Restoration of Tesla for selected customers free premium internet in-car

for selected customers

Tesla currently reserves a number of its in-car internet features for paying subscribers, but it may be making an exception for some owners. Drivers speaking into Electrek say they are abruptly receiving Premium Connectivity attributes for free, such as satellite maps and media streaming over cellular. The business seems to have shifted its eligibility requirements for Premium, but it’s not certain exactly how or why.

All of the owners reporting that the shift is from Canada, with one driving a 2019 Model 3, but it does not appear to apply to all Canadians.

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We’ve asked Tesla for a remark.

We would not count on Tesla giving away Premium Connectivity to numerous drivers. It costs $10 US per month in part to offset the heavier data usage. Those costs could eat into Tesla’s bottom line within the lifetime of a car or truck. But, any change could be important — it suggests that you don’t need to get a car from prior to the July 2018 cutoff to get full online attributes, at least under the right conditions.

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