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Top 10 Coworking Management Software

Top 10 Coworking Management Software

You are probably a coworking user looking for the best coworking management software. Software blogs are not very entertaining, are they? Coworking is a rapidly growing market as more companies want to use shared workspaces. And why not? It offers many advantages over traditional office space, especially with the new hybrid work environment that is here for good.

Moneycontrol published an article stating that Fortune 500 companies will be expanding their business through the use of more than 20,000 different coworking brands in 2022. According to the article, this industry has already grown by more than one million customers and is expected to double in 2022.

With every new hybrid office that comes out, these numbers will continue to rise. With great demand, comes great competition. How will you make your coworking area stand out from the crowd? You can offer many unique services to make your coworking space stand out, but managing them and your members will be a difficult job.

It’s simple. To manage your space, you need software that is both labor-saving and systematic. Manual management can only get you so far. The human being is capable of a great deal, but also susceptible to errors. Coding is not. Software management is fast and effective, as it can process data in minutes instead of a whole day when done manually. Has time management ever been so easy? Software created specifically to assist you in managing your coworking space can increase both your efficiency and customer satisfaction.

What is Coworking Software?

Coworking Software is specialized software that helps to manage the day-to-day operations of a coworking space and improves member retention. The coworking and hybrid offices need to have the ability to view occupancy from an aerial perspective, automate contracts, billing, and provide in-house support, as well as a ticketing system. and have an application that manages meeting room bookings.

Features to consider when choosing a coworking program

It is important to know the features you should look for when choosing a coworking app or software. Coworking software that makes your life easier should include the following.

  • Billing Automation
  • Automated Contracts
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales CRM
  • Occupancy Reporting and Financial Reporting
  • Meeting Room Booking
  • Visitor Management
  • Members can download mobile apps
  • Support and Ticketing
  • Community Building Features
  • Mobile apps allow for communication between co-workers and management
  • Integrate with existing software and tools

The following are the most important features you should look for, There could be more coworking software than you need. we then compiled a list of all the top coworking management software from around the world. without further ado here are the

Top 10 Coworking Management Software

1. Engage App

Engage is an integrated software designed to transform every coworking area into a tech-enabled space. Our goal is for your coworking space to be managed like the multi-billion dollar companies. Our Saas-based model makes us easily accessible to any coworking space, no matter how big or small. Our software can be used by a newly established coworking space on a single level or a large company with many branches. Our application is also 100% white-labeled, which helps you build your brand.

  • Meeting room booking system
  • Member Management
  • Touchless Visitor management
  • Automated Contract Management
  • White-labeled 100% applications without extra charge!
  • Manage your internal ticketing and support with a mobile app
  • Event management
  • Automatic billing and invoice generation

2. Optix

Optix is a streamlined coworking management software that connects you to the resources available and your workplace community. This software gives coworking spaces data and insights about their business to maximize their use in managing their space. Optix has many quality features, including:

  • Meeting room booking
  • Desk Booking
  • Analytics
  • CRM
  • Invoicing and Payment
  • Sign-up plugin

Optix is a large company with a diverse customer base. Some of these include Terkko Health Hub by BDCU and The Collective, Thrive Coworking, Cornerstone Coworking, etc.

3. Officernd

Officernd is flexible workspace management and workspace engagement platform that simplifies the day-to-day tasks of members. This allows them to spend less time on tedious tasks. This tool is designed to make it easier for you to manage your community and access your data. This software has many features.

  • Meeting room booking and management
  • Multiple location management
  • Maintenance issues and their management
  • Invoicing and billing
  • CRM
  • Administration

Officernd has a number of clients around the globe, including Dreamplex Shared Space, The Great Room, Firmspace, and Shared Space.

4. andcards

andcards offers a simple and user-friendly platform that is totally customer-focused. This software is aimed at providing the best service to its clients and is focused on customer satisfaction. Andcard has many features.

  • Meeting room booking
  • Desk Booking
  • Members Support
  • Automated billing
  • Analytics
  • Community Stream

Many coworking spaces, including My Workspace (formerly WorkQ), Creative States, Arize Campus, and WorkQ have benefited from the services of andcards.

5. Digicuro

Digicuro is an efficient software that manages flexible workspaces and provides free customization to help you customize your brand. This software automates coworking spaces’ daily tasks, ensuring that no resources are wasted due to poor management. This tool has many features, including:

  • Virtual tours for visitor management
  • Conference room allocation
  • Automated billing and payment collection
  • Branded iOS applications and Android apps
  • Analytical solution
  • Web dashboard

Worknest Workden Yesss Works The Board Room Coworking are some of Digicuro’s most trusted clients.

6. Archie

Archie is an excellent software that takes pride in being a friendly tool for its clients. This software’s goal is to improve the efficiency, revenue, and satisfaction of clients. This platform is designed to help you manage your coworking spaces and handle everyday tasks. The platform offers multiple features, including:

  • Meeting room booking
  • Member Management
  • Reports and analytics
  • Billing and Payment
  • Lead management

Archie’s clients include Montreal Coworkers, Esplanade, and Google for Startups.

7. Coworking Ops

Coworking Ops is a cloud-based software that aims to manage coworking spaces efficiently and increase occupancy rates. This software is regarded as being both flexible and user-friendly, as it can be customized to suit the needs of the company. They provide features like:

  • Automated invoicing and payment collection
  • Meeting room management
  • CRM
  • Visitor Management
  • Apps with white labeling for Android and iOS
  • Business Analytics

Many clients, including SpaceJam Coworking Offices and Space Coworking as well as FISU and FICCI, are satisfied with this software.

8. Nexudus

Nexudus is a smart software that helps users manage their time and their resources by managing their operations and the communities within their coworking space. This software provides free registrations to five members who are active. The number of members will increase proportionally as new members join. This policy is perfect for newly created coworking spaces. Nexudus has many features, including:

  • Booking a meeting room
  • Community engagement
  • Support from within the company
  • Visitor Management
  • Templates for proposals and documents
  • Viewing floor plans and office desks

Nexudus works with many workspace operators around the world, including Neue House Le Tank Utopicus Nomad Works.

9. Yardi Kube

Yardi Kube is a competitive software with a target to turn coworking spaces into vibrant communities. It gives customers a comprehensive view of all sales activities, so they can stay on top of leads and opportunities. The tool is very user-friendly, as it provides easy access to tasks, analytics, and account information. Yardi Kube is a powerful tool with many features. Some of these include:

  • Meeting room booking
  • Automated billing
  • Visitor Management
  • Analytics
  • Voice and data infrastructure

Yardi Kube can be used in all types of spaces, including Bond Collective Premier Workspaces Office Evolution and Pacific Workplaces.

10. Satellite Deskworks

Satellite Deskworks is a cloud-based coworking space management software that helps to build sustainable communities. who have run coworking spaces for themselves,  The team behind the software has created a tool that allows you to get their help with consulting packages. This software is not only user-friendly but also affordable. It helps companies to manage their daily tasks without having to worry about time restrictions. This tool has many features, including:

  • User-friendly member portal
  • Easy Inventory Setup
  • Interactive online reservation calendar
  • Reports that provide real-time data
  • Automated billing
  • Easy integration and highly customizable

Satellite Deskworks provides its services to a number of brands, including Cape Space Coworking, Grindstone Coworking and Union Cowork.


In conclusion, coworking management software provides a comprehensive solution for managing coworking spaces, from member onboarding to resource allocation and billing. It streamlines the entire process and ensures efficient operations, improving productivity and member satisfaction. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, it is a valuable tool for coworking space operators.

Written by
Aiden Nathan

Aiden Nathan is vice growth manager of The Tech Trend. He is passionate about the applying cutting edge technology to operate the built environment more sustainably.

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