7 Best Apps to Help You Travel Safer

Best Apps to Help You Travel Safer

If you’re planning to travel soon there are a few useful travel safety apps that you can install first. Traveling is a lot of fun, but it can also be dangerous in the event that you’re not cautious. These seven apps will assist you in staying safe when traveling, allowing you to concentrate on exploring and creating memories.

7 Best Apps to Help You Travel Safer

1. Smart Traveler

Smart Traveler is a safety-related app developed for the Department of State U.S. Department of State specifically for American travelers. It’s completely free to download on iOS as well as Android. It’s a fantastic application to have on hand because it combines a wealth of relevant, reliable information all in one location.

The app contains safety tips for destinations outside the United States, travel safety alerts and warnings as also contacts to those at the U.S. embassy and consulate offices in various countries. It is ideal to finish your journey without having this information. However, Smart Traveler can be useful in emergencies, such as the loss of your passport.

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2. NordVPN

A VPN is a type of service that provides you with security and privacy online. Using the VPN when traveling will protect your data from hackers, protect your personal information secure and provide access to your favorite websites, even when other countries prohibit these sites.

NordVPN is widely acknowledged as the top VPN currently available. You can access it via your smartphone, tablet or laptop. The VPN secures your data, blocks ads, and hides your location in any place you’d like. It also comes with anti-virus software and protection against malware.

3. bSafe

A lot of people use location sharing to ensure that relatives and friends know where they are during an emergency. Instead of using apps like Snapchat to transmit your location to another country make sure you use a secure application like bSafe.

The app lets you share your location with only certain family members and friends only, and not share it with anyone else. Additionally, you can set up alarms that will sound when you fail to check in at the right time, or if you’re feeling unsafe or in danger.

bSafe is an excellent application to keep on hand when traveling as you can use it to find your travel companions in case you split up. It’s also useful for staying secure and orienting yourself when you travel to the city of your choice.

4. TripWhistle

Did you know that some countries don’t utilize 911 to make emergencies? In the United States, Canada, and a few other countries utilize 911 to call emergency services however other codes with 3 digits are widely used. For example, in the UK 999 is the emergency number.

TripWhistle helps you avoid confusion when calling emergency services in foreign countries by providing instant access to 196 countries with 3-digit codes. It can also be used to inform emergency services of your location so that they can locate you faster. Be aware that you may need to shut down your VPN temporarily to access services for your location.

5. Signal

Are you worried that someone might be watching your messages and texts? If you’re worried about this then using an encrypted messaging application when traveling is a great option. signal is one of the best options that are absolutely free for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. Signal lets you communicate with images, texts videos, files, and texts and also make calls using audio.

Signal functions similarly to other messaging apps from third parties such as Telegram or WhatsApp. Signal will ensure that your conversations remain safe to protect you from hackers and malicious actors.

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6. Emergency

The Emergency app is operated through the American Red Cross and offers free weather alerts around the world. The changing climate is making extreme weather incidents more frequent and unpredictable. It’s always a good idea to have trustworthy information on hand to be prepared in a weather-related emergency when traveling.

Red Cross’s Emergency app is now available on iOS as well as Android. You can configure your notifications for certain kinds of weather-related events. There are also guides on how to handle different situations.

7. GeoSure

In your home, there are likely certain areas that you should be aware of or avoid in the evening. When you travel and you’re away from the benefits of the local experience. GeoSure offers you complete security details for specific neighborhoods.

It can, for instance, determine how safe a community is for groups of minorities, such as women or LGBTQ+ persons. It can show you neighborhood-specific crime data, as well, and help you find safer areas nearby. It is possible to switch down your VPN temporarily if it is blocking the location services required to access GeoSure.

Final Word

Smartphones are extremely useful apps for traveling. Installing a few essential applications before leaving home will help you stay secure and up-to-date when you travel. Certain of these apps, such as NordVPN and BSafe, can also be helpful to use at home.

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