Tips on Selecting the Right Hosting Service for Your Website

Tips on Selecting the Right Hosting Service for Your Website

Today, having an online presence is easier than ever.  New applications and improved technologies have made website development and design a snap.  Plus, owning and operating a website is far more affordable today than it was in the past.  From business to pleasure, independent website owners make up over one billion sites on the internet today.  So, whether you are looking to improve your website or thinking of creating a new site, the most important factor is website hosting.  Here are a few tips on how to select the right hosting service for your website.

Consider Your Needs

This might seem incredibly obvious, but to pick the best host, you’ve got to assess the purpose of your website.  This assessment must also include what your users need too.  For instance, if your site is going to have a lot of moving parts such as customer reviews, an e-commerce shopping cart, appointment scheduling features, etc. – you’ll have to have a hefty host to help you with all that heavy lifting.

This is when a managed WordPress hosting service is ideal.  This type of hosting service takes care of every facet and aspect of your site. Because this type of hosting integrates with WordPress, it performs brilliantly and facilitates faster load times.  From automatic updates to shopping cart integration – managed WordPress hosting is fast, secure, and comprehensively tackles pretty much everything your site needs to succeed.

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Get the Best Support

There’s nothing worse than pouring all your energy into a website only to have it crash.  This is when hosting customer support is crucial.  You need a host that will respond to your service request within minutes.  That might sound like a tall order, but it’s not when you consider you might be losing visitors, customers, or sales every second your website is down.  Do research on hosting services and make sure they can respond to your needs immediately.  Also, read reviews from other users in order to assess whether or not a hosting company can stand behind bravado when it comes to customer support.

Consider Uptime Statistics

When looking into a new hosting service, you need to check out their uptime stats. Uptime is a term that details the percentage of time a website is online and visible to online users. Ideally, you want uptime 100% of the time.  No host can guarantee they’ll have your site hosted 100 percent of the time every day of the year.  However, researching host statistics and performance reviews is critical to selecting the right hosting service for your website.

Think About Scalability

If you’re just initiating a new website, you’re probably fine starting with a basic shared hosting package.  Shared hosting is inexpensive, and multiple sites are shared on the same server.  It’s ideal for new websites that are small and haven’t yet gained a lot of traffic.  But when your site begins to see increased traffic or you start to build out your site with more complex functions, you’ll need to upgrade.

This is why you’ve got to consider scalability when selecting the right website hosting service for your needs.  Make sure the host has different packages so you can easily upgrade your service to more heavy-duty hosting services.  If they don’t have upgrade options, look elsewhere because moving your domain and nameservers to a different host once you’ve established your site is a headache you don’t want for yourself.

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Refund Policies

Owning and operating your own website can be an adventure, and it can also be incredibly satisfying.  However, managing and maintaining a website takes a lot of effort, and it isn’t always for everybody.  That’s why it’s a good idea to make sure your hosting service has a refund policy.  In the event you no longer want to operate your website, you need assurances that you haven’t lost the money you’ve invested in hosting.  Therefore, check to see if a hosting service will pro-rate or return your money if you decide to walk away from your website.


We hope these tips on selecting the right website hosting service proved to be insightful and helpful. Ideally, you’ll want the best service for the price, but you’ll also want a hosting service that is as invested in your vision for your website as you are.

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Aiden Nathan

Aiden Nathan is vice growth manager of The Tech Trend. He is passionate about the applying cutting edge technology to operate the built environment more sustainably.

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