The Gabb Watch is The First Smartwatch That Connected to kids and Keep Them Safe

Gabb Watch is The First Smartwatch

There is a ton of techs available for kids. But not all of it can be beneficial. Although many parents would prefer that their children are not exposed to technology, this option is becoming less feasible every year.

Most likely, your child will ask for a phone from an early age. Smartphones can be a big responsibility for young children. You can deter this conversation by offering an alternative, such as a smartwatch for kids. Be sure to consider all sides of the conversation before making any final decisions.

Technology, Kids, and the Importance of Being Intentional

Make sure you have a clear understanding of the rules before you purchase any technology for your children. It is especially important for younger children to stress that technology will be part of a continuing conversation. You will monitor your children’s tech-related activities and answer questions as needed. Everyone accepts that technology access is a privilege and not a right.

While it’s always unwise to make fear-based decisions, there’s no denying that the stakes are high children’s depression is often caused by unrestricted access to digital media. This was true even before the 2020 pandemic.

Particularly social media quickly becomes an anxiety-provoking environment where children start to feel “less than” and even fall prey to cyberbullying. Parents need to control how and when digital use is allowed.

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Smartwatches for Children Offer a “Middle Ground” for Family Tech

The people at Gabb Wireless get this. Gabb Wireless was founded to assist parents in dealing with the technological tug-of-war. It offers wireless products that let parents decide how much tech they can use.

The company understands that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for all tech questions. Each child is unique. Each family has its own standards about what is acceptable. Gabb’s “teach-in steps” initiative offers a variety of devices that help children learn how to use technology in the right way. Gabb assists kids to use the right amount and time of technology, helping them to take on the responsibility of tech use.

Gabb Wireless is committed to providing many options to help kids and parents overcome the “all-or-nothing” approach to tech. Parents can take advantage of the best features and not worry about the downsides.

Gabb recently expanded its product range with a smartwatch for children. The Gabb Watch is a great first step in wearable tech for children. The Gabb Watch functions as a standalone phone that can be used to make unlimited calls and send messages. It also acts as a reliable connection between parent and child.

The Gabb Watch is a great way for parents to connect with their children.

Having the ability to communicate with my children throughout their day has made us closer. It brightens my day to see a little, “I love you” message appear on my phone. It makes me feel that I can be there to support them in times of need.

Additional safety features are included in the Gabb Watch’s phone component, including a customized contact list. Parents have the option to add up to 10 family members and friends to their child’s contact list. All contacts can also communicate with their child’s Gabb Watch via text and calls, while unrecognized numbers will be blocked. This prevents spam from reaching your child and ensures that no unwelcome communication is made between your child or a stranger.

The Gabb Watch can also be used as a GPS active tracker device. Parents can track the location of their child’s phone. Parents can use this GPS feature to allow their child’s smartwatches to create “safe zones”, which are geographical locations that have been designated safe by them. You could use this feature to set up safe zones at school, home, or the house of a grandparent. Gabb’s smartwatches can be set up to alert parents when a child enters or leaves a safe zone.

Gabb Watches also come with an emergency contact button and an SOS/emergency button. To send an SOS to their emergency contact, simply hold the button for 6 seconds.

The Gabb Watch is an example of a safe, focused smartwatch that kids can use. A kids smartwatch can be used to keep your child connected with you and not open up the internet.

Not Sure If Your Kid Is Ready?

You don’t have to be the first parent to consider a smartwatch for their child. There are many mon and dad who have done it before you. You can learn from the mistakes of others and benefit from their experience in outfitting children with wearable tech.

“I don’t want my kid to be disruptive at school.”

The disruption level in schools increased when parents started equipping their children with tech. Teachers quickly sent out passionate “anti-tech” notes to their students when they were playing with their technology instead of paying attention in class.

This issue is addressed by the Gabb Watch, which has a “Lock Mode” setting that parents can control via their Gabb account. Parents can also customize the Lock Mode feature through the MyGabb App to allow or block all incoming notifications during the agreed-upon hours.

To prevent text messages and calls from incoming, parents can set the watch to “Lock Mode” during school hours. If the watch is set to “Lock Mode”, kids can still make and receive calls from their emergency contact or SOS/emergency contact in an emergency.

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“I don’t want my kid sitting on the chair all day.”

Parents worry that their children will become too obsessed with the latest tech and forget to enjoy the outdoors. Many devices, such as the Gabb Watch offer features that encourage physical activity and reward those who live healthier lifestyles.

GabbWatch’s GabbGo game rewards every task or goal with redeemable coins. This incentivizes physical activity as well as task management. In exchange for coins, the game comes with a digital pet that children can take care of throughout the day. Kids can set daily steps and earn coins for reaching them.

Parents can create a task list for their child each day through the MyGabb app. This will allow them to earn the most coins. These coins can be redeemed to get additional GabbGo experiences.

Parents don’t have to nag their children to get involved in the household. GabbGo allows kids to complete their tasks and then ask for more. This is a great incentive tool that turns them into children who are driven to achieve.

The parents were amazed at the child’s response to this motivating game.

“My daughter loves the GabbGo App. She enjoys taking care of her pet and checking her steps. When she saved enough virtual coins to purchase the unicorn for her pet, she was thrilled.

“Her bedroom is now spotless! To earn more coins, she actually began asking to do chores.

“My GabbGo application makes it simple for my daughter to stay motivated. It was difficult to read and make her bed. Her attitude towards work has changed dramatically since she adopted a pet.

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