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4 Creative Ideas on How to Make A Successful Website Like Udemy

How to Make A Successful Website Like Udemy

Commission-based websites are worth millions. It’s insane how websites like educational platforms are generating lots of revenue without major investments. But, let’s say you want to create a website like Udemy. What should you follow as advice? How to make website like Udemy that will make you a lot of money?

But first…let’s start from the beginning!

What is e-learning?

Before you learn how to create an online education website like Udemy, you need to understand what e-learning is. The world of education has changed over time. Students can now opt for a variety of educational content on the internet, including free and paid courses from Coursera to Udemy. There are also plenty of non-traditional educators who build their own websites to get involved in the education space — either as an individual or as a group.

The traditional academic system is often criticized for its inability to keep up with the times, but it is far from obsolete. There’s still value in your local university or college degree — especially in spheres like law and business. However, many fields like information technology are changing at a rapid pace, forcing students to look for convenient and flexible educational solutions that fit into their schedules. So, you should create a website similar to Udemy, then? Let’s find out.

Lovely ideas to create a website like Coursera and Udemy

If you want to create an Udemy-like website, you need to have a couple of ideas in your mind beforehand; otherwise, you risk becoming obsolete pretty quickly.

Choose a proper business model

When planning out your e-learning platform, you should be ready to decide on the business model you will pursue. Will your website feature free courses for users or charge a fee? For which features will you allow users to pay, and which features will be absolutely free? These are all decisions that will affect how your platform is used by students. It’s the first step of identifying how you are going to make your money. There are three main sources of income for e-learning sites:

  • Ads – standard ads. The more traffic you generate, the better deals you can get out of advertisers. You can also make people watch ads to get free access.
  • Subscriptions – it’s self-explanatory. Paying a monthly or annual fee is standard for subscription-based services.
  • Certificates – besides paying for the course, students pay for a verified certificate that you grant them after completing a course. Tying up with universities or educational organizations and providing their learners with such verified certificates will ensure that you have a continuous revenue stream to count on in the long term.

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Think about the core features

The core features of your e-learning website are crucial as they determine its success. Creating a successful platform requires you to carefully select and integrate the right features for your site. Be mindful of the fact there is a difference between core features and supplementary functions, which should be treated separately.

Create a market research

If you try to build and launch your own e-learning platform, then you’ll be left with more plans than full-fledged features. Instead, focus on the niche the platform will serve — identifying which niches are popular among your target audience and which ones need more content. Once you have your niche picked out, it’s easier to focus on other aspects related to your business (including your website).

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Create a tech stack

Choosing the technology stack to build an e-learning platform is key. With so many possible technologies out there and all of them suited for different functionality, it can be difficult finding a stack that meets all of your technical and business needs.


Udemy is known for being the largest online learning platform, but many more learning platforms now exist. Reaching out to popular educators and creating your own unique tutorials will help you stand out among Udemy and other competitors.

Udemy is the most prosperous online learning platform with the most promising business model, which makes building online learning around it ideal. Building a successful online business requires taking advantage of every resource available – regardless of competition. So if you take on Udemy, try to give your best.

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