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Top 10 AI Image Enhancer & Upscaler Tools

Top 10 AI Image Enhancer & Upscaler Tools

AI image enhancer and upscaler tools are a great way for you to improve your images and alter their sizes. Studies show that digital photos are still a huge part of our daily lives. We take more than one trillion photos every year. Images are an integral part of every person’s life. Image upscaling tools are particularly important for those who do specific types of work like those in social media.

If you want to draw attention, it is important to use high-quality images. However, many images on the internet are of poor quality and filled with digital noise.

AI has made great strides in image upscale technology over the past few decades. makes it easy for low-resolution images of any kind to be professionally turned into high-quality professional work.

These are the top AI image enhancing & upscaler products on the market.

1. Icons8

Icons8 is an AI image enhancer powered by intelligent AI algorithms, that is one of the best AI image & upscaler tools on our list. Icons8 is a free online tool that allows you to enhance images. This tool uses machine learning to allow you to upscale images by 2x and 4x without losing quality.

Icons8 can also be used to automatically fix imperfections in images during upscaling. Drag and drop an image to upscale it. After it has been upgraded, you can download the saved image.

Icons8 allows you to seamlessly integrate sharpening, noise removal and upscaling. The initial data set includes 5 million images. More are being added all the time. You can access your history and redownload the enlarged images without consuming too much GPU power. Your upscaled images are not used for machine learning and are not shared.

These are the key features of Icons8.

  • Upscaling is free
  • You can scale up to 4x your size
  • Automatically corrects imperfections
  • View your history and redownload larger photos

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2. Deep Image AI

Deep Image AI is another great choice for an AI image upscaler tool. It is compatible with both Windows OS and Mac OS. Deep Image AI was created to allow you to easily upscale images online. Mobile photos can be easily enhanced.

Important to know is that the platform limits the size for upscaled images to 5000×5000 pixels or 25 megapixels. This applies to both registered users and unregistered users.

Deep Image AI is simple to use. All you have to do to get started with upscaling is to go to the website, upload an image and navigate there. The tool uses advanced AI algorithms to scale photos, which results in natural-looking photos. Developers might find the API useful as it allows you to integrate upscaling tools into your code projects.

These are the key features of Deep Image AI.

  • API support for developers
  • Bulk editing mode
  • Artificial Intelligence to Make Predictions
  • Maximum 25 megapixels limit for upscaled images

3. VanceAI Image Upscaler

VanceAI is another great AI image upscaler. It offers several main features. The 8x AI image enhancer can be used to up-scale low-resolution images without affecting their quality. This tool also features an AI anime upscaler that can be used to upscale small anime photos as small as 16x.

VanceAI Image Upscaler offers security features. Your processed images will be deleted within 24 hours.

This tool makes it easy to scale images, just like other top tools. Upload a photo and select the appropriate AI model and magnification times. Then, scale up to 2x, 4x, or 8x. The upscaled image can be downloaded in high resolution.

These are the key features of VanceAI Image Upscaler.

  • Image up to 8x without sacrificing quality
  • Reduce noise and remove blur
  • There are specific algorithms that can be used to scale anime photos
  • Automated compression and resizing of images greater than 2000×2000

4. Let’s Enhance

Let’s Enhance, an online AI photo upscaler, can scale up to 4K without affecting quality. It uses AI techniques to improve colors, restore lost textures and details and remove compression. Let’s Enhance can enhance your photo by up to 16x.

You can use the free version of the tool by simply dropping the image onto the page. Another one that is easy to use is the AI image upscaler.

Let’s Enhance uses AI technology to reduce noise and other artifacts in images. This results in detailed and professional photos.

These are the key features of Let’s Improve:

  • You get 4K scaling without sacrificing quality
  • Enhances colors and recovers lost textures. Removes compression.
  • Easy-to-use
  • Reduce noise and other artifacts

5. Waifu2x

Waifu2x is an anime-focused image enhancer tool. This tool uses neural networks to enhance images and produce high-quality results. The tool is geared toward anime fans, but it can be used to enhance other types of photos.

Waifu2x reduces noise in images during upscaling. You can also enter the URL for the image you wish to compress. You don’t need to download the file and then drag and drop it into the tool. Waifu2x will pull the URL image and begin the process automatically.

This is just one more tool that you can use for free.

These are the main features of Waifu2x.

  • It’s easy and simple to use
  • Aim at anime images
  • Any type of image can be upscaled
  • URL: Upscales

6. Upscale

Upscale is an AI tool for image enhancement that enhances image resolution without reducing the quality. It can scale your image to any size you like, up to 4x. It can also add details to images using the AI algorithm to enhance their professionalism and preserve the original image details.

Upscale is able to remove JPEG artifacts. It is possible to cause pixelation and degrading when you save and edit a JPEG image many times. Artifacting is a process that can cause images to look blurred. Upscaling removes compression to smoothen the edges.

These are the key features of Upscale.

  • Upscale up to 4x
  • Turn images professional
  • Maintains natural image details
  • Removes JPEG artifacts

7. Cre8tiveAI

Cre8tiveAI allows you to instantly upscaling images 16x in a matter of seconds. This is an excellent choice for small images you wish to enhance before printing. It uses deep learning to enhance images without sacrificing quality.

The image upscaler tool differs from conventional technology which relies on interpolating and stretching the middle. AI can infer high-resolution images from low-resolution photos, which results in high-quality Images.

These are the key features of Cre8tiveAI.

  • In seconds, upscale images 16x
  • This is a great tool for creating small images for printing.
  • Deep learning technology
  • Easy-to-use

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8. BigJPG

BigJPG is an excellent tool that can solve the problem with fuzzy anime illustrations and images. Another AI anime image upscaler, BigJPG can process anime illustrations and images before scaling them up without affecting their quality.

This process can enhance colors, details, and edges. It is important to remember that the tool can only scale up to 3000×3000 pixels.

These are the key features of BigJPG.

  • This is a design for anime images
  • Image and illustration upscaling without compromising quality
  • Enhances colors, details, edges, etc.
  • Upscaling to 4K

9. Pixbim Enlarge AI

Based on machine learning techniques, Pixbim EnlargeAI can enhance images without compromising quality. This tool works on Windows, Mac, Linux, and other platforms.

Pixbim fills in missing pixels automatically through intelligent analysis and precise prediction. You can also automatically enhance details by enlarging the image. Although the tool is free, you will need to make a one-time purchase.

These are the main features of Pixbim.

  • Images up to 4x scale
  • Automately enhance details
  • One-time payment
  • Intelligent analysis and precise predictions

10. AI Sharpener Scaling

Our list of top AI image enhancers and upscaler tools ends with AI Sharpener Scaling. This is a free photo enlarger that makes use of high-quality scaling technology. The tool can be used to increase a photo by up to 400% without sacrificing quality.

AI Sharper Scaling also improves the quality of other geometric transforms such as rotation, perspective correction and lens distortion correction.

Important note: AI Sharpener Scaling can only be used on Microsoft Windows.

These are the main features of AI sharpener scaling:

  • Software for free photo enlargement
  • Scaling technology of high quality
  • Click to enlarge the photo by up to 400%
  • Contributes to other geometric transforms
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