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Top 20 AI Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business

Top 20 AI Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business

Although there is a lot of hype around artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and machine learning, it’s clear that these technologies will have a major impact on the future of marketing. They are actually powering many of the AI marketing tools that we use today, even though we may not realize it.

Google, Facebook, and almost every other platform that we use to connect consumers are all deeply involved in these technologies. The list of AI marketing tools available is growing rapidly.

Top 20 AI Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business

1. lets you import data from any website, even if it is hidden behind login forms and other elements. This data can be used to create visualizations, spreadsheets, and machine learning algorithms. This data can be used to do everything from price research on competitors to analyzing customer reviews to identify the areas that need improvement.

You can do a lot with, so make sure you have a look.

2. shows how simple and efficient artificial intelligence can be. This is refreshing in contrast to many other platforms that do too much. X is an AI scheduler that makes it easy to arrange meetings and other appointments.

3. Grammarly

Grammarly is yet another example of simple, but powerful AI. This time it’s a proofreading tool. Although it won’t catch every typo in your writing, Grammarly is an impressive piece of software that integrates with browsers and apps. It will alert you to typos when you write emails or blog posts. You can also compile reports on the most common errors so that you become a better writer.

4. Uberflip

We’re now exploring a larger range of AI tools. Uberflip is an advanced content personalization platform that allows you to create unique experiences for every customer. Content personalization remains a major challenge for brands and Uberflip makes it easy to scale Uberflip for large enterprises with a diverse audience.

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5. Acrolinx

Acrolinx can help you create high-quality content on a large scale before you can personalize it. Acrolinx claims it is the only platform that can “read”, your content. Its advanced artificial intelligence engine evaluates and grades your content and guides you in creating better content.

6. Unmetric

Xia from Unmetric is a new approach. It helps you analyze the content of other brands to find new content ideas and opportunities. Xia will reveal the secrets to the content marketing success of other brands and help you determine what type of content is best for your business.

7. Cortex

Cortex offers competitor content analysis, but the emphasis is on their social media activities. After analyzing your competitors’ social media efforts, Cortex will assist you in creating better content that is optimized for your target audience using its AI insights. Cortex will then determine the best time to publish your posts and schedule them for you. It continues to analyze your competitors and uncover new insights.

8. BrightFunnel

While creating better content will help you get more leads and better prospects, you still have to convert them into customers. BrightFunnel can help with this by using artificial intelligence to optimize your sales funnels. This will allow you to turn more hard-earned leads into easy-to-reach customers.

9. Cogito

Cogito is a conversation analysis and guidance tool that can detect human signals in customers’ speech. It also predicts the type of response your support and sales teams will give. Your team should have “emotional intelligence” to be able to communicate with customers and leads in a way that is both logical and effective.

10. is an AI sales assistant that bridges the gap between human interactions and AI sales. This will allow your sales team to spend less time managing inboxes, and more time working with profitable leads. will make CRMs easier for you if you have ever found them frustrating. The mobile app allows you to scan business cards and create new contacts. You can also sync calls with Salesforce and manage almost everything from there.

The integration with Salesforce or LinkedIn is seamless. It’s also obvious from the user experience that CRM platforms have a lot to catch up on.

11. ManyChat

Chatbots are taking over the entire sales process for brands in every industry. This is why it is becoming more important to quickly create bots. With ManyChat’s drag-and-drop builder, it is as simple as possible to create Facebook Messenger chatbots. ManyChat doesn’t have to worry about the technical aspects of creating a Facebook chatbot. It also offers some powerful analytics and automation features.

12. Chatfuel

Chatfuel can also help you create Facebook bots, but Chatfuel is more focused on automating your email inbox. It is important to automate as many conversations as possible with clients, leads, and customers before handing them to your team members at crucial moments. You should have a sales process that can handle a significant number of customers without having to expand your team.

13. Aizimov

Aizimov, an AI marketing tool that creates personalized messages for you, is very interesting. To create precise emails and messages for your target audiences, the platform pulls data from the internet (mostly news sources and financial transcripts).

The AI system of IT analyzes people’s psychological profiles and uses this information to determine the message type and wording. It also chooses the most appropriate channel to reach each prospect (emails, LinkedIn, Twitter, and so forth). When to contact them.

14. LivePerson

LivePerson applies artificial intelligence to the messaging apps that your prospects use and creates a sales channel using the platforms they are most comfortable with. You have AI-powered chatbots that integrate with apps such as WhatsApp, Line, and Google Assistant, so your prospects can have meaningful conversations wherever they want them.

15. Optmyzr

Paid marketing is likely to have benefited more from AI, machine learning, and automation than any other marketing strategy. This is because the majority of the work involves optimizing settings, crunching data, and adjusting bids based upon various factors.

Optmyzr, which is an impressive tool, is a great place to showcase technologies such as machine learning and automation. It doesn’t do anything you can’t program into Google Ads (assuming you have the programming skills), but it does make essentials such as bid adjustments. Keyword management, A/B testing, and other optimizations are simple without any programming required.

16. Pathmatics

Optmyzr’s opposite approach, Pathmatics focuses on analyzing your competitors’ advertising performance. It provides AI implementations tailored for businesses, publishers, ad agencies, and ad tech companies – all of which are designed to uncover new opportunities based upon the top performers in your industry.

17. Cortex

Cortex by Retention Science, an AI-enabled email marketing platform, continuously optimizes its automation to achieve better results. It can refine your subject lines and determine the best time to send emails to users. It also tracks user responses. Finally, it uses engagement data to create better campaigns year-round.

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18. Sensai

Sensai, an AI platform for social marketing insights and recommendations, analyzes the effectiveness of your posts and helps you to create a strategy that achieves bigger goals. The mobile app allows you to have a social media expert right in your pocket. It is powered by detailed analytics, data-driven recommendations, and data-driven recommendations.

19. Slackla

Visual content is essential to any social media marketing campaign. Stackla helps you find user-generated content (UGC), and transform it into engaging content. Slackla’s algorithm finds the content that your target audience is creating, rather than creating corporate videos or images that smell like sales pitches and You can join in the action if other members of your audience are engaging with you.

20. GumGum

GumGum provides a variety of AI-powered features to marketers, advertisers, sports companies, and other niches. Advertising is done using AI. It analyses the images and the pages to determine the best sites for placing your display ads. Google Ads lets you target specific sites, but it is difficult to ensure that your message does not conflict with the content.

Imagine your travel insurance ad appearing in a news story about an airplane crash. Ouch.

You also have the social side, GumGum analyzes social content related to your brand and suggests new ways for you to participate in the conversation.

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