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Small Business Opportunities for Tech-Minded Entrepreneurs

Small Business Opportunities for Tech-Minded Entrepreneurs

Modern business is driven by technology. From commercial website design to cybersecurity concerns to general IT and everything in between, the modern business landscape is covered end-to-end with tech-driven factors and priorities.

As a result, those with a knack for technology are in a prime position to flourish in today’s business world. While that usually means finding employment as a tech professional, it also means launching your own business.

With this in mind, let’s  take a look at several small business opportunities for tech-minded entrepreneurs:

Web design and development

Do you possess the skills and expertise to design and develop websites? If so, you could start a business offering web design and development services to businesses and individuals. While many website builder tools are designed to make it easier for folks to make their own websites, these services often result in cookie-cutter websites that leave much to be desired in terms of aesthetics and user experience. As a result, those who specialize in custom web design and development remain in high demand across multiple sectors and situations.

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STEM education franchise

When it comes to preparing children for the careers of tomorrow, the focus is almost entirely aimed at science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, commonly referred to as STEM. With this in mind, a STEM franchise for teaching kids how to code and work with robotics is a small business opportunity for tech-minded entrepreneurs to consider. Companies like iCode make it easy to get started, while the growing demand for STEM learning means virtually every community across the map is in need of such extracurricular opportunities.

IT support services

As more and more companies rely on technology to conduct business, demand for IT support services continues to grow. As a result, tech-minded individuals can start a business offering IT support services to other companies, including hardware and software installation and maintenance, troubleshooting, and security. These services can also be offered to law firms and self-employed professionals who lack the knowledge to build their own IT infrastructure.

Social media management

Social media is integral to digital marketing. However, many small businesses struggle to manage their social media accounts with efficient regularity. Tech-minded entrepreneurs can start a business offering social media management services to small businesses, where you help organizations grow their social media presence, create content, and manage their accounts. It only takes a dozen or so clients to wind up with more than enough social media management work to do throughout the week.

Mobile app development

The proliferation of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets has led to a rise in mobile apps. Virtually every organization on the planet now has its own app or plans to make one in the near future. With this in mind, those with mobile app development skills should consider starting a business offering those services to companies and other organizations in need of mobile apps. Mobile app development represents the cutting edge in software development, giving tech-minded entrepreneurs a way to take on state-of-the-art projects with plenty of room for future upgrades and updates (which equals job security.)

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Cybersecurity consultancy

While the age of annoying pop-ups and in-your-face malware is mostly over with, the lack of overt cyberattacks leads to a false sense of security. Bad actors have merely adapted and evolved to the point where most cybercriminals prefer to target companies instead of individuals, hoping to hold business data hostage in exchange for money. Known as ransomware, it’s a pesky threat with the potential to destroy businesses around the world. Those with cybersecurity experience should consider offering cybersecurity consulting services to businesses, helping them to identify and mitigate cybersecurity risks.

The modern world is increasingly integrated with technology, to the point where you can’t even go grocery shopping or schedule a doctor’s appointment without using an app. Meanwhile, most businesses rely on software and websites to conduct operations, while society is pressured to prepare children and young adults for the tech-driven careers of tomorrow. It all adds up to growing possibilities for tech-based entrepreneurs interested in providing the products and services required to drive this tech boom.

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Barrett S is Sr. content manager of The Tech Trend. He is interested in the ways in which tech innovations can and will affect daily life. He loved to read books, magazines and music.

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