern business card solution allows anyone to receive your cards, even if the app isn’t installed. Haystack digital business card creator allows you to scan and share, update, store, and even share your contact information with just a scan of the card. It is also possible to create your card directly from scratch. The app is $4 per month for the Premium plan and $199 for the Enterprise plan. You can also get a Forever Free plan.

6. eVaunt

You can create digital business cards using this application. It has a responsive design optimized for mobile devices and a unique URL. eVaunt allows you to embed Google Maps, upload a profile picture and display social networking icons.

7. OneCard

This is the best electronic business card available. You can create a digital hub that allows your customers to connect with you in their preferred way. You can also have a bio that tells a bit about yourself. A video introduction can be added to your profile. OneCard offers a free plan. However, if you want to upgrade, you’ll need to pay $12 per month or $120 annually.

8. Clinck

This free digital business card app is available for iOS and Android. It allows you to store, organize, and send contacts to any interested parties. Clinck lets you add a personal message and photo to your profile or LinkedIn page, along with clickable links to the website.

9. allows you to convert your app page into an electronic business card that you can email or send by phone. Any combination of information you have on your page, including your email address, phone number and photo, can be shared. The recipients will be able to save your details in the address book of their phones.

10. Icon

This digital business card app allows you to create rich and dynamic presentations using your social media content. Icon automatically combines content from all your social media accounts, including those on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Twitter. Both iOS and Android users can use the app.

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