Top 10 Best Email Apps For Android Phones

Best Email Apps For Android

Most people send emails every day, with some sending more than others. We need to find the right service to help us do this efficiently. There are many compelling email clients available. There are many compelling email services that will allow you to connect with these providers. We’ve selected our top android email apps to highlight for you.

Below are 10 email android apps. These are not our top choices. There are many great email apps on the Google Play Store. We cannot list them all. While we tried to highlight the most compelling apps, we kept the list flexible.

Different people have different requirements when it comes to email apps. Some prefer simple features and others need more advanced options. Below is a list that will cover all your needs. Check out these apps if you frequently use your email for business or personal purposes.

Top 10 Best Email Android apps 2021

Here is some information about each app. Also, we offer suggestions for which type of users the app is most suited to.

All download links go to the app’s Google Play Store listing. It is recommended that users download top email apps from Google Play and authorized app stores.

1. Gmail


Gmail is the most well-known best email client app. This is Google’s own service and the app that you should use. Gmail can be accessed with non-Gmail email addresses, such as Outlook, Yahoo Mail, or any other IMAP/POP mail. You also get 15GB of free storage so your belongings and emails won’t take up too much space.

Gmail is great for blocking spam. These emails will still be visible in your inbox, but you’ll be able to filter them out. This app allows you to create tags with color-coding. To make it easier to find your favorites emails later, you can also highlight them and use gestures to do so. Gmail is minimalistic and sleek. Gmail’s dark mode is also available. This is one of the most popular email apps if it is not the best.

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2. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is not just the best for Microsoft users. This app has grown to be a very, very capable and top email application. It is minimalistic and flat. The UI is well-thought-out. You can also connect to other email services through this app, such as Gmail. This app allows you to connect your Gmail account, for instance, with no problems.

Your important messages are kept at the top of the app’s “focused inbox”. This email android app allows you to seamlessly switch between your email and your calendar. This app works seamlessly with, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft 365, and It also allows you to share your availability. Smart filters and swipe gestures can also be used.

3. Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail remains a popular email service. Yahoo Mail has made great progress over the years and it is best for morden work. Multiple email accounts can be connected to the app including Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and Google Mail.

You have a variety of custom settings options and colors to choose from. It is easy to unsubscribe from junk mail. To view all your attachments, you can also open AttachmentsView. To make email usage easier, Deals View, Groceries View, and People View as well as Receipts View are available. Yahoo Mail offers 1GB of free storage.

4. Email by Edison

Email by Edison

Email by Edison places emphasis on privacy. This email, according to Edison, blocks the use of reading receipt tracking pixels and does not affect the user’s email experience. An AI assistant is included in the email app. This assistant can help you locate bills, receipts, and attachments. This app lets you view package statuses in a separate folder.

Even after sending an email, you can cancel it. The Price Alert feature can be enabled in the app. Edison will send you an email if your last purchases have had their prices drop at retailers. You can also opt for Focus Inbox. The app’s design is very attractive. This website is not only beautiful, but it also features a functional UI.

5. Blue Mail

Blue Mail

Blue Mail is among the most versatile email apps on the list. Blue Mail has excellent task and calendar integration. The app’s design is excellent and allows you to quickly navigate through your accounts and filter settings. The main focus of the UI is on your email text and attachments.

This app can be attached to multiple accounts, including Gmail, Outlook, AOL, iCloud, and Office 365. These are just a few examples. The app supports IMAP, POP3 + Exchange, ActiveSync, EWS, and Office 365. Blue Mail’s solution to email clutter is the People Toggle Switch. Email clusters are also available. It organizes similar email messages together. You can also choose a dark night theme.

6. Spark Email

Spark Email

Spark Email is another versatile, attractive android email app. It is the top-rated email application in the Play Store. Multiple email accounts can be connected, including Google, iCloud Outlook, Outlook, and Yahoo. By the way, it also supports IMAP and Exchange. Spark allows you to categorize emails in a very efficient way.

You can set it to prioritize certain emails and you can also snooze others via the app. If you need them to go out later in the day, you can schedule emails. The app also includes smart mail search and reminders. You can also use the Undo Send option to delete emails. This app has many other features that make it a powerful tool.

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7. Spike


Spike allows you to use email to communicate with other people. What does this mean? This app will clean out all of your email clutter and show you your incoming and exiting messages in a text chat. Chat bubbles will appear for both incoming and outgoing emails. This makes it easier to deal with emails. This app is the best or I think it’s the best.

You can manage multiple mail accounts and tasks with the app. You can access multiple calendars and to-do lists. Do you require a dark mode to work? This application has that option for good email apps for android. You can also snooze tasks and emails. The ‘Priority Inbox” option is also available. Schedule emails to be sent at a particular time.

8. Aqua Mail

Aqua Mail

Aqua Mail is one the most well-designed email apps I have ever used. The app has a beautiful UI that makes it easy to use. It’s simple and functional, yet it is very easy to use. Although it looks very similar to Gmail’s, you should keep this in mind. This android email app is capable of connecting multiple accounts or giving you access to the exchange server. Even more secure login options are available for Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail… OAUTH2.

This package includes home screen widgets, as well as the ability to use the Smart Folder feature. You have four themes to choose from, and signature support is available. This app can be customized in any way you like. You can opt-out of ads by purchasing a premium membership. Aqua Mail is also very concerned about privacy and security. It uses strong SSL encryption.

9. TypeApp mail

TypeApp mail

TypeApp’s Mail app is one of the most feature-packed mail android apps on this list. It has a simple yet elegant design. The app is ideal for users who need a lot of features and those who want to replace Gmail. All accounts will be given one inbox regardless of how many you attach. You can create a shared group with specific contacts to make it easier.

This app allows you to easily add your logo and configure rich text. Calendar sync and contact sync are available. Wear OS is compatible with all browsers. You can also set a dark night theme. To let you know which account sends which emails, you can also set account color codes The app allows you to create menus and other options. You can also check out many other features. I love it because it has amazing logo and text features. This is the best email app for Android.

10. Yandex.Mail


Yandex.Mail, another excellent email client, is also available. This email android app is great for people who only need a few of the most important features. It looks great. The app is clean and minimal, yet it is very functional. You can choose a dark theme. As with all the android email apps we have listed, and app-wide search is available.

Filters can be set up if you wish, and you can also label your emails. Yandex.Mail gives you unlimited storage for your messages. This is the best email app for Android as it provides unlimited sources for email. You can also use multiple aliases to one mailbox. Yandex.Mail allows you to attach multiple emails, such as Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo Mail. Yandex.Mail offers excellent performance and spam protection.

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