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6 Required IT Service Management Software in 2022

Software service management, which is also sometimes referred to as information technology service management, gives businesses the ability to completely manage how it provides services to their customers.

Some of the different services that you can make the most of include routine operations, troubleshooting, diagnostics, software maintenance, and much more. Of course, the precise services you leverage will depend on the software you choose.

Ultimately, though, the benefits you can expect from a solution like this include risk-free implementation of IT changes, reduced operational costs, improved efficiency, better visibility into performance and operations, higher levels of effectiveness, and enhanced accountability.

To achieve all of this, though, you are going to need to select a solution with a lot of care. There are a number of different IT service management platforms on the market today but not all of them offer the same level of performance.

With that being said, let’s take a look at six of the best IT service management software in 2022 so that you can get a better understanding.

1.  Zluri


There is only one place to begin when it comes to the best IT service management software, and this is with Zluri. A SaaS management platform, Zluri gives users the ability to find, secure, and optimize SaaS applications.

It also gives you the ability to streamline the way IT services are delivered within your business, based on outcomes, budget, processes, and people.

You will have access to one of the biggest app libraries available, with more than 120,000 applications for you to choose from. Plus, the discovery engine on Zluri uses five different methods so you can discover apps with almost 100 percent accuracy.

The application’s cost optimization feature is a real standout. This helps to eradicate budget waste by standardizing your applications. Zluri will trace your SaaS ecosystem, monitoring and measuring so you can take control of your SaaS spending and locate any hidden apps.

You can explore and manage matters such as compliance, security, and third-party applications via your command center. Ultimately, you will have much greater control over your tech stack if you go down this route.

Repetitive and time-consuming IT tasks, such as employee offboarding and onboarding, become much safer and quicker too because they can be automated with ease.

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2.  Alvao


Another solution that comes highly recommended is Alvao. With Alvao Service Deck, you will have a singular point of contact for all of your business’ internal service requests. The solution helps you to get a clear overview of your workload, as well as improve your communication, and ensuing priorities are made clear for everyone on the team.

Managers will enjoy a clear understanding of how busy their teams are and how much effort is being put in for various tasks.

There are a lot of different benefits of using this solution, including comprehensive IT asset management features. You can also make the most of email and call center management, as well as change and configuration management.

You will be able to quickly and effectively view broken links between various assets, resolving any incidents using the helpful configuration management feature. Service requests can be organized and prioritized with ease to ensure that your team is always working on the tasks that are the most pressing.

The solution is incredibly easy to set up and configure, so you should have no trouble adapting it to suit your business. Support is very active too, so you never feel left in the dark, and you can easily connect Alvao with other solutions.

3.  TeamDynamix


TeamDynamix is a solution to combines both Project Portfolio Management and IT Service Management (ITSM) on one combined platform, as well as workflow and enterprise integration.

The platform does not require code, and you can easily expand it into other areas of your business, from HR to marketing, without needing any sort of scripting or code.

With this solution, you can enjoy IT service delivery with support for ITIL. You can improve the outcomes of your projects while also driving digital transformation.

There are a number of different features that make this solution a worthy choice. Not only can you enjoy contract and license management but also change and configuration management, and call center management as well.

Configuration is easy and you can use a visual map to test your workflows. The fact that no coding is needed is a massive plus for a lot of people.

Ou can also lower call volumes by automating routing and your service catalog. Users can also resolve issues themselves by using the AI-enhanced search.

Finally, it is really easy and simple to create and maintain a knowledge base so that you can lower external dependencies and reduce resolution time.

4.  HaloITSM


HaloITSM is an IT service management solution that can be used by both small and big businesses alike. It assists in managing service requests and providing the best service to your internal and external stakeholders.

An ITIL-certified platform, HaloITSM gives teams the ability to collaborate effectively and deliver an efficient and rapid service.

It aids collaboration between various departments and it makes communications as easy, quick, and efficient as possible.

The way that this solution leverages AI to deliver efficient automation is one of the real standout elements. However, there are plenty of other features that make a positive impression as well.

This includes license and change management, IT asset management, and problem and incident management. You also have the ability to track assets and visualize dependencies between any items that are configurable.

The solution can be completely customized to suit you. It is a white-label portal, so it can be amended to suit your brand and ensure you deliver a better brand experience.

Plus, it is a fully scalable solution, so you can tailor it to suit the size and needs of your business.

5.  TOPdesk


A well-known ITIL-compliant IT service management tool, TOPdesk is great for large and medium-sized businesses that are looking to improve the management of their assets, customer communication, and workflows.

You can seamlessly integrate a number of different support processes into one, ensuring better collaboration between different departments. This means that you can use shared service management to deliver the best possible experience to your customers.

The solution is ITIL-aligned and it optimizes services with an application that is easy to use and a support team that is knowledgable and helpful.

There are plenty of excellent features that you can make the most of if you decide that TOPdesk is the solution for you. This includes being able to use plan boards so you always know about your team’s workload and availability. You can also make the most of ISM collaboration, reports, and documents.

Service level and contract management mean you can safeguard service delivery quality. You will also be able to integrate this tool with others, as well as get notifications relating to your subscription and service.

The self-service portal is very impressive. You can find answers to the majority of common questions about using TOPdesk. If you are not able to locate the information you need, simply submit a ticket and you can track its progress of it as well.

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6.  Jira Service Management

Jira Service ManagementLast but not least, we have Jira Service Management, which is an excellent, agile IT service management tool that gives teams the ability to provide efficient, fast, and effective support to employees and customers.

You can integrate it seamlessly with Jira software, enabling your development and IT teams to work better together.

You can benefit from availability, capacity, and change management, as well as license, configuration, and compliance management. You can also enjoy custom and ITIL-certified reporting, and ITSM documentation and collaboration.

Ultimately, with Jira Service Management, teams are empowered – whether it’s business, IT operations, or development teams. They can collaborate in an efficient and quick manner so that their employees and customers experience the high level of service they need when they need it.

This is one of the easier solutions to get to grips with; reporting and tracking are both a breeze, and team members can collaborate with little effort.

Final words on the 6 required IT service management software

So there you have it: six of the required IT service management solutions for your business to make the most of in 2022.

All of the software we have mentioned above offer a wide range of features that help you to manage your tech stack in the most efficient and effective manner.

Simply take the time to consider what your main aims and objectives are for the software you are going to be using. This will help you to determine which solution has the right level of features and services based on your needs.

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