Top 12 Augmented Reality Apps Made Life Easier

best augmented reality apps

Augmented reality is changing how we perceive and interact with the world. Keep up-to-date with the latest technology by downloading these augmented Reality apps.

Educational Augmented Reality Apps

1. Star Chart

This app is perfect for anyone who looks at the night sky and wishes they had remembered what information they were taught in school about the locations of the planets, constellations, and stars. Star Chart is the best astronomy app.

You can point your phone anywhere and see the stars up close, along with information about their names and constellations. Star Chart allows you to search for the stars and planets you are interested in and will display their locations.

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2. Civilizations AR

This app is for you if you are a lover of history, anthropology, or art. Civilizations AR lets you explore many UK museums up close to your couch.

You can view a real Egyptian Mummy from all angles or “clean” an antique artifact to see how it would look like new.

3. AR Anatomy 4D+

This app allows you to download and print markers cards that show organs and other body systems. You can then use them to bring your ideas to life using this app.

Interactive games allow you to interact and learn about all systems of the body and organs. This app is ideal for both children and adults, and it has been made easy to use.

Augmented Reality Apps That You Can Have Some Fun With

4. Dino On My Desk

The Dino On My Desk app allows you to go back in time and create your own dinosaur pet. View your prehistoric pet 3D from wherever you are and interact with it instantly. You can pet it, feed it and make it roar.

Be careful! If you get angry, your dinosaur could bite!

5. Quiver

This educational app lets you bring your coloring pages to life. You can color the pages provided, which include fun animals, masks, and educational pages that teach about molecules, space, and cell structure.

Quiver will then replicate the colors used to create the images interactive and three-dimensional.

6. Lego 3D

This 3D app allows you to interact with Legos in a new way. It lets you view your favorite sets and models via the printed or online Lego catalog.

You can also share your favorite songs, videos with family and friends.

Augmented Reality Apps to Help You Shop

7. YouCam Makeup Magic Selfie Cam and Virtual Makeovers

This app allows you to see the effects of top-selling cosmetic brands on your skin before you buy them. Get a real-time makeover. Track your skin’s health, get suggestions for products, and even test out new hair colors.

8. Mind Map AR

Mind Map AR is the ideal app for anyone who likes to think in the real world. Voice commands allow you to create mind maps, project them onto your TV, and share them with friends.

This app allows you to add hyperlinks, detailed notes, and directional relationships.

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9. Roar

Roar is changing the way we interact and shop for products, from groceries to movies. Simply point your camera at any AR-enabled item and you can see it come alive, get product information, and find out where it is being purchased. You can create your own experiences, although many products have AR experiences.

10. Amikasa

It’s exciting and fun to decorate your home. But there’s always that fear of the paint not looking right or the couch not fitting the way you hoped.

You will never know what home decor looks like until you actually get it home. Until now. Amikasa lets you test home goods such as flooring, paint, or furniture from dozens of manufacturers.

You can set the dimensions of the space you wish to decorate and then have fun with every option before you make a purchase.

11. Google Lens

Have you ever looked at an animal, plant, or piece of art and wondered what it was? Google lens allows you to point your camera at any object that interests you, and Google will automatically search its image database for it.

It can be used to instantly translate text to help you understand the world around you and to locate products to purchase.

12. Wikitude

Wikitude lets you scan products and images to find out more about them. You can also interact with them through augmented reality experiences. It’s simple to use and will transform the way you view the world. All you have to do is point your camera.

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