7 Best Wearable Devices You Should Try in 2022

7 Best Wearable Devices

The wearable tech industry is constantly developing new devices to make your life easier. Wearable devices go beyond smartwatches or fitness trackers which can monitor your heart rate. Wearable technology can provide health advice and enhanced turn-by-turn directions. They can also detect the intensity of UV rays while you are sunbathing.

Are you curious about the wearable devices that will be most important in 2022? These are the top wearable device you can currently get.

7 Best Wearable Devices You Should Try in 2022

1. Smart Rings

A smart ring is one of the most useful and basic smart wearable devices that you can buy this year. This is the perfect device for someone who spends most of their time in meetings at work or in classes and doesn’t want to glance at his phone every notification.

You can get alerts from your smart ring without drawing attention to you. A smart ring can be used to make contactless payments, open and lock your front door, or even your car. These smart rings have a long battery life so you don’t need to charge them constantly.

There are many smart rings available on the market. These are some of our favorite smart rings.

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NFC OPN Smart Ring

The NFC OPN Ring is waterproof and can be used to control your smartphone apps (both iOS and Android), lock and unlock doors and transfer data. It also handles contactless payments. Although it isn’t as smart as an Apple watch, it is much cheaper and doesn’t require any charging. The official website sells one for $20.

Oura Smart Ring

The Oura ring is a stylish and sophisticated ring. The ring features real-time heart rate monitoring and temperature sensors. It also has activity analysis. The Oura smart ring can be used with Apple Health or Google Fit. If you’ve been waiting to get a lighter, more stylish smartwatch, now is the time. Oura smart ring is more expensive than the other options because it is premium. The new generation 3 Oura rings are available for as low as $299

2. Smart Glasses

Do you remember growing up reading and watching science fiction? The main character puts on a pair of glasses and can see details about the surroundings. A pair of smart glasses are a must-have accessory.

Smart glasses are equipped with small computers that process data and display it in real-time. The smart glasses process this information in a way that you, the wearer, can see. Smart glasses can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. They can show you incoming calls and provide GPS navigation. Other glasses may be more beneficial because of their AR and virtual reality capabilities.

Ray-Ban Stories

Ray-Ban Stories, formerly known as Facebook, is a joint project by Ray-Ban (formerly Meta) and Meta. These smart glasses allow you to capture all the details around you in photos or videos. Ray-Ban Stories don’t support virtual reality, but they do come with a pair of speakers, cameras, and a touchscreen. These glasses can be used to take short videos of up to 30 seconds and to make calls, play music, or even take photos. All this in a classic Ray-Ban style.

If you see this gadget from another angle, the smart glasses can be seen as a pair of spy glasses that allows Facebook to collect even more data. Ray-Ban Stories is available for purchase at $299 in the official store.

3. Smart Clothing with Sensors

Smart clothes are a recent addition to the intelligent wearables collection. Smart clothes are equipped with sensors that monitor various aspects of your body and notify you if there is anything wrong.

Levi’s Trucker Jacket by Google

It looks just like a Levi’s Trucker Jacket, but it’s actually an innovative wearable gadget. You can pair this jacket with your smartphone via Google integration to control music, and phone calls and get directions on the go.

Bluetooth allows the jacket to be connected to your smartphone and can be paired both with Android or iOS. This wearable is waterproof, according to Levi’s. It also comes with a battery that can last up to 14 days.

Swimwear for Smart People by offers smart swimwear that is also connected. offers swimsuits, swim caps, and swim goggles with connected swimwear. This swimwear can be used to replace Fitbits and track your fitness in the pool.

The smartwatch is water-resistant and doesn’t need charging. It also allows you to track your swimming activities completely hands-free. Your swim tracker will automatically start once you start swimming. You don’t even need to activate it. Connected swimwear, which isn’t worn with any additional wristbands, will help reduce drag forces and optimize water flow around your body.

4. Smart Earphones

Smart wearables don’t just track your activity. Some smart wearables are designed to help you sleep better and reduce stress. A headset can help you sleep better if you have trouble with your regular earbuds or earphones.

Bose Sleepbuds II

Sleepbuds II from Bose isn’t headphones. They won’t play your Spotify music. They play soothing sounds and instrumental music to aid in falling asleep quicker and staying asleep longer. You can either use the default sounds or download additional Bose Sleep sounds.

Bose claims their sleep technology has been clinically proven to improve your sleep patterns. To test this claim, you can use a fitness monitor or smartwatch with sleep tracking capability to check.

5. Medical Wearables

Smart medical watches are very popular today. For some, Fitbit can be enough to help them reach their fitness and lifestyle goals. However, even the most sophisticated smartwatches cannot keep track of blood oxygen, blood pressure, and hydration levels. Although medical wearables are still in development, it is already clear that they can simplify many people’s lives and offer many benefits in the healthcare field.

IQbuds Max by Nuheara

A great gift idea for the hearing impaired techie in your family. An ear-worn wearable can improve one’s hearing. IQbuds from Nuheara is one of the most highly acclaimed hearing buds which combine hearing aids and entertainment features.

IQbuds lets you customize the way you hear the world around High-fidelity sound and active noise cancellation make it possible. The Nuheara IQbuds App, which is available for Android and iPhones, allows you to optimize your earbuds as well as create your own hearing profile.

6. Smart Helmets

A good helmet will give you safety, no matter if you are a professional athlete, a skier, or a cyclist. Extreme sports can be dangerous so a good helmet is a must. A smart helmet can enhance your riding experience and You can make your ride safer and more comfortable.

Faro Smart Helmet from UNIT 1

Faro is a smart helmet that will make you more visible while riding. The helmet’s powerful rear and front lights can be customized and animated to make you more visible while riding. Faro helmets can detect ambient light and adjust their lights accordingly to ensure maximum visibility.

The wearable can automatically turn on and off brake lights and turn signals, and track your rides. Faro’s smart helmet is waterproof and features a fall-detection function. The helmet’s sensors can detect a fall and send an alert to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It will alert your emergency contacts with a link to your location if you fail to respond within a specified time frame. Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 4, and later also have this feature.

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7. Biosensors

The most innovative tech in wearable electronics is biosensors. There are many possible uses for biosensors, but most of them are used for personalized health monitoring. Biosensors, which are electronic devices that incorporate sensors into the body, allow you to perform data collection, calculation, and recording using portable and mobile devices.

Biosensors are a great tool for patient monitoring (or self-monitoring). They can continuously and automatically measure vital signs, body posture, and steps, and perform fall detection.

QuardioCore Wearable ECG EKG Monitoring

QuardioCore, a wearable electrocardiogram, can help you monitor your heart health. The ECG records your heart rhythm and sends it to your doctor. This ECG can help you improve your cardio training, as well as your heart condition.

Last Line

It is only a matter of time before most of the things we use will become gadgets. Wearable electronics tech is a new market that tech giants such as Fitbit, Apple, and Samsung are entering.

What wearables would you most like to have in the next year’s list? Maybe we have missed some wearable devices. Comment below to share your opinions on the hottest new wearable tech.

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