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Top 5 Robotics Companies and their Amazing Creations and Imagination

Top 5 Robotics Companies and their Amazing Creations and Imagination

Artificial Intelligence is on the rise. Artificial Intelligence is expected to grow to $60 billion by 2025. It would be hard for companies not to invest in AI now or in the future. These very versatile applications cannot be built in one day. Before they are made available to the general public, they must be thoroughly vetted. In the process, The developers create unique and intuitive machines that are far beyond what we can imagine.

Top 5 Robotics Companies and their Amazing Creations and Imagination

1. Toyota’s THR-3

THR-3 is the third generation of Toyota’s Humanoid Robot program. This robot can be programmed to learn multiple things and is designed to fulfill many roles. The robot can be programmed to take care of you, do your construction work, clean up, or just be your companion.

The robot can also be controlled remotely. A motion capture suit can be worn by a human to control the robot’s movements, and even move its legs. It is designed to work with us, and the hybrid control model is revolutionary.

2. Sony Aibo

Sony’s Aibo robot dog is designed to be a hybrid between a pet and a toy. It was launched for the first time in 2018. It has been enhanced with AI to make it behave and act realistically to the extent that it can recognize its owner’s voice or face and adjust its behavior to suit its personality.

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3. Honda Asimo

Asimo is a humanoid robot that adapts easily to walk on two legs and climb stairs. Two-legged ambulation in a real situation is an AI achievement in itself. Machines should be able to learn to adapt to a variety of situations and perils so that they can remain stable, upright, and mobile.

4. Samsung’s Bot Retail

This robot from Samsung is designed to work in retail. This robot is able to navigate through crowds and direct customers to the products they are looking for. They are also very similar to salesmen and can make suggestions to customers who are browsing.

The bot can navigate and also accept payments via NFC. They can also be your personal shopper, as they can keep your products on a shelf while you shop. Robots can also analyze human language and expressions to help you shop more efficiently.

5. Houston Mechatronics Aquanaut

The Aquanaut is a combination of two of the most commonly used unmanned submerged vehicles, submarine automatons, and remote-controlled support vessels. It can be enabled by AI to act autonomously to analyze and complete fixes to structures, such as oil apparatuses or pipelines, In situations that are both dangerous and expensive for people to reach.

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