How to Recover Files from SD Card with No Hassle?

Recover Files From SD Card

The SD card holds so many important photos, videos, and other documents that you do not afford to lose. As soon as you realize that the files on the SD card are missing, you had better get the data back as soon as you can. This article will focus on how to use a free SD card recovery software to rescue your files in many scenarios.

As a means to extend the memory capacity of digital devices, SD cards are widely used in the digital camera, Android phone, car digital video recorder, etc for storing images, videos, documents, etc. The commonly seen SD cards can be further categorized into standard SD cards, mini SD cards, and micro SD cards. Insert an SD card into your portable device, and you could access the photos, videos, or other types of files stored on it.

To access the files stored on the SD card and use them on your computer, you can insert the SD card into a card reader, and then connect the card reader to your PC desktop or laptop. Related information – You can find more information about the card reader in this article: What Is SD Card Reader & How to Use It?

It is a good habit to make a complete data backup, but many people only realize that till they lose the photos, videos, etc. Sometimes, people don’t know if it is possible to recover the data from the SD card when their data get lost.

What Will Cause the File Loss on the SD Card

  • You may have deleted or formatted the files on the SD card by mistake,
  • Bend the SD card heavily will cause physical damage and file loss.
  • Viruses and malware are big threats to the safety of the data on the card.
  • Due to the improper use of the device, you may lose all the photos, videos, and other files on it all of a sudden.
  • When you are using the SD card on the computer, a power outage can shut down the procedure suddenly, causing the loss of unsaved files and existing files to get corrupted.
  • If you wrongly format the SD card, all the files will get lost.
  • The corrosive liquid is a nightmare for the SD card.
  • Best Free SD Card Data Recovery Software (Windows)

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a solid choice for Windows users to recover data from SD cards with no hassle. With this professional software, you can retrieve nearly any files from different kinds of data storage devices like an HDD, SSD, external hard drive, pen drive, SD card, memory card, etc.

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This software supports various types of files, including missing pictures, lost documents, disappeared VCF files, and more. Even you never recovered data before, you can use this software to retrieve files from an SD card easily.

Run the software and you can see it offers 4 data recovery modes (see the image as follows).

  • This PC is designed for users to recover the deleted or lost pictures, videos, documents, emails, etc. from logically damaged, formatted, or RAW partitions in the storage devices.
  • Removable Disk Drive can help you get your photos and other files back from digital media storage devices, including USB flash drives, SD cards, pen drives, memory cards, and so on.
  • Hard Disk Drive mode is useful if you want to restore your data after a partition gets lost due to a system update, hard drive failure, OS corruption, or other reasons.
  • CD/DVD Drive data recovery mode allows you to retrieve the lost and deleted files from the damaged CDs/DVDs.

To retrieve the important files from the SD card, you can click either “Removable Disk Drive” or “This PC” on this free SD card recovery software.

If your drive contains more than one partition, you had better choose the “Removable Disk Drive” data recovery mode because it allows you to scan the whole drive at the same time. We recommend you use the relatively reliable and more convenient Removable Disk Drive recovery mode to rescue the lost files from the memory cards.

Follow these 3 Simple Steps to Recover Files from SD Card

This software interface and operations are easy to understand. Before using this software to recover your data, please prepare an SD card reader beforehand.

Step 1 – Insert your SD card into a card reader and connect to a USB port on the Windows computer

Step 2 – Run MiniTool Power Data Recovery software and click on the “Removable Disk Drive” mode, then, choose the target drive (your SD card) to start a complete, deep data scan.

Step 3 – Carefully review the scan results, check all the files you want to recover, click Save to choose a new location to store these files.

This software enables you to preview 70 types of files before you decide to recover them. This Preview option is useful for you to identify the files.

The Type and Find options of this software assist you to find your needed files more efficiently.

When you choose the destination storage location to save your needed files, you must NOT save them to your original SD card. If the deleted/lost files are overwritten by the recovered files, the data backup become unrecoverable forever.

After finishing these 3 steps, you can access the recovered files in the new storage location to use them immediately.

Some people don’t know whether the lost and deleted files are recoverable. But, actually, the physical damage of SD cards is only a rare situation. As soon as you notice your files have got lost, take some measures, don’t give up the opportunity to recover your files using the reliable, professional data recovery software.

If you’ve tried this product and aren’t happy with the results, Remo Recover is a superior data recovery option. Remo Data Recovery is one of the most widely used data recovery programs in the market today. You can use it to recover deleted or lost information from any storage media, and it has all of the features that Minitool offers.

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