Apple’s AirTag trackers might not arrive until March 2021

Apple's AirTag trackers might not arrive until March 2021

You might not need to rely on Apple’s long-in-development AirTag thing trackers arriving at the business’s October 13th occasion.

Apple rumor purveyor Jon Prosser has claimed that Apple has pushed the launch of AirTags back to March 2021. Prosser did not explain the delay, but Apple has clearly been expecting them for a while when a support video referencing them temporarily appeared in April.

AirTags are thought to compete directly with trackers from Tile and many others, but with a few advantages because of its Apple-focused audience. In case you have an iPhone 11 or similar device with an ultra-wideband chip, for instance, you’d get very precise location finding to assist you to find a product that slipped between the sofa cushions.


The tags may also store your contact info to give you a notification if an Apple device locates your thing.

This might not be the sole no-show for the October 13th presentation. Prosser also claimed Apple’s self-branded over-ear headphones won’t show at the event. While he didn’t provide a new time frame, he did indicate they were close enough to find pricing, starting at $350 for a”sport-like” version and $599 for a superior version with metal and leather. Either way, it is safe to say the event’s focus is increasingly on the iPhone — any other hardware might be a wonderful bonus.

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