Top 13 Personal Safety Apps For Women

Top 13 Personal Safety Apps For Women

Women are empowered more than ever in today’s society. However, accidents do still happen and women are still subject to criminal acts. Mobiles can handle many other things, so why not women’s security? in this article So we read about top safety apps for women and girls.

We have compiled a list of the top personal safety apps for Android for women. These apps provide a variety of security features, including SOS alerts and emergency contacts, location sharing, and community advice. Take a look at this list to find the one that suits you best.

Top 13 Personal Safety Apps For Women and Girls

1. Noonlight

Noonlight is a safety app that allows you to deal with both actual and potential threats and is unique. It has two functions. First, it can be used when you aren’t sure whether you should call 911. It can also be used when you are actually in trouble and need the assistance of authorities.

Simply press and hold the button on your Android phone when you are in an uncomfortable situation, you should only release it when you feel really troubled. If you are in real danger, press the button. The local police will be notified. To seek assistance, you can call or send a text message.

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SHEROES is a mobile app that’s exclusively for women. It can be used by women to find work, socialize, search for jobs, receive health advice, and get beauty and health tips.

The app allows you to share personal and family problems and report boyfriends and husbands who are causing domestic violence. You can also seek out expert advice in any area related to women.

3. SOS Alert

SOS Alert, an Android emergency app, allows you to reach your emergency contacts. When you are in a dangerous situation They will be informed about your location. it is a great and easy useable safety app for women.

It is easy to use and has a simple interface. It does not display ads. With just one tap, you can send an emergency signal to your contacts or send SOS messages pre-stored.

4. Microsoft Family Safety

This app works for all members of the family and can be used digitally or physically. Microsoft Family Safety App lets you monitor your child’s online activity and set parental controls so that your children are safe from cyber threats.

Tracking your family and location allows you to know exactly where they are. You also have insight into your family’s driving habits. Location sharing works even without an internet connection.

5. Personal Safety

Personal Safety is a safety app for Pixel phones that allows you to keep in touch with your first responders and emergency contacts. It allows you to share your location and time, then the emergency sharing will automatically start.

6. Guardians

You can invite your family and friends to the Guardian app so that they are notified in an emergency. Your guardians may not be able to see the GPS location you share.

‘can be set to “forever sharing” so that your guardians always know where you are. They can be notified about the battery life of your phone, your network strength, and any other important information that could affect your safety.

7. Women Safety

Women Safety app alerts your loved ones if you find yourself in distress. It is simple and quick to use and you can send an email to your emergency contacts, including your location, 2 photos, and/or a video message.

To notify emergency contacts that you are safe, tap the green, orange and red buttons in a cautious situation, or in some real danger respectively.

8. Sekura

Sekura, a safety app for women against unsafe situations and street harassment, has a clear interface. You can use it to make a fake incoming call, ring a siren or send a message to your location. It also allows you to call an emergency number.

9. UrSafe

UrSafe, an Android app that provides personal safety and is hands-free, can be integrated with 911 to alert authorities in case of emergency. You can use it to activate voice-activated security apps. Ursafe is available in more than 200 countries.

10. WanderSafe Safety App

WanderSafe is a great app for travelers. It provides location-based maps which allow you to explore your neighborhood and advise and alert you if you enter an unsafe area.

The app has an SOS button to alert three emergency contacts and a personal assistant that assists you through trusted data sources, so you can enjoy the outdoors with confidence.

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11. My Safetipin

My Safetipin can help you make your city safer, for yourself and for others. You can perform an audit of any location in the city using different parameters. This includes safety, people, and public transport.

You can also earn points for evaluating the different areas of the city, and becoming an active member of the safety community. Invite your family members to join you in tracking and learning about the best routes around the city.

12. Sister

Sister is the best Women safety app. This is done by women for their safety, well-being, and security. You can choose a few contacts to allow you to track your location and activate an alarm in dangerous situations.

13. SoSecure

SoSecure provides you with the security and safety that you need. You have a virtual ADT assistant at your side every step of the way. It provides roadside assistance, crash detection, and voice-activated emergency calls, among other features.

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