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Top 10 Data Analytics Companies For 2022

Data Analytics Companies

Data Analytics is the transformation or modification of data to get a better understanding of a particular process or element. The Complete List of Top Big Data Analytics Companies with Features & Prices. Compare This Review to Find the Best Data Analytics Company.

Data Analytics and Information allow staff to see the data in a specific context and make better business decisions to achieve improved products and services.

According to market research, Big Data Analytics was adopted by more than 53% of companies in 2017 and has increased by 11% for the year 2021.

In 2021, there will be more use of advanced analytical processes to automate business and optimize tasks. Information analytics is a key tool in many organizations around the world, so it’s not surprising that this has been so important.

Top 10 Data Analytics Companies For 2022

1. is an IT service and analysis company that offers a data integration platform. It connects all of your data sources. It can also be connected to online data sources such as AWS Redshift or Google BigQuery.

It provides solutions for sales, marketing, customer support, developers, and development. solutions can be used in the advertising, retail, and hospitality industries.’s marketing software includes data enrichment, targeted communication, and smart segmentation. The solution for customer service will allow you to identify the areas that require improvement. The sales solution provides effective analytics.

Founded: 2012
Employees: 11-50 employees
Locations: USA and Israel
Core Services: ETL, ETL. Data Integration,
Other Services Business Intelligence Big Data Hadoop, and other services
Revenue: $1-$5 Million.


  • is a flexible and scalable cloud platform.
  • It can run simple and complex replication tasks, as well as transform data.
  • It offers support via email, chats and phone, and online meetings.

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2. Indium Software

Indium Software is a big data analytics company that specializes in data analytics and data engineering. Clutch has recognized Indium Software as one of the top 15 Big Data consulting companies, having been in business for over 20 years.

Indium’s data solutions are reliable and up-to-date, with 24×7 project management. Indium offers comprehensive data analytics services for enterprises that maximize the value of real-time, historical, and external data.

One of their most well-known services is

  • Text, image and video analytics
  • AI & ML Algorithms
  • IoT analytics
  • Sales and marketing analytics
  • Data visualization & BI
  • Customer 360

3. InData Labs

InData Labs is a leading AI and Big Data analytics solution company. InData Labs creates AI-powered solutions for modern big data business problems. They help clients gain actionable insights from real-time data to enable them to transform their businesses with digital technology.

InData Labs offers innovative software development to businesses of all sizes, from various industries such as logistics, healthcare and sports and wellness, manufacturing, gaming, entertainment, and marketing.

InData Labs is a company whose mission is to assist clients in implementing AI to increase their business and streamline operational processes.

Founded: 2014
Employers: A distributed group of 80+ experts
Locations: Nicosia, Singapore.
Core Services: AI. Big Data, Data Science. Predictive Analytics. Computer Vision. NLP.
Other Services AI-powered web development and mobile development
Clients: AsstrA. Flo. Skorebee. Okko. tv. and other.


  • AI-powered software development.
  • Consulting and development in big data and data science.
  • Data Analytics and Analysis
  • Azure & AWS big data architecture & data engineering.

4. Oxagile

Oxagile, an end-to-end software development company, specializes in traditional and advanced data analysis for media, entertainment, e-commerce retail, and other industries and domains.

The company’s expertise includes data analysis, visualization, custom reporting, dashboarding, cutting-edge BI tool implementation and optimization, comprehensive ML analyses, and many more. These are listed as the top biggest data analytics companies in the world.

This knowledge underpins Oxagile’s ability to address various business challenges such as customer hyper-segmentation and data-based recommendation. Subscription packages and customization of marketing campaigns are also addressed by Oxagile. Oxagile’s tech stack includes AWS and Google data, and reputable BI tools such as Tableau, and Qlik. Looker, Microsoft Power BI, etc.

Founded: 2005
Employees: 400+
Locations: United States of America, New York
Core services Data analysis and Data visualization, Custom Reporting and Dashboarding, BI Tool Implementation, BI Systems Optimization, ML Analytics
Clients: Discovery, JumpTV, Google, Veon, Vodafone, Kaltura.

5. SG Analytics

SG Analytics is a leading company in data analysis and research in various parts of the globe. In 2016, 2017, and 2018, SG Analytics was named Regional Best Employer. It also maintained its reputation in 2018.

SG Analytics has been meeting customer expectations since its inception with a friendly working environment and well-trained professionals. it is the best data analytics company.

Employers: About 500 employees.
Locations: USA, UK, and Switzerland
Core Services: Services that deal with data analytics in sales, marketing, and operations.
Other Services Market research, Investment research, and BI & visualization.
Revenue: $25-$50 Million.


  • SG Analytics is a leader in investment research and analysis.
  • It offers insights into technology and marketing.
  • Strives to exceed customer expectations

6. Sumatosoft

Sumatosoft is a Data Analysis, and Internet of Things company skilled in complex projects. It is also interested in different industries like Healthcare, Medical, Hospitality, and IT Real Estate, E-commerce, and Entertainment.

Employers: Approximately 300 employees.
Locations: Australia, The US, and Europe
Core Services: Web Design, Idea Analysis, and Software Development.
Other Services Testing, QA, Code Review, Software Reuse Assistance for Businesses
Revenue: $2.2 Million


  • High-quality services for start-ups and development.
  • It is ranked 5 the highest in testing around the world.
  • It is skilled in complex projects.

7. ScienceSoft 

ScienceSoft, based in Texas, USA, provides data analytics services to companies around the world. Since 1989, ScienceSoft has been helping them turn raw data into actionable insights. ScienceSoft advises, implements, supports, and provides Analytics-as-a-Service data analytics solutions to enable:

  • Financial analytics
  • Customers Analytics
  • Sales and marketing analytics
  • Analyzing supply chain processes
  • Analytics of assets
  • Manufacturing Analytics
  • Analytics in HR

Founded: 1989
Employees: 700+ employees
Locations: US, Texas, Vantaa, United Arab Emirates, Finland; Fujairah, Minsk, Belarus
Core Services, Data Analytics Consulting & Implementation, Managed Analytics. Services, Big Data and DWH, Data Science and Data Management
Other Services Software Development Software Testing & QA Cybersecurity IoT Application Services, IT Consulting
Revenue: $27 Million.


  • Data analytics services for medium and big businesses in 23 industries including Manufacturing, Retail Wholesale and Professional Services.
  • Extensive hands-on experience using the most popular open-source and proprietary data analysis technologies (Azure Synapse Analytics. Microsoft SQL Server. Microsoft Power BI. Tableau. Hadoop ecosystem. Apache Spark. Apache Hive. Apache Cassandra. Python. Java. R. ).
  • Strategic partnership with Microsoft and Oracle.
  • 32 years of Data Analytics experience.

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8. Pragmatic Works 

Pragmatic Works is a 25-year-old company that has successfully completed 1530 projects. Pragmatic Works specializes in pre-sales as well as consulting for complex data management, restructuring, and other areas.

Although the company does not have any centers in other countries, it can connect to its customers around the world through one SQL server without complications.

Founded: 2007
Employees: 51 – 200
Locations: Florida, Salem
Core Services: Cloud Infrastructure Machine Learning and Data Analytics.
Other Services: Cloud Migrating, Managed Services, and Cloud Infrastructure.
Revenue: $17.9 Million


  • It has an official partnership agreement with Microsoft
  • Pragmatic Works, a well-respected company, offers a real-world experience for its clients and is in a strong position in the market.

9. Beyond the Arc 

The company offers valuable insight into Data Analysis and Management to meet customer needs. It also works in Finance & Payments and Media, but most importantly, Digital Marketing. Beyond The Arc contributes to Content Marketing.

Founded: 2008.
Employees: 11 – 50 employees
Locations: CA, USA.
Core Services: Text Analytics-NLP-Cognitive Computing, Customer Acquisition Analytics, Predictive Analytics and Machine learning, B2B Data Monetization, etc.
Other Services Communications, Social Media, Training, CX Strategy, and PR Agency.
Revenue: $1.9 Million


  • It offered strategies specifically designed to improve sales and organize data.
  • Beyond the Arc is very interested in Strategic Marketing, Data Mining. Brand Formation and Visual Designs.

10. Trianz

Trianz is a US-based company that is known for its digital transformations that use modern strategies. It offers data analysis services in many areas such as IT, Business Digitization, and Software Testing.

It employs more than 1000 people and has affiliations with approximately 500 clients.

Founded: 2001
Employees: 1001 – 5000 employees.
Locations: USA. UAE. India. UK & EU. ANZ. APAC.
Core Services: Social Media Analytics and Analytics, Sales Analytics. Finance Analytics.
Other Services, Strategy & Assessments, Consulting & Implementation. Digitalization, Infrastructure, and Security.
Revenue: $80 Million


  • Trianz is listed in Forbes 2019 as “America’s Best Management Consult Firms”.
  • 89% of clients rated the enterprise as number one in data analytics, indicating that they have made great
  • strides in customer satisfaction.
  • Its services are primarily customer-centric, making it one of the most beloved Data Analytics Companies in the world.

Final Word

Data is an essential tool, and choosing the right data analysis service provider can prove difficult. It is important to consider your business’s requirements and the type of data that will be used for professional purposes.

You will be able to make an informed decision when choosing the right Data Analytics Company for your task by gathering market research and resources. Compare the features of each company to find the best one for you based on price and service quality. These companies are top-rated service providers that provide excellent analytical services.

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