9 Best Workout and Exercise Apps

Best Workout and Exercise Apps

The most effective workout apps could beat personal trainers. workout and exercise apps offer privacy, motivation, and help that allows users to change their fitness routines in a dramatic manner or just stay fit. These are our top picks for the best workout apps of 2023.

9 Best Workout and Exercise Apps


SWEAT is a woman-focused all-in-one fitness app designed to encourage and inspire women to get active eat healthier, exercise more, and feel more confident about themselves. Pick workouts from the top five trainers who specialize in different areas like muscle-sculpting post-pregnancy, intense strength training, yoga, and heavy lifting.

SWEAT Forum is a great feature, forming a community of caring women who have the same dreams and obstacles.


  • Many workout options.
  • Included are meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists.
  • Women’s focus With the best female trainers.


  • Subscriptions can be expensive.

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2. Zova

Zova is a fashionable workout app that comes with audio and video workouts, in addition to tracking runs and walks. Sort workouts by cardio, strength, or flexibility. You can also you can take advantage of various special classes taught by famous fitness trainers as well as influencers.

If you own your own Apple Watch, the Zova ZX5 workout program is a winner with heart rate training to help you burn the most calories possible with exercises like Body Burner Strength and Shape, as well as Cardio Sweat. Three new workouts are added every week, meaning you’ll never be bored.

iOS device owners who do not have access to an Apple Watch have access to more than 500 exercise and stretching routines, as well as health and fitness classes like “Build Unbreakable Healthy Habits,” and motivational talks such as “Progress not Perfection.”


  • All-in-one fitness app that guides exercises and tracker for run/walking.
  • Apple Watch support monitors your heart rate when you exercise.


  • Only available Only available for iOS devices, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

3. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club provides free training sessions for only bodyweight exercises yoga classes, specific training programs, home workouts, cardio endurance, boxing, and much more, suitable for all levels of fitness. Nike launched the NTC Premium version free for all members so that everyone has access to workouts that are class-style programs, as well as experts’ advice about nutrition, sleeping, and much more.

On-demand classes provide a live studio style or go for an exercise that is suitable for gyms with a whiteboard. Each month new workouts are released. Sessions run from 15 to 60 minutes, and contain more than 185 workouts for free.

Nike Training Club is available on iOS as well as Android devices and Apple Watch. Apple Watch.


  • A wide range of exercises for fitness of all kinds.
  • Nike Training Club Premium is completely free.
  • Support for multiple languages.


  • iOS app only works on devices running iOS 12 or higher.

4. Adidas Runtastic App

Adidas Running by Runtastic and Adidas Training by Runtastic are both companion apps focused on fitness and motivation. Adidas Running is a free app that Adidas Running tracks your distance in time and speed, as well as altitude, calories burnt, and many other statistics. Make a group of runners and run with your friends or sign up to one of the numerous Adidas Runners groups and be part of international events.

Adidas Training from Runtastic focuses on quick, short exercises. Select the muscles you prefer and build your own workout. after that, join challenges, analyze your workout with others, and come up with ways to challenge yourself in new ways.

The Premium Membership grants access to the Premium features of Adidas Training as well as Adidas Running, which includes the six plans for training.


  • Companion apps can be a great addition to your fitness routine.
  • Premium membership lets you access more plans and workouts and the ability to access features on both apps.


  • It is possible to require two different applications.

5. Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run! is a well-known iOS as well as Android running application that transforms your usual running into an apocalyptic audio adventure. In this fitness app, you’re running to one of humanity’s few remaining outposts. They require your assistance to collect supplies, save survivors, and protect their homes.

You can take on missions while being attacked by zombies and collect materials as you build your town. Utilize interval training to build tasks as you record your running and share your performance.

This fitness game that is fun and enjoyable is different and efficient. Start with all four of the missions at no cost and get one additional weekly mission, or upgrade and unlock over 400 stories, as well as Interval Training and AirDrop Mode. The subscriptions are available monthly or yearly.


  • A zombie horde chasing you forces you to run faster.
  • An interesting storyline that expands with each passing run.
  • The Sync works via Apple Health.


  • The continued use of GPS that is running in the background may reduce the life of batteries.

6. Jillian Michaels: The Fitness App

Personal trainer and celebrity Jillian Michaels heads this comprehensive wellness application that offers videos of workouts that can be mixed and matched. The free version is an exercise that lasts seven minutes. The Premium plan upgrade offers more than 800 workouts as well as the ability to stream videos from Jillian’s DVD workout library an individual meal planner and much more.


  • It is offered for seven days and then you pay either a monthly or annual cost.
  • Workout Generator generates exercises that focus on a particular body part.
  • The meal plans offer choices for vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free. and pescatarians.


  • Jillian Michaels hosts every workout on the app. If you’re not a fan of her, this app might not be the one for you.

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7. Fitbit

The official Fitbit app is essential to synchronize Fitbit data tracker. It’s also a good method for tracking exercise routines as well as keeping track of food intake and staying on track by chatting with your friends. It turns an ordinary smart device into a Fitbit tracker, and it’s free making it an ideal choice for people who want to test the waters of the concept of activity tracking prior to investing in an actual Fitbit wearable.

Alongside tracking your physical activity, you can use it in conjunction with the Fitbit app to keep track of your workouts, like workouts at the gym or in the pool. The app for free is very well-built, offering videos and audio workouts, sleep tracking nutrition and stress management tools, and much more. The Premium version lets you access habit-forming programs, more exercises in audio and video and more advanced information.


  • It tracks your steps without requiring the use of Fitbit wearable.
  • The leaderboards are full of friends thanks to the popularity of the brand and Facebook’s connectivity.
  • Keeps track of every workout and activity.


  • Notifications from devices can be quite overwhelming.
  • Windows application seems to be more frequently updated than other apps.

8. Runkeeper

Runkeeper is a well-known running app that is a must for novice as well as experienced runners. Take a run or walk or engage in any other activity and enjoy the full picture of your workout in real time. The app also entices you to exercise more often. It’s among the top for tracking your progress and provides exercises to boost your endurance and speed.

Create goals, stick to personal routines, take part in challenges, and monitor your progress to keep you focused. You can upgrade to the top version of Runkeeper Go, and get customized motivation, as well as in-depth information on your progress and past history.


  • Connects seamlessly to other fitness apps.
  • Spotify along with iTunes integration.
  • The tool for comparing workouts helps you stay on top of your fitness.


  • The Premium version is required for some of the basics.

9. 7 Minute Workout

7 Minute Workout is an exercise application created to help everyone get active for just seven minutes every day. Select from a variety of workouts, such as Seven Minute Workout Cardio Arms Pilates, and Alternative, or design your own.

The exercises in this easy, versatile app don’t require any specific exercise equipment, just common things like steps and chairs.

Change into the Pro version to enjoy additional exercises, custom workouts personalization options, and more.


  • Create your own workouts and share them with your friends.
  • Solid Apple Watch support.


  • The overall layout of the app could be improved.


In conclusion, selecting the best exercise and workout apps depends on individual preferences and goals. Popular options like Nike Training Club, Zova, and Fitbit offer diverse routines, tracking, and tailored plans. It’s essential to find an app that aligns with your fitness journey and motivates consistent engagement.

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