What Is Walmart Neighborhood Market? (A Complete Guide)

Walmart Neighborhood Market

While Walmart operates over 10,600 stores worldwide under 46 banners in 24 countries including eCommerce websites – some may be unfamiliar with Walmart neighborhood market as they are small and more targeted stores.

Reportedly, the Walmart neighborhood is strictly located in urban areas and is one-fifth the size of Walmart supercenter.

Let’s understand the Walmart neighborhood (mostly everything) like when they open, where they are located, what services they offer, and how they differ from regular Walmart and Walmart Supercenter.

What Is Walmart Neighborhood Market?

Walmart Neighborhood market is also known as Green Walmart.

These stores are small in size and tend to sell targeted items such as groceries and pharmacies. At the Walmart neighborhood, you could expect to buy only grocery items and pharmacy stuff for humans and animals.

The service mode can be both online and offline. This means, buyers can order goods from Walmart neighborhood grocery stores online or by visiting in-store.

In addition to this, if you are a Walmart+ member, you would get exceptional service benefits. Some include:

  • Free same day delivery.
  • Same low prices as in-store.
  • Express Pickup available for a low fee.
  • Order as often as you want without delivery charges.

Besides, some Walmart neighborhood market stores also offer bakery, deli, and liquor items.

How Many Neighborhood Walmarts Are In The US?

Specifically, there are 781 Neighborhood Walmart Stores in the United States.

Alternatively, Walmart supercenter counts to 3,572 and 364 for discount stores in the U.S.

What Items Does Neighborhood Market Have?

These stores are micro versions of Walmart supercenters which are smaller and offer targeted items.

Here’s the list of items you would expect to buy from your nearest neighborhood market.

  • Pharmacy
  • Frozen foods
  • Fresh produce
  • Dry goods
  • Deli foods
  • Bakery items
  • Neats and dairy products
  • Condiments and spices
  • Household essentials
  • Health and wellness products
  • Wine
  • Pet supplies

The availability may depend on Walmart’s business decisions and policies.

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Is Walmart Neighborhood Similar To Walmart Supercenter?

The answer is NO.

However, the arrangements and service offering might be similar to expectations in both.

Coming to products, Walmart supercenter hosts large and (in variety) of goods at low prices. Whereas, green Walmart stores have higher prices due to inflation and small stocks of goods.

You might also experience uniqueness in customers time and billing methodology compared to Walmart supercenters.

Differences Between Walmart Inc., Supercenters, & Neighborhood Markets

Here are the notable distinctions between the three entities:


  • Walmart Inc. is owned by the descendants of the Walton family with 50 percent of the shares.
  • While the other two entities fall under the split of Walmart Inc.


  • Walmart Inc. has its headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas state.
  • The first Walmart Supercenter was inaugurated in Washington, Missouri.
  • The first Walmart neighborhood store was opened in Bentonville, Ark.

Opening Dates

  • Walmart Inc. got incorporated in 1969.
  • Walmart supercenter opened its first door in 1988.
  • Ten years later, in 1998, Walmart neighborhood market opened.


  • Walmart Inc. is a downsized entity.
  • Whereas, Walmart supercenters incorporate large sizes.
  • Compared to supercenters, Walmart neighborhood markets are smaller.


  • Walmart offers millions of products through its website across the globe.
  • Walmart supercenters offer full-services supermarkets and merchandise at low prices.
  • Walmart neighborhood stores offer less products at high prices.

Is Neighborhood Market More Expensive Than Regular Walmart?

Green Walmart (Walmart Neighborhood Market) compared to Blue Walmart (Regular Walmart) have a different price scheme.

As they are located in porsche, high-quality, and due to inflation, indeed, they keep prices higher.

This means, with better services, local ingredients, and quality food options, you should expect to spend more than usual.

What Are The Opening & Closing Times Of Walmart Neighborhood Grocery Store?

What are the Walmart neighborhood market hours?

Walmart brought some changes in the operating hours of Walmart stores and Walmart neighborhood markets.

As stated by the officials from Walmart, Walmart stores and Walmart neighborhood grocery stores will be open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. all days of the week (from Monday to Sunday).

Well, that being said, as typical opening and closing hours of neighborhood markets, some locations may be open later or close earlier depending on the jurisdictions of the states.

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Can You Cash Checks At Walmart Neighborhood Market Locations?

Yes, buyers can cash checks at Walmart neighborhood market like can be done in other Walmart stores in the chain.

Though checking cash is usually done through Walmart MoneyCenter hub, now buyers can cash a check from the customer services desk or cash counter as well.

Besides cash checks, purchasers can also use ATMs at Walmart Neighborhood Market with a condition that they have one available in the store.

Where And How Can I Find Walmart Neighborhood?

Finding a Walmart neighborhood is not a day job of several hours. Searching for a nearby Walmart neighborhood is easy.

Either search it on Google or Google Maps or Apple Maps for instance.

Alternatively, you can visit the company’s website to get detailed information about the location including opening time, address and service availability.

What’s Next

How about visiting your nearest Walmart Neighborhood market and experiencing it on your own?

These neighborhood stores offer ready-to-eat meals and other grab-and-go food items. However, the product’s prices are higher compared to supercenters, so it may not be approachable by everyone.

This is the reason why Walmart neighborhood market struggled to find an identity and customers.

That’s all in this blog. Do share with friends and your thoughts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Walmart neighborhood market open on Sunday?

Yes, Walmart neighborhood market opens on Sunday from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Can I buy pet products from the Walmart neighborhood?

Along with fresh produce items, pharmacy, and bakery items, Walmart neighborhoods have stocks of pets supplies.

Is the Walmart neighborhood market more expensive?

As the majority of products are priced higher, you should expect to spend more on groceries at Walmart neighborhood grocery stores.

Can you return Walmart items to Walmart neighborhood market?

Walmart has a policy against item returns which lets buyers return any Walmart purchased item to any other Walmart stores with a receipt.

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