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Top 10 Online Reputation Management Tools in 2023

Top 10 Online Reputation Management Tools

The vast amount of information that you have about yourself is now publicly available is a major change from the pre-internet age. It is almost impossible to delete information once it has been posted online. It is important to keep track of your online reputation and take steps to reduce negative comments about your business or yourself. You can use a variety of online reputation management tools to help you understand and improve your reputation.

Online reputation management refers to the steps you must take when you want to highlight positive aspects about yourself online and deemphasize negative sentiments.

Online reputation management can be a time-consuming task in some cases. There are many paid and free tools available that will make your job easier.

Online reputation management is the same regardless of whether you’re looking at your personal reputation online or your business reputation online. As we have discussed, personal branding can be just as important online as corporate branding. To find out what the internet has to say about potential job candidates, potential employers can Google their names. You might also have parts of your history you wish to erase. Your social accounts can be problematic, especially if they were treated too “socially” during your youth.

Top 10 Online Reputation Management Tools in 2022

1. Falcon is a social media platform. However, we consider it to be much more. Brands who want to be leaders in social media can use it as a solution. It allows you to keep track of the reputation of your company online and devise strategies for dealing with any problems.

It has a user-friendly interface that can be customized. Highlights include Falcon’s search, filtering and labeling capabilities, as well as tracking capabilities.

Falcon has modules for publishing, engagement, advertising, audience analysis, measuring, benchmarking, and measurement. However, the social listening capabilities of Falcon will be most useful to companies who want to improve their online reputation management. Brandwatch powers Falcon’s Listen module. It monitors brands across 100,000,000 online sources. It can be used to identify emerging trends and to find meaning in online conversations.

Listen allows you to see trends in what people say about your brand, products, and competitors. This will allow you to react quicker. Monitor mentions to find out what resonates with your customers and what motivates them. You can analyze brand perception and sentiment without having to manually sift through huge datasets.

Listen uses AI to detect spikes or drops in your data and alert you when there is unusual activity. It also automatically pings you when it detects negative comments so that your team can quickly respond to any emerging crisis.

Falcon’s unified social email inbox connects to the Listen module, which you can customize however you like. Analyze, monitor, and act on the information you receive via social media, forums, review sites, and other sources.

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2. Brand24

You can create projects with Brand24. Each Project tracks social mentions for an entity. Higher levels allow you to have multiple Projects that follow more than one brand or specific campaign.

To search for something, you can either type in keywords or specific keywords to include and exclude to ensure you don’t get mentions that aren’t relevant to your search.

Brand24 does more than just pull in mentions on social media. It searches the web for all mentions of your keywords. It gathers all public mentions from social media, news sites, and blogs in real-time.

Brand24 offers multiple filters that you can use to filter your data. You can drill down to any date, week, or month. Filtering by source and other criteria can help you identify your most important (and influential) champions. To see who has been trash-talking about you, you can filter by sentiment. You can also easily analyze the data using a data-packed Report.

Brand24’s comparison tool allows you to compare all of your projects side-by-side.

3. Digimind

Digimind can help brands monitor their online reputation. It offers many features that will allow them to understand what is happening with their online reputation. It’s intuitive and has impressive functionality. It’s powered by AI and trusted by major brands like Lexus Asia Pacific, Renault, and Nissan.

It can be used to track products and brands of competitors, as well as to listen to conversations about your brand on social media. Its metrics are also impressive. Deep analysis can be used to gain actionable insights.

Natural Language Processing, which can even process slang, is one of the highlights. You have all the information you need to anticipate and address potential problems and adjust your brand strategy. It’s not just about managing your online reputation. It’s also about being proactive and staying ahead.

It offers customized pricing and packages that can be based on volume or per seat. Digimind can provide demos upon request.

4. YouScan

YouScan, at its most basic, is a listening tool that scans social media for brand mentions and analyzes those mentions to determine their wider social impact. You can search through billions of data points and find many ways to analyze them. Its image recognition capabilities are the real star of the program, which allows users to be extremely specific in their visual searches.

To find the data that you need, set up Boolean searches. After YouScan has identified the data you are looking for, you can access a page that displays all mentions that match your criteria. To get the most relevant results, you can filter them in several ways. Visual Insights allows you to search through images in a very specific way. An AI engine that recognizes the images accurately powers image recognition.

Analytics tools provide interactive graphs, charts, and charts that show all major trends in your chosen topics. To drill down to see the posts behind these numbers, you can click anywhere in the charts.

5. BrandMentions

BrandMentions does not limit its listening to certain channels. You will find every major social media platform represented here.

After completing a thorough configuration, you will identify the keywords that you are tracking. This is usually your company name and/or any social handle. You can also track the keywords and social profiles of your competitors. You can create your Project by specifying which keywords must appear in your results. You can filter your results by using the platform to display sentiment analysis for each mention.

Once you have created your project, you will be able to view a list of mentions in less than 5 minutes. The results can be filtered in many ways. You can also select a specific mention to see a deeper view. BrandMention allows you to respond directly via social posts. BrandMentions will continue to grow as you use it.

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6. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo offers a different perspective than the other tools on this list. You can search the internet for any content that contains your search term. The key difference is the inclusion of the engagement associated with each search result.

These filters can be used to perform your search:

  • Date
  • B2B Publishers
  • Country
  • Language
  • Domain
  • Content-type
  • Word count
  • Size of the publisher

BuzzSumo offers engagement statistics for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. It gives a total number of search results that have been received.

BuzzSumo offers a content analysis report. This report shows detailed graphs relating to engagement for articles on your chosen topic.

Buzzsumo allows you to create alerts for online reputation management.

  • Brand mentions
  • Mentions of competitors
  • Website content
  • Keyword mentions
  • Backlinks
  • An author

You can specify exclusions and inclusions, the minimum engagement level that must be met before you receive an email alert, and whether or not to receive them immediately, daily, or all at once.

7. Mention

Mention lets brands monitor social media to find mentions of them in online conversations. It is possible to monitor more than 1 billion sources every day, including blogs and social media. Boolean alerts can be used to pinpoint your customers, competitors, and brand for market research.

Mention’s social listening and media monitoring make it easier to manage crisis situations. To be notified when your brand name is in danger, you can set up pulse alarms. This makes it easier to respond to good and bad news. You can also respond to your social media accounts via integrations with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Facebook.

Mention measures brand awareness, sentiment, brand reputation, and your competitors’ reputations. You can quickly distinguish between positive and negative comments with the sentiment analysis tools, which allows you to quickly identify any problem.

8. Google Alerts

The internet is constantly changing. This means that someone might post something that refers to you at any time. A Google Alert can be set up for you (either your business name or personal name).

Google will send you an email alerting you when it finds a new name. If the mention is not complimentary, this will make it easier to take action.

9., an Online Reputation Management tool (ORM), is geared more toward large enterprises and businesses. Through a wide range of solutions, they help large companies monitor, manage and maximize their online reputation.

They offer the following services:

  • Online reviews – local customers can give feedback
  • Surveys – collecting in-depth customer feedback
  • Social Suite – Allows firms to interact with their communities, building their reputation, and motivating buy decisions
  • Listing your business – Helping enterprises optimize their listing so customers can find them easily
    Analyzing the data to identify potential issues, strengths, and weaknesses and making operational improvements to drive positive reviews
  • Reputation Live allows frontline sales representatives at your location to request reviews online on their mobile devices immediately after customer interactions.

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10. BrandYourself

BrandYourself manages online reputation for both individuals and businesses. BrandYourself provides a free reputation report that allows you to see your online reputation. It will calculate your score and place you at a level between Very poor and Excellent.

The report will show you how to improve your Reputation Score. Your risk factors are also highlighted – flagged posts, flagged images, and flagged social results. It also examines your personal brand and any properties that may affect it. To improve your score, you can create an action plan.

BrandYourself offers two options: to make the changes yourself, or to hire BrandYourself to do them for you. The free report only gives you limited access to data.

BrandYourself employs a 4-step suppression procedure to try and improve your online reputation.

  • Any Google results that are possible to be removed (this is rare).
  • To suppress negative Google results, build a strong online presence
  • Continue to create positive content in order to safeguard your name against future damage
  • You can monitor your online presence to ensure you’re maximizing your career potential

It is possible to spend a lot of money working with a branding professional. Plans start at $599 per month.

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