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Top 20 Killer Presentation Tips To Impress Your Audience

Top 20 Killer Presentation Tips To Impress Your Audience

Are you looking for top presentation tips that will help you create a memorable slideshow? You only need one thing when you are preparing for a presentation. Your audience should love what you have to say.

There is no better feeling than when you are on the stage or in front of the board meeting, presenting your information. When you can see your viewers’ eyes glaze over, see them start to get bored and antsy and they don’t seem as invested in your words.

Your presentation should impress your audience from the beginning. This is right after you have been assigned your presentation tips and topics.

We want you to make sure that your audience keeps talking about your presentation for many days, weeks, or even months. We’ve compiled a list of presentation tips to help you improve the design, performance, and reach of your slideshow.

Top 20 Killer Presentation Tips To Impress Your Audience

Each tip below will help you to really impress your audience.

1 Focus on one idea per slide.

It is not a good idea to put too much information on one slide. Your audience will quickly move on to the next slide if your slide design is too cluttered or ugly.

Instead, you should use one slide per thought or idea. This testimonial slide contains only a few quotes from customers who have used it in the past.

You want to limit the amount of information that you put on one slide.

You don’t have to fit your entire presentation on one slide. You will make your slideshow more appealing visually if you divide up your content into multiple slides.

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2 Use two or three fonts max.

Too many fonts can clutter up a design. Avoid using more than two fonts in your presentation. We suggest that you use three fonts at most.

A good idea is to choose a bolder font for your headers, and another sans-serif font for the rest of your copy. Presentations often use an accent font such as an italicized font or serif font.

Use two to three fonts throughout your presentation. You want your slides to look consistent and cohesive.

3. Pay attention to the visual hierarchy

The visual hierarchy design strategy allows you to organize elements according to their importance. This applies to font sizes, icons, contrast, and any other visual elements in your presentation.

This is a crucial presentation tip, as you want your audience to be able to identify which slide they should be looking at.

It is all about focusing attention on what will grab the user’s eye first. This could be a larger font, more space between elements, or intentional alignment.

4 Keep it to less than six lines of text.

Slides shouldn’t contain a lot of text. This is not what you are supposed to be doing. Keep it to a maximum of six lines. The idea is to have less.

Your slide content should only contain your key points. If you want your slides to be minimalistic, Instead, be sure to keep them to less than a maximum of six lines of text The rest should be your voice.

What if you don’t want to give this presentation live?

Your audio can be recorded over your slides. Visme’s presentation maker lets users record their audio directly in the design dashboard. This allows them to create stand-alone presentations or webinars.

Like we mentioned in point one, don’t try to fit your entire presentation on one slide. Your voice should be heard and the slide should contain the most relevant information.

Do not bore your audience by giving them slides that are filled with words. Visuals are equally important.

5 Do not use bullet points.

Another one of our presentation tips is “Don’t Use Too Much Text”. For years, bullet points have been a problem in presentations. However, if you want your presentation to stand out, you should avoid bullet points.

There are many more appealing and visually appealing ways to design your slides. Bullets are not the only way to go.

6 Create strong contrast.

You might have people in your audience who are seated at the back of your room and far from your screen. You need to make sure that they can still view your slides.

Your text should stand out clearly against the background. You should have a dark background so that all your text and design elements stand out.

This presentation tip should be put into practice. Make sure your text and other elements stand out from the background.

7 Limit yourself to 2 or 3 colors

The same applies to colors. You should not use more than two or three fonts in your presentation. There is a limit to how many colors you can use in a presentation.

Color is our favorite thing, but too many colors can lead to disaster.

If you have more than four colors in a presentation, or five or six, it can look chaotic and the slides may not match each other.

An excellent presentation tip is to choose a color scheme that includes up to three colors or to consider a monochromatic scheme with a single hue similar to this slide.

Different shades of blue/grey are used to tie the slide together and create a cohesive color scheme.

It doesn’t have to be the most difficult part of your design. You can choose from either cool or warm colors or match them to your topic. Or, incorporate your company colors into the presentation to convey your brand’s values and identity.

8 Add audio/video

Audio and video elements can be added to slides to make them interactive. You can take a break from speaking and give your presentation a new dimension.

You can embed videos in your slides, upload audio files and choose from our free audio library. You can even record your audio over the slides.

9 Stick to one slide to one image

You are likely finding a common theme. You don’t want to be too creative when it comes to fonts and colors. Simpler is almost always more effective.

It is best to include one image or photograph per slide when you are dealing with images and photos. These images can be used in a variety of ways, including as background, accent, or with a color overlay.

10 Use high-quality graphics

Your presentation should not be blurry or low-resolution. Use high-quality vector graphics, no matter how small or large they may be.

Graphics and icons can visually communicate your words and context, and help your audience better understand what you are saying.

11 Use data visualization.

Data visualization can be anything, from charts and graphs to icons and radials.

This is basically taking statistics and numbers and showing them visually so your audience can understand them at a glance.

12 Make it interactive.

While we briefly discussed how audio and video can be used to make your slides interactive, there are many other ways.

To make your presentation interactive. While some of these may have to do directly with your performance, we are focusing on design.

You can create unique slideshows by adding links to your slides, either between slides or between elements on a single slide.

An interactive quiz can be made by linking elements on a single slide. The quiz will appear when you click it.

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13 Keep transitions and animations consistent.

It can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the options when adding animations and transitions to your slides or design elements.

It is important that all animations and transitions are consistent throughout your presentation. Otherwise, it could overwhelm your audience. We recommend that you stick to one type of animation and transition throughout your slideshow.

It doesn’t mean that you have to animate every element. You can let some elements remain static, while others are animated.

14 Be energetic.

Your audience can sense your energy and will lose interest if you stand up in front of them and speak through each slide in a monotone and unenthusiastic voice.

Your audience is watching you and they are paying attention. This presentation tip can be practiced by being energetic. Use hand gestures or movement to move around the room.

Drinking water before your presentation is a great idea. Make sure to bring a water bottle along with you for your presentation.

Use your voice to entertain your audience during your presentation. Vocal delivery is important. Practice beforehand to get used to changing intonation according to your content.

15 Tell a story.

If you can tell a story that connects with your audience, grabs their attention, and keeps them engaged for the remainder of your talk, then you have them hooked on your finger.

There are many storytelling techniques to make your presentation stand apart. These are just a few of the many storytelling techniques that you can use to enhance your content.

16 Use strong structure.
It is crucial to understand the structure of your presentation. This structure helps to tell your story and gives your presentation depth.

There are many ways to structure your presentation depending on the message. You want to ensure that it is appropriate for your topic.

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17 Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.

You don’t want it to sound like someone who has memorized all of your lines and is reading a script from memory. You want to feel completely at ease with your material, and how you want to convey your message.

You get there by constantly practicing, Re-read your notes, and scrolling through your slides to make sure you understand what you should say.

You want your presentation to succeed. This is why you prepare well and practice a lot.

18 Turn it into a webinar.

Visme lets users record audio in the app, adding another dimension to a presentation or turning it into a webinar.

You can convert your presentation to a webinar to make it more personal and to build relationships with your audience.

19 Make it a lead magnet.

Your webinar could also be considered a lead- magnet. However, we are going to cover something different. There are no audio recordings or changes to your slides that you need to make.

Instead, ask people to enter their email addresses in Visme to be able to see your content and generate leads.

Simply click Share on the top bar of the presentation maker and go to Advanced Settings. Click the Social/Engagement tab, and toggle Registration required to On.

Before they can access the content, your viewers will need to enter their name and email address. To download your Visme form results, you can log into your Visme dashboard and import them into your CRM or email software.

20 Summarize.

Take the time to summarize your presentation. What you have said thus far is a great way for your audience to fully comprehend the material and keep it in mind for future reference.

Create a summary slide following each main point to conclude your presentation,

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