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Top 10 Online Assessment Tools

Online Assessment Tools

The sector of eLearning is taking giant steps towards what could be an optimistic future for all education sectors. For instance, 80 percent of US college students say that digital learning has helped them to boost their scores on tests. These trends indicate a substantial rise in the demand for online assessment tools. These tools can help make assessments easier in the education sector as well as in marketing and recruitment.

In a student population that is small nearly 50% of students declare they plan to keep the “remote” status “remote” title.

If you’re looking to secure the future of your business, you’re likely seeking online assessment tools. They’re each unique in terms of price and scalability, as well as usability, reports, and analytics, which is why it’s difficult to determine the most effective tools.

Top 10 Online Assessment Tools

For you to narrow your choices, we’ve put together an overview of the top online assessment tools to search for in 2023.

1. ProProfs

If you’re looking to enhance your online learning experience by making it more interesting ProProfs could do amazing things to help you accomplish it. Of course, it is an online assessment platform that is cloud-based which you can access across different devices that have various sizes of screens.

ProProfs is a perfect fit between an easy-to-use tool instrument for assessment and a tool packed with several features, including customization options. Some of the most notable features include automated grading and templates that you can make assessments with.

ProProfs also offers a solution that is compatible with various kinds of questions to help create more fun quizzes.

Additionally, you can get integration support that allows you to get the most out of your company’s technology stack.


  • Template library – Use 100+ professionally designed templates to create and launch tests in a matter of minutes.
  • Assessment library – more than 100 assessments available, categorized according to subjects.
  • Question library – Use 1,000,000+ pre-made questions on a range of topics.
  • Automated grading can save you time by grading the tests in a timely manner.
  • To prevent cheating and unauthorized access, by preventing tab switching, randomize the questions to avoid cheating, limit the amount of time required to answer questions, and share links that are private and much more.

Pricing: Starts at $20/month

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2. Literably

online assessment tools use aren’t perfect in a single way They do not provide the chance to evaluate the way students read or their responses to questions.

This is the point where literally is able to help provide new opportunities for assessment.

The easy-to-use design will assist you to take on even the most novice of students. It is compatible with all platforms and includes a dedicated iPad app that allows students to write down their answers and then forward the results to their teachers.


  • Automated scores – get access to diverse scores, such as understanding, fluency, phonics and phonological understanding.
  • Mobile Friendly – can be used on mobile phones as well as tablets.
  • Advanced report – review assessment based on the month, grade, student or by kind.
  • Dashboard for teachers – gain instant insight and easily identify patterns in data visualizations.

Pricing: Price is not available

3. PeerGrade

PeerGradebrings is one of the best and new online assessment tools. It allows the participants of your tests to share feedback with each other which is extremely helpful in enhancing their learning experience. Additionally, it’s an ideal tool for companies seeking to improve peer learning.

PeerGrade is among the most recent tools. It has a contemporary design. In spite of its modern appearance, PeerGrade is very easy to master. Incorporating tech-savvy students using such an appealing tool is easily accessible.

It can be used to create live assignments or to streamline homework. When students submit their work, the rest of the class can go over the work.

In the meantime, you’ll have complete knowledge of the situation. This can help you eliminate the biases in your grading system and aid students in understanding the things they must do to improve their marks.


  • Reporting – access all reports regarding the submission of assignments and feedback
  • Qualitative of questions – determine which questions are simple or challenging to answer
  • Insights: Find the average response time to questions and discover ways to improve your assignments
  • Fair evaluations – You have total control over the feedback you give to students to ensure they feel secure.
  • Peer review – Students are able to examine each other’s work

Pricing: Starts at $2/year for student

4. is a cloud-based assessment software designed by former teachers, with the needs of teachers in mind. It is notable for its intuitive user interface, which makes it simple and fast to create and administer an examination.

However, it’s a powerful tool with a broad range of features catering to various requirements and preferences. You can alter the exam settings with different types of questions, alter the order of questions and even add specific tools for the subject like drawing tools or coding tools. For students who are struggling with learning such as dyslexia, there is the option of text-to-speech, translations, and support for extending time. utilizes modern technology to avoid cheating. It is the most frequently used software for national exams with high stakes in Sweden and permits live monitoring.

The fact that students can log into their exams using an exam number (code) supplied by the instructor and they don’t require a separate account is an excellent feature that will help avoid accounts and passwords that are lost or forgotten.


  • Different levels of protection, ranging from open book examinations to a locked-down screen
  • Different types of exams are supported that include open-ended or essay-type questions, as well as auto-marked questions that are graded by you after submission.
  • A wide range of built-in programs, such as Desmos, Geogebra, programming tools, text-to-speech, teacher/student chat, and the capability to upload a photo of the handwritten response
  • Student submissions can be anonymously accessed by students.
  • Works across devices: Windows, Chromebooks, iOS, etc.

Pricing: Free Trial Period: Yes, 75-day

5. Google Forms

Google Forms is a product of the giant of search engines. It is a great tool to evaluate your student’s progress or the results in the remote training of employees, Google Forms stands at your disposal. It lets you collect information from your students in a breeze.

You can make use of different questions and make answer keys for self-grading.

Google Forms also has a feedback feature that allows you to share your findings to participants of the quiz. You can also create adaptive quizzes that prompt questions that follow in response to previous answers.


  • Automated grading – Create answers keys for grading tests on autopilot;
  • Feedback from students – provide your students constructive feedback on each question they ask;
  • Flexible forms allow your quiz to change in response to student responses;
  • Real-time reports: access the most current responses.

Pricing: Google Forms is free.

6. Mentimeter

Are you looking for Formative assessments that are real-time? You should look into Mentimeter. The mobile-responsive tool was created to allow you to enhance your classroom experience while also assessing students on the mobile.

Mentimeter allows you to add polls and Q&As to your presentation. It can be used in both directions. It is a great tool to monitor students in real-time and find out how effective your presentations are. It is also possible to create stunning word clouds that aid visual learners with reading and comprehension classes.


  • The presentation builder lets you create stunning presentations using the built-in editor
  • Different question types – 13 interactive question types for your quizzes
  • Analytics – do the time to dive deep into your assessment data for more insights;
  • Live quizzes – make and then add quizzes during the presentation.

Pricing: Starts at $11.99/month

7. Outgrow

Are you in search of an online tool that doesn’t require code and offers personalized content in only two minutes? Try the simple-to-use Outgrow assessment tool that helps make online education more interactive and enjoyable. It’s a cloud-based tool for companies across a variety of sectors including education and can be utilized across several devices.

Outgrow’s interactive tools offer pre-made custom templates, where you just need drag-and-drop elements to design exams and assessments for children from all age groups. Additionally, you can select from a variety of questions including single-select, multiple-choice drop-downs, text inputs, and many more.

You can make tests and quizzes using custom questions and widgets that seamlessly evaluate the understanding level or test knowledge retention and reinforce key information across an array of students.

The tool gives easy access to reliable results, reports, and robust analytics that help identify the target audience to ensure personalized and efficient retargeting. This can be the most effective learning experience for teachers.


  • A variety of interactive tools that are easy to create
  • Professionally design templates and layouts
  • Question bank – ready-made and custom-designed interactive questions
  • Present your brand’s image – the logo colors assets, fonts and style, etc.
  • In-real-time and highly effective funnel analytics
  • No coding required
  • Conditional messaging – include images or videos and personalize messages to achieve various results.
    Integration and Embedding

Pricing: 7-day free trial and paid plan starts from $14 per month

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8. EasyLMS

Although EasyLMS is a comprehensive learning management system that comes with a comprehensive online assessment capability. It allows you to easily design different types of questions, and it provides automated grading, which can save you both time and energy. You can also white-label quizzes.

It is possible to use EasyLMS to fully automate the online assessment process and ensure that every test you make is identical to the one you created before. The software also provides great reporting capabilities to help find and correct the gaps in learning. It is compatible with 10 languages.


  • Support for question types – include various question types in your tests;
  • Question randomization – create a question bank for your unique quizzes;
  • Feedback – give immediate information to students
  • Certification – generate and maintain auto-pilot certifications.

Pricing: Starts at $50/month.

9. ExamSoft

It is self-described as being the “World’s most advanced assessment platform,” ExamSoft is another top-of-the-art assessment software that can be used online. It includes everything you require to make assessment easier and provide useful information.

One of the coolest features is the randomization of questions, the option to prevent students from accessing WiFi when taking tests, and also the ability for marking exam items to assess and increase proficiency on a specific topic. The site also provides downloadable reports and a notification system test security options, and much more.


  • Security – ensure that your data is secure and make use of anti-cheat methods;
  • Reporting – gain insights from data to provide more engaging experiences for students
  • Notifications – Receive instant notifications whenever students finish examinations;
  • Automatic grading – access to your scores right away following the exam’s completion.

Pricing: Not available

10. ClassMarker

ClassMarker is an ideal choice to use as a web-based assessment tool. It runs on all devices and features an easy-to-use interface for users.

It is possible to use tests that are already made and then modify them, or design new ones entirely from scratch. It’s a great way to get students involved on social media since it permits users to share the link which takes your students straight to the tests.

It also has a number of security settings so you can design and run legitimate final tests. This includes randomizing questions and setting time limits and private exams.


  • Time limit Set the time limit for each test you design;
  • White-labeling: customize the quizzes to reflect the brand of your company;
  • Issue certificates – create customized certificates for those who take quizzes;
  • Automated Grading – Enable automatic grading in order to cut down on time.

Pricing: Starts at $19.95/month.

Final word — Top Online Assessment Tools

The ten online assessment tools meet a variety of online assessment requirements. So if your needs are specific, you must consider your options and pick the one that will assist you in taking your online assessment to the next stage.

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