Top 10 Fitness Apps for Small Business Owners

Top 10 Fitness Apps for Small Business Owners

Many small business owners find it difficult to balance family and work. It’s easy to lose track of personal goals, such as a fitness program, when so much time is spent on their business. Even small business owners with busy schedules can still achieve their fitness goals. Technology can be combined with quick workouts such as using a mobile device or one of a number of fitness apps.

What is a Fitness App?

Many fitness apps can be used to become virtual personal trainers in order to help people reach their goals for health and well-being. What is a Fitness App? You can download a fitness app to your smartphone. This app features content to improve your health and encourage regular exercise. Many apps are compatible with wearable devices. These apps track users’ activity while they exercise or perform daily tasks. You can even analyze your fitness data with some apps.

Top 10 Fitness Apps for Small Businesses

There are many top fitness apps that can be customized to meet the needs of small businesses, including an exercise library, custom workouts, and Apple Watch integration. These are the top 10 best fitness apps for iOS and Android.

1. Nike Training Club

The app offered both a free and paid version. However, Nike has not yet returned to premium pricing. The Nike Training Club app allows users to access tons of difficult on-demand workouts that are recommended based on personal information. The app offers a variety of workouts, ranging from 30-60 minutes in length. It also features exercise demonstrations by a trainer and additional verbal instruction.

Pricing: Free

2. 8fit Meal Planner and Workouts

Are you looking to create a customized workout and diet plan that will help you reach your weight loss goals? The 8fit fitness app provides a program that will help users eat better and lose weight, while also helping them stay fit. This app is free and offers personalized meal plans as well as exciting workouts and educational content that explains how all of them can benefit you.

Pricing: Basic access is free, but you can upgrade to premium features starting at $60 per annum

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The JEFIT workout app is designed to help with strength training. It offers a range of workout plans and routines that users can try. Users can also access a bank of exercises they can use to create their own workouts. JEFIT provides tools for workout tracking. Users can log repetitions and track their workouts. A calendar tool is also available in the fitness app that allows users to create a training plan, and plan their rest days.

Pricing: Free download, in-app subscription starting from $4.99 per Month

4. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal makes it easy to create a customized exercise program. The app allows users to track calories and engage in exercise. Users can also log their food intake, log their exercise and take part in over 350 workouts. They can even connect with other friends through the workout app. MyFitnessPal has a large database of more than 11,000,000 foods and can be integrated with other apps or devices to expand its use.

Pricing: Free download, in-app subscription starting from $9.99 per month

5. Keelo

Keelo provides high-intensity interval training that users can access on-demand. This allows them to achieve and exceed their fitness goals. You can even attach a heart rate monitor to the workout app. Keelo allows users to create customized workouts. Users can also swap moves between each other based on their ability and the equipment they have available, even if they don’t go to a gym. Functional workout maps are included in the app that shows which parts of your body are being worked out.

Pricing: Free when you subscribe to an in-app premium account starting at $12.99 per Month

6. Glo

You don’t need to look for local classes to practice regular yoga. The Glo app is for all levels of yogis and offers daily classes in meditation, yoga, and Pilates led by a variety of highly-respected instructors. You can also find yoga routines to do alone, and many tips to help you improve your skills. Glo doesn’t need Wi-Fi to be used, and it integrates with Apple smartwatches.

Pricing: Unlimited access for $18 per month, after a 15-day trial

7. Fooducate

Fooducate is one of the most popular nutrition apps for mobile devices. It helps users track their food intake and offers tips for weight management. You can scan barcodes to get nutrition data, and the infographics that show macronutrient ratios are easy to understand. It features a simple food grader system and lots of useful recipes, including brainfood snacks.

Pricing: Free With In-App Purchases

8. Sworkit

Sworkit is a great app for beginners at any level. It offers customized programs for cardio, stretching, yoga, and strength training. It can integrate with other apps and devices and offers flexibility, allowing users to set their own goals. The app is particularly useful for small business owners who have limited time to exercise. Sworkit then creates custom training sessions for them. Sworkit offers one-on-one personal training from a certified personal coach… no need to join a gym!

Pricing: Downloadable for free, Subscriptions starting at $9.99 per Month

9. Shred

Shred claims it can give you the best workouts of your life. It also creates training programs that are easy to do with minimal equipment. Users simply enter their goals, Whether they are weight loss, cardio health, or building muscle, Shred allows you to create custom calendars that allow you to schedule various exercises and suggest repetitions. Shred is an excellent app that helps you increase your muscular fitness.

Pricing: Basic access is free; Subscriptions start at $12.99 per month after a one-week trial.

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10. 7-Minute Workout Challenge

Many apps offer 7-minute daily workouts. Because it is designed for busy people, the 7-Minute Workout Challenge makes a great choice for small business owners. The app is backed by peer-reviewed scientific research and features 12 high-intensity workouts. The 7 Minute Workout Challenge app offers guided workouts that are led by certified trainers. You can also use it to track your visual weight loss, keep track of your calendar, and track your progress visually. By reaching your fitness goals, you can earn achievements and awards.

Prices: $3.99 with in-app purchase

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