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How Service Professionals Use Technology to Level Up Their Businesses

How Service Professionals Use Technology to Level Up Their Businesses

“Software is eating the world”, a wise man once said, and service professionals are no exception. From car repair shops to technology repair gurus, to appliance repair firms – everyone is using software to level up their business, provide a better experience for their customers, and increase their revenues.

Here are a couple of ways to service professionals use technology to level up their business:

Easier scheduling

Proper time management is important for every industry, but for service professionals, it is just a bit more important. After all, most of the repairmen spend the majority of their time in their clients’ homes, which makes sticking to a predefined schedule paramount. With software solutions, these companies can create a color-coded calendar and use drag-and-drop functionality to quickly and seamlessly organize their workers’ time across days and hour slots.

As a result, the companies will never miss an appointment and improve their response time. Consequently, this helps them earn more money and improve their bottom line.

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Automated invoicing

When a small business starts to grow rather quickly, business owners tend to forget, or simply not have the time, to handle everything. When they start forgetting or de-prioritizing invoices, they risk hindering their organization’s growth. While hiring additional staff may solve the problem, the business might not have the money, or the time, to find the right candidates. The risk is simply too great.

That is why many organizations turn to software to make sure their clients get invoiced proper sums, on time. One of the more important features of such software is price, as most of the software charges fees for usage. Some, however, come with highly competitive fees (as low as 2.69%).

Employee tracking

For appliance repair companies, optimization is a quick and cheap way to boost the business and improve the bottom line. Software plays a key role in that respect, as it can help optimize many aspects of the business, such as the procurement of spare parts, or the things we mentioned earlier in this article (invoicing and scheduling).

It can also optimize employee time. Using geo-location features, appliance repair business owners can know where their techs are, help them optimize their routes, and spot potential problems before they escalate (for example, if a tech keeps taking unexpected detours, or spends exceeding amounts of time at an unregistered location).

Simple inventory management

As we mentioned earlier in this article, the software can also be used to optimize the procurement and storage of spare parts. With appliance repair software, businesses can keep track of those drive belts, lid switch assemblies, or water inlet valves in stock, to make sure their techs never head out to a job unprepared.

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses are rarely given second chances. Instead, they need to provide the best possible service, at the best possible prices, every time – all the time. The software makes it possible, to create happy, repeat customers, while lifting businesses into market leaders.

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