Top 5 Hidden Camera Detector Apps for iPhone

Top Hidden Camera Detector Apps

Do you realize that you’re being monitored or tracked by the watchful eye of cameras hidden from view? Restaurants, hotels, and even common places of public use ensure that visitors are safe with CCTV cameras. While these cameras are vital to protect the public, however, they can become a problem when they’re installed to invade your privacy.

We have dedicated hidden camera detector apps which can assist you in quickly finding intruding lenses. To make the process simpler, we’ve compiled the top apps for detecting hidden cameras below. Each app is effective regardless of the surroundings you’re in. Let’s start:

Top 5 Hidden Camera Detector Apps for iPhone

1. Hidden Spy Camera Finder Pro

Do you really need to worry about your safety with you can download the Hidden Spy Camera Finder Pro application is just a click just a click away? This well-known hidden camera detector app is loaded with numerous security options. Beyond the usual features, it also comes with a variety of extra features that help the app distinct from rivals.

This Hidden Spy Camera Finder Pro is compatible with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanning to provide you with two-way security against non-authorized pairings. Furthermore, you can make use of this Scan History feature to view the scans of past scans and camera results. This can help you provide an overview of events from the past with just a tap.

Furthermore, this user-friendly app gives you guides and relations to the place you are to ensure your security. This feature is useful particularly when you are staying in a hotel with a bad reputation or in a remote place.


  • Wireless-Fi as well as Bluetooth scanner
  • Explore the past to find activities
  • Safety guides and suggestions for safety.


  • Frequent advertising

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2. Fing

Are you searching for an application that will quickly check the devices that are connected to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks? Then Fing Network Scanner could be the perfect choice for the iPhone or iPad. This fantastic hidden camera detection app for iOS devices comes as an all-in-one package. It assists in identifying connected devices, block access to intruders, and solves issues with connectivity.

It doesn’t matter if a hidden camera is connected to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth It is the same. Fing can identify and locate it in a flash using its advanced technology. This powerful hidden camera locating app will also provide information on the model’s name, model name, IP address, MAC address, vendor, and manufacturer.

Fing will ensure it is possible for your iPhone or iPad receives immediate alerts connected to the security of your network via your iPhone and email addresses. In addition, this platform can support Internet speed tests and scans and an analysis of the device’s type properties, NetBIOS, SNMP, and more.


  • Seamless device detection
  • Solutions to problems with connectivity
  • Alerts users to alert notifications about security threats


  • Advertisements can be irritating for some users.

3. Hidden Camera Finder

Hidden Camera Locator app is among the top free hidden camera detector apps on the App Store and you can download it on your iPhone. You are able to find hidden cameras at your workplace or home, hotel and restaurant, or in any public area. This app’s Augmented Reality (AR) markers help you find exactly where to locate cameras.

Utilizing using the Hidden Camera Finder app is extremely simple. All you have to do is join the iPhone or iPad to the Wi-Fi network of your current location. After that, you can use the camera on your phone via the app to search for any devices that are not authorized in and around your area.

It is likely that you have been to places of dining and hotels that have dim lighting. But, with the Hidden Camera Finder app, you can spot spy cameras in dark environments with the built-in flashlight feature. Additionally, the simple navigation interface coupled with the latest technology for detecting hidden cameras ensures that you’re always safe and secure.


  • Simple interface
  • Flashlight support
  • Augmented Reality markers to make it easy to identify


  • Numerous crashes

4. Spy Hidden Camera Detector

Spy Hidden Camera Detector must be on your list when you’re looking for a simple hidden camera app. With manual and automatic options, it can help you locate camera lenses disguised that could be within your home. Use an iPhone camera at objects that look suspicious to identify hidden cameras.

The auto mode places markers in areas where it anticipates that there is a hidden camera lens. You can also alter the distance or angle of the camera on the surface, creating numerous false markers. It also includes an EMF scanner that allows for greater accuracy in digital device identification.

However, the manual mode is a DIY-style activity that allows you to use the touchscreen to place a mark on the suspected camera lens. The manual mode comes with two overlays: Yellow as well as Cyan. The yellow overlay signifies the surface could be glass or metallic. It indicates a higher reflection. However, the cyan overlay suggests that the surface changes hues in line with the overall colors of the camera lens.


  • Two individual modes for camera detection
  • Simple detection with markers
  • High precision


  • There is no free version.

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5. SpyCam

SpyCam is yet another amazing option to the list of best hidden camera detection apps available for iPhones as well as iPad. Just a click Go, SpyCam lets you search for and locate devices that are not connected to your Wi-Fi connection which includes cameras with a spy feature.

The people who created this platform have invested in the latest technology to safeguard you from cameras hidden in the background. It’s an effective user-friendly and easy-to-use app that can be used in any environment.

In a hotel or at your house, in gym washrooms  or any other place that is public such as locker rooms, gym washrooms, or any other public space SpyCam precisely detects any hidden camera swiftly. Additionally, the app provides full details about the unauthorized device connected via the iPhone and iPad.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Creates a comprehensive report on connected devices.
  • Wi-Fi scanners provide precise results


  • Problems in the free version

Final World

Technology advancements mean that we are now in a situation that puts us at an advantage and at risk simultaneously. For instance, surveillance cameras are seen as a blessing in the event that we employ them to safeguard the safety of our public. However, they can be a source of danger if they are used to monitor others in secret. But, with these hidden camera detection apps, you will be able to easily find the hidden cameras that are around you.

Take a look during your next trip to a hotel, or any public area. Remember to share your experience in the comment section. We would like to hear from you.

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