9 Best AR and VR Fitness Apps

AR and VR Fitness Apps

Do not go to your gym…exercise in the metaverse! With the help of many choices of AR and VR fitness apps, an engaging workout at your house (or anywhere!) is certainly feasible. Learn more about the reasons XR fitness is effective, and also take a look at some most popular AR and VR fitness apps

Find out what reasons XR fitness is useful and then take a look at some best AR and VR fitness apps.

Virtual reality isn’t only for gaming. It’s also an excellent tool to get into shape.

According to some reports, 70% of gym memberships are not used after a few months, which can cost people millions of dollars every year.

There are still many who are looking to improve their fitness However “exercise more” is often at the top of the list of resolutions for the New Year every year.

Can VR and AR offer solutions to those who are looking to get into shape but aren’t able to motivate themselves to hit the fitness center?

In the past few years, fitness applications in VR and the extended real (AR as well as VR) market have grown exponentially and millions of people are utilizing immersive experiences to exercise more and stay healthy. Utilizing VR and AR as part of your fitness routine could:

  • Real-time feedback about your fitness and overall well-being
  • Access to virtual instructors
  • Help you select the ideal exercise program that is customized to your fitness objectives
  • Make exercise more gamified and more entertaining
  • You can offer cross-training options to will help you avoid injury
  • Create healthy competition with virtual players
  • You can exercise anywhere you want.

As we anticipate what the future holds for the metaverse. have a look at an overview of the most inventive and practical VR and AR fitness apps.

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9 Best AR and VR Fitness Apps

AR Fitness Apps

Here’s a tiny sample of some of the numerous Augmented Reality fitness apps which incorporate digital content into the real world of a person:

1. Zombies, Run!

In this app for running users follow instructions from a pilot of a helicopter while they escape from the zombie apocalypse.

2. Prayoga

This yoga AR app utilizes body tracking technology to provide users feedback during yoga postures. If you use Prayoga with the Apple Watch, workouts can be synced automatically with iPhones by using ShazamKit.

3. Golfshot

The award-winning Golfshot lets golfers play AR on their smartphones, directly on the golf course. The app aids golfers in identifying obstacles and targets in real time and offers suggestions for the best clubs to play with!

4. Gymnotize

This app for training employs AR to teach users how to maintain proper posture when lifting weights. It also offers corrections if needed.

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VR Fitness Apps

This Immersive VR fitness apps have been increasing in popularity, too. Examples of VR-based workout applications are:

5. Eleven VR Table Tennis

A ping-pong simulator that offers intense exercise. It lets you improve your skills by working with a trainer or playing a single-player game, or matching with others online.

6. Supernatural VR Fitness

Supernatural began with the signature “Flow” exercise, in which the users aim at targets and perform lunges and squats to the rhythm of popular songs. Now, the app offers meditation, boxing, and stretching as well.

7. VZFit

This app connects to a sensor mounted on your bike stationary and gives you an immersive experience for cycling through Ireland or the Alps as well as Paris instead of looking at your wall in the bedroom or watching a show while you cycle.

8. FitXR

Users can choose from a wide selection of dancing, boxing, as well as high-intensity interspersing training (HIIT) exercises.

9. OhShape

OhShape VR rhythm game was an inspiration for the Japanese television program Hole in the Wall, in which players must punch through, dodge, and stay clear of body-shaped holes in the wall. The faster you move and the better you are at avoiding the holes, the more points you’ll collect (and the fitter you’ll get!)

Conclusion — Top AR and VR Fitness Apps

AR and VR fitness apps offer immersive and engaging experiences that enhance workouts, motivate users, and provide interactive guidance. With their potential to revolutionize fitness routines, these apps have the ability to transform the way people exercise and improve overall health and well-being.

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