8 Best Websites to Hire Restaurant Staff

8 Best Websites to Hire Restaurant Staff

If you have a job opening at your venue, it is common to place an ad in the window. This method has been proven effective, but it is not always the best way for top talent to be attracted.

It is crucial to ensure that your job posting is seen quickly by the right people. Online recruitment is the best way, as with all things, to attract and find the best talent.

We’ve compiled eight of the best websites for hiring restaurant staff to help you in your search.

8 Best websites to hire restaurant staff

Advertise on the following job boards and websites if you are having trouble finding applicants for your job openings.

1. Indeed

Indeed is one of the biggest job sites in the world with over 225,000,000 resumes saved on the website and more than 300 million monthly visitors

Although Indeed does not exclusively focus on the hospitality sector, it is a popular website for job seekers in this industry.

You can create an Indeed account for free and post a job advertisement that will be displayed in general search results. You can also promote your job posting for a fee to reach more candidates. According to Indeed, sponsored job advertisements are 4.5 times more likely than unpaid ads to lead to a hire.

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2. Monster

Monster is a leader in global recruiting. They have been connecting candidates and employers for more than 25 years.

Monster does not specialize in the recruitment of hospitality workers, but it has thousands of hospitality jobs available. Monster is used by many venues to hire staff. Employers have access to job description templates that can help them create the perfect job advertisement.

A job ad costs $279/mo. However, if you are a new customer or have never advertised on the site before you can get a free trial. If you wish to place more than one job ad on the site, there are other pricing options. These range from $399/mo to $649/mo.

3. Craigslist

Craigslist is an advertising website that allows users to post everything from job advertisements to services and items for sale, as well as housing ads.

This website is especially popular with small local businesses looking for staff for their restaurants. It’s fast and easy to place an ad, and it’s often less expensive than other job boards.

Posting a job ad in the USA or Canada on Craigslist costs $10-$75. The fees vary depending on where you are posting the job advertisement.

4. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is the largest US recruiting website. Four out of five employers who place an ad on the site receive a qualified candidate within the first 24 hours.

ZipRecruiter is a specialist in connecting small- to medium-sized companies with qualified candidates so that you can fill open positions as quickly and efficiently as possible.

ZipRecruiter is free to register and place a job advertisement. You can also purchase paid plans to boost your job ads to the right audiences. With a paid plan your job ad will be sent to more than 100 job sites within the ZipRecruiter network.

5. Culinary agents

Culinary Agents is an online recruitment site for the US hospitality industry. Culinary Agents has over 1.2 Million members. This makes it easy for hospitality companies to find top talent. You will also find industry data and best practices for recruiting on the site’s resources hub.

Posting a basic job ad costs $49, $46 if 5 ads are purchased, and $44 if 10 job ads are purchased. If you are looking to hire on a consistent basis, the $100/mo subscription is also available.

6. Good food jobs

Good Food Jobs is another job site that connects businesses in the hospitality sector with the most qualified job seekers.

Good Food Jobs has over 161,000 users and is a great place to start if you are looking to hire restaurant staff.

Job ads start at $60 and are available for six days. To save money, you can buy bulk job ads – 5 job ads are $250; 10 ads will be $400 each, and 15 job ads will run $450.

7. Sirvo

Sirvo specializes in recruiting for jobs within the service industry, with a particular focus on retail and restaurant roles.

Sirvo is an official Indeed partner. All job ads posted to Sirvo’s website will automatically be pushed to Indeed for a wider reach.

Sirvo has flexible pricing options that will suit any business. A job advertisement for a single position costs $40 and is available on the site for 30 days. There are subscription options available for multi-site operations to allow you to manage all of your recruiting efforts from one location. Subscriptions start at $110 per location

8. Snagajob

Snagajob is a job website that specializes in advertising positions that pay per hour. This site is great for restaurants looking to hire staff who aren’t salaried such as servers and bartenders.

Snagajob, America’s largest hourly worker marketplace, has over 6 million job seekers. Snagajob allows you to search for staff to cover shifts, rather than searching for specific roles.

Pricing starts at $89/mo on basic job ads and shifts cover.

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Where to promote your new job opening

After you have decided on the best job sites for your job openings, it is time to spread your ad.

  • Social media: Post your job ad to all your social media channels with a brief description of the position you are hiring and a link back to the ad for people who want to apply.
  • In–venue: Place a small advertisement in your window announcing your job and the places where you can apply. A QR code could be included with a link to your job ad so that people can scan it and apply.
  • Email: Send an email blast to your customers announcing that you are hiring. You never know who might be interested in work and your customers will be familiar with the venue and what it does. Include a description of the role and links to the job advertisement.
  • Staff referrals: Ask your team to refer friends and family members they feel might be a good fit for the job. Incentives could be offered to referrers if they are successful.

Final Word — Looking to hire restaurant staff?

It can be difficult to find the right staff members for your restaurant. It can be difficult to find the right staff for your restaurant. With so many people using online services to manage their daily lives, it is important that restaurants post job openings online. This will ensure that they reach as many people as possible, and more importantly, get seen by the right people. The type of job you are looking for and the time frame you require to fill the position will all affect the website you use to post it.

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