How to Reduce Lag on Roblox?

Reduce Lag on Roblox

Are you a Roblox lover but facing some challenges in the game lately? Is your Roblox experience isn’t fun anymore? Are you facing slower game trouble? Is your Roblox laggy while playing?

Well, my friend, you are not alone. It is a problem that most of us are facing. This is called Roblox Lagging and I have the best solution for my readers.

Have you heard of FPS unlocker? Do you know what FPS unlocker is and what its function is?

FPS unlocker is the solution to Roblox Lagging. All the dets about the same have been mentioned below in the article.

To start with, we will talk about Roblox Lag. Why does Roblox lag, how can you fix this and what role does FPS unlocker play in this.

What is Roblox Lag?

The sluggish and interrupted gaming experience while playing Roblox is Roblox Lag.

In simple words, when your game gets slowed down and breaks (doesn’t work smoothly like before), that’s called Roblox Lagging.

Lagging in a game is categorized in three ways:

  1. Network Lag: It happens mainly because of a slow network
  2. System Lag: It happens because of the use of older versions of the game
  3. Graphics Lag: It happens because of the lack of proper and adequate graphic cards on your systems.

Let us understand in detail why this happens.

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Why is Roblox laggy?

As discussed above, there are three main reasons for Lag on Roblox. All three have been discussed below for your better understanding.

1. Network Lag

As mentioned above, whenever the network bandwidth is low or the internet doesn’t work well, that is what we call Roblox Lagging because of Network Lag.

Roblox is an online game and needs a good internet connection with high speed. Alternatively, if there are too many devices linked to the network, it will affect the game.

What should you do to resolve this issue? Keep reading to know the answer.

2. System Lag

There are certain prerequisites for a device to be able to support the game for smooth functioning. Failing to do the same results in Lag on Roblox.

Many times the users download an older version of the game which results in disturbing the gaming experience. Unwanted malware also results in Roblox Lagging.

We have listed the ways to reduce lag on Roblox below.

3. Graphics Lag

Because Roblox is a graphic designing game, this needs proper support of graphic cards on your systems. If at all that’s not there, Roblox Lagging can be seen clearly.

FPS unlocker works the best as the permanent and easiest solution to this problem. Keep reading to know more about FPS unlocker.

How to fix Roblox Lag?

Because there are many reasons for Roblox Lagging, the solutions are precise, to the point, and highly effective.

  • FPS unlocker: It is the most trusted and effective way to reduce Roblox Lagging. It’s convenient, easy, and apt. Let’s you play the game with utmost ease and the graphics are crisp, sharp, and clear. One can never go wrong with this one. We will let you know how to use the FPS unlocker in the most effective way.
  • Use wired connection: It’s observed that ethernet is better over Wi-Fi on any given day. Prefer using a wired network connection.
  • Clear cache: It is often noticed that we are so forgetful of our system’s storage status. Lack of proper storage space is also one of the reasons for Lag on Roblox. It is hence advised to clear cache memory frequently.
  • Use the best graphic card: Using the best graphic card is another solution to the problem. Many systems have advanced graphic cards which give a better ratio of frames per second. Alternatively, if you can’t manage to change the hardware, you can download FPS unlocker to give you the best results without any hassle.
  • Update to latest version: The company keeps bringing changes to the game keeping in mind the issues of bugs and errors raised by the players. If at all, your version of the game is not updated, some of its features might not work properly so it is advised to update to the latest version of the game.
  • Close unused background applications or programs: If you have any specific applications or programs that run in the background, force stop them. They use CPU space and result in Lag on Roblox.
  • High speed internet: To enjoy any online game, it is always suggested to use a high-speed internet connection. The proper speed lets the gamers enjoy the whole experience smoothly.
  • Change DNS settings: You can also try changing the DNS settings. Try using 8.8.8 for DNS and for Alternate DNS.
  • Change graphic settings: Change the graphic settings in the game from Auto to Manual and adjust to the lower graphic scale.

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How does an FPS unlocker work?

We have mentioned above the effectiveness of FPS unlockers. Many of you must be wondering how it actually works.

Let me take the advantage of telling you that this is the easiest way to opt for. Follow these steps to use:

  1. Visit the website and download the software from the website (the software is in .exe format).
  2. Install the set-up file so downloaded from
  3. Press shift+F5 to view FPSunlocker in the game.
  4. Launch or run the file.

Following these simple steps, you are good to go and enjoy Lag free Roblox.

But, what does it do to the game to remove Roblox Lagging?

As and when you download and install the software, you get four frame limits in the software.

These are:

  • 120FPS
  • 144FPS
  • 240FPS and
  • 300FPS

If you play any online games, you need to constantly check if VSync or Frame Limiter is disabled, as these two settings can cause serious performance issues. No more than 60 is allowed.

According to these lines, if your computer generates more than 100 FPS, VSync will cover FPS by 60 and this cycle can cause performance issues. You will also find much more flexible interactions.

In addition to this, you will also improve the game because there are no information gaps. Plus, you end up blowing up your expensive gaming monitor, which is useless with the advanced sync feature.


There is no problem in the universe that can’t be solved. It only takes the correct information and an apt way of doing it.

How to fix lag on Roblox is also one of the problems that had many players occupied.

Roblox being released in 2006 has marked 15 years in the gaming fraternity. For a game this old, glitches and lags are understandable. Out of all the solutions that we’ve put forward, the most practical is using FPSunlocker.

Why? Because even if you delete the cache, upgrade your system and network; there will still be the graphics problem. This is why one of the developers of the game only developed FPSunlocker. That makes it even more genuine and authentic.

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