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Five Types of Software Your Business Can Use to Maximize Efficiency

Five Types of Software Your Business Can Use to Maximize Efficiency

When you think of business software, one of the first products that are likely to come to mind is Microsoft 365. Microsoft offers intuitive software to maximize workflow through its suite of products, each one catering to different needs and working together seamlessly.

With 2020 marking the beginning of the pandemic era and widespread transition to remote work, there has since been a growing need to maximize workflow in an increasingly digital work environment around the world and across many industries.

Despite the growing digitalization, many areas remain inefficient or lack an intuitive interface, hindering productivity. With that in mind, here are five solutions you can start using now to make your business more efficient, depending on your needs.

Virtual Data Room – Venue

You may already be familiar with cloud storage, but virtual data rooms are a more efficient way of storing important documents safely and securely. When closing deals, virtual data rooms allow businesses to reach multiple bidders simultaneously, making negotiating with more than one party easier. Additionally, bidders can access data any time once access has been granted to them, saving time and resources while

increasing the odds of turning a bidder into a buyer.

On top of the deal closing benefits, information stored in virtual data rooms is encrypted and kept confidential between all parties involved, minimizing the risk of data leaks. Big corporations like Microsoft, Verizon, and PayPal use Venue, an award-winning virtual data room that leverages AI technology to securely store data, maximize productivity, and negotiate business deals.

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Business Accounting – Sage Accounting

Sage Accounting offers great value at a reasonable cost, including a 30-day free trial of their software. With their top plan, you can manage quotes, invoices, tax documents, bank feeds, and receive detailed reports and revenue forecasts with support for multiple currencies, among other things. All of this is available in an intuitive interface with 24/7

email and phone support from specialists that can help you with any problems you might encounter.

Sage also offers a more limited plan called Account Start. While it does not include several features, like cash flow forecasts and quotes, it offers just enough for start-ups and small businesses.

Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) – SirionOne

CLM software is a tool designed to help large businesses offer satisfying and seamless experiences to customers by providing a complete picture of all stages of a contract, providing measurable metrics for the following stages of a contract: discovery, education, purchase, post-purchase, and advocacy. Having a good CLM system in place will help you develop relationships with your customers and retain them.

SirionOne, from SirionLabs, is an AI-powered software for vendor contract management that is trusted by many of the world’s most successful organizations to handle over 5

million contracts worth collectively over $450 billion across over 70 countries. They are an integral part of large-scale global operations and are used by companies like

Deutsche Post DHL and Vodafone.

Project Management – Asana

If you are looking for a new way to make managing your projects easier, Asana provides a seamless way to bring your team members together to coordinate and ensure all your projects stay on track. With an easy-to-use software interface, Asana offers features that help you track who is working on what and prevent anything from falling in between the cracks and derailing your projects.

Additionally, Asana also integrates seamlessly with hundreds of other products and services, such as Dropbox and Gmail. In turn, this will help to provide you with flexibility in whatever workflow fits you and your team best.

Team Communications – Slack

You have probably heard of Microsoft Teams before. While Microsoft’s offering has more users these days, before the pandemic, Slack was the undisputed king of

collaboration software. In terms of features, the two applications are on roughly equal terms, with Teams winning in some areas and Slack in others.

However, one advantage Slack does have over its competitor is its wider compatibility with third-party applications. Additionally, Slack users have a much easier time collaborating with other teams, an area that Microsoft Teams lags in. Among the tech industry and start-ups, Slack still proves to be the more popular option of the two.

Although Slack does offer a free tier, you will not get much out of it other than getting a feel for how it works. At higher price tiers, you get 24/7 support and guaranteed responses within four hours.

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The Wrap Up

There you have it: five solutions you can try right now to help streamline your business and increase productivity. Beyond the applications and software described above, there are plenty of other resources and programs you can use to fine-tune your business and strengthen your workflow.

However, the suggested software offers some of the best features and provides

interfaces that are easy to use and appreciated by professionals across the board. And in turn, you’ll find that managing your business is much easier when you utilize them.

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