Top 5 Anonymous File Sharing Websites

anonymous file sharing websites

It’s never been more simple to transfer data on the internet, but using cloud services (or email) to transmit sensitive data could be an error. There’s always a chance that someone might intercept the information and in some instances, this could result in disaster. In some cases, it would be more beneficial to transfer data to an individual in person, by using a secure storage method however, this isn’t always likely.

Here are many anonymous file sharing websites which allow you to send files to people you don’t know without having to reveal any information about the recipient or you. They do not care about your identity or the information you’re trying to share. These are the services we believe are the best for you to start your cloak-and-dagger cloak routine.

How Anonymous Is “Anonymous”?

It’s a good idea to raise a note of caution prior to sending sensitive documents to intelligence agents from abroad (or simply your mom’s waffle recipe) in a reckless manner. To truly be anonymous online is an impossible task. Although the website may not require your personal information, however, it is able to gather any information it can about you with little effort:

  • Your IP address (and consequently your physical location).
  • Which browser you’re using, the operating system, and what your computer?
  • Information about other websites you’ve been to.

It’s only a start If you’re looking for the ultimate level of anonymity, you could solve the issue in a couple of ways:

  • Utilize the VPN to hide the IP address.
  • Utilize the Virtual Machine to hide your PC’s hardware information.
  • Make sure you use a safe internet browser (such as Brave or Tor) for the virtual machine.
  • You can also add your own encryption to your file prior to sending it. Then, you can send the password to the recipient using a different channel, for example, Telegram or Signal.

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Top 5 Anonymous File Sharing Websites

1. WeTransfer

WeTransfer offers two methods for sending files. You can either enter your own email and the recipient’s address or change it with a click. The first option is completely anonymous if you are using an email account that you have created as disposable. It is possible to use this method in the event that you require the response. If not the method of linking is by nature anonymous.

Naturally, if you want to transfer more than 2GB at a move, you’ll require an account that is paid. That strips away any anonymity. But, remember that you can utilize an application like 7-Zip that can divide and secure your files. They can be then sent in chunks and then rebuilt for the receiver.


  • Easy to use
  • Simple and anonymous link-sharing


  • It’s a bit low at 2GB file transfer.

2. SendGB

The main reason why SendGB is so popular is the fact that it allows the largest transfer size without the need to sign up or hand over any personal information. What size? The file transfer capacity can be as high as 20GB a record-breaking amount, as currently.

The only drawback is that you cannot transmit this volume of information free of charge. You’ll need to pay two euros to be able to do this. However, how do you make anonymous payments when you’ve made the payment digitally?

SendGB doesn’t address this problem on their site. They don’t require registration or other information from you, and they utilize Stripe to process payments. We believe that Stripe does not transmit private information to SendGB and PayPal which is the other method of payment.

However, if you wish to avail the benefits of SendGB’s massive anonymous file-sharing service. We suggest using a prepaid credit card or a virtual credit card instead of your credit card. To be sure.

SendGB will remove the information after 7 days, and, most likely the data will disappear for good. But, do not forget to secure sensitive data yourself in case of need.


  • 20GB of data anonymously is an amazing deal.


  • 1.99 Euro isn’t that much but it does require greater effort to keep your identity private.
  • Some might view the policy of deletion for 7 days as being too short.

3. does not play around in any way. If you enter the URL, you’re instantly provided with a place to upload your files. The offer is free and anonymous file sharing is for 50GB of data, which is then divided into ten files with less than five gigabytes each. It’s not an issue if you employ a program like 7-Zip to split your massive collection of data into smaller pieces.

Visitors, who do not require logging in or give any personal information can have their data stored for a period of up to 30 days. This is quite generous as other anonymous file-sharing websites will erase your data within a couple of days. However, it could take quite a long period of time for your customers to download the entire set of files, so it could be even necessary to take that long.


  • Up 50GB data at no cost.
  • 30-day hosting.


  • It’s a challenge to make 10 5GB chunks out of your data.

4. Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere (also known as Sendy) is an intriguing option due to the many ways it allows you to transfer information to another. The most fascinating feature is their direct, real-time transfer system. In essence, your information is not stored anywhere. Send Anywhere server is essentially a storage facility. Send Anywhere server serves as an intermediary for pieces of data, promptly eliminating them when they get to their destination.

The sender is given an eight-digit code that the recipient has to enter at the end of their session. The transfer of files between two computers occurs in real time. In a way, this is the best method of moving data without revealing it.

There are hosting options too including the link-sharing method. The direct method has the advantage of not having a limit on size, while the link method is able to manage up to 10GB of data.


  • An innovative direct file transfer technology that allows for an unlimited file size.
  • It also offers a Chrome extension..


  • No, really.

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5. FileDropper

File Dropper claims to be the most simple website for hosting files, and that’s not an overstatement. It’s the simplest online tool for file hosting we’ve come across.

The only thing you have to do on the website is simply click on the “Upload File,” click the “Upload the File” button to upload your file, and then send the link. It’s that simple and if all you need is anything more than what this website has to offer, you’ll be very content.


  • Super basic, super simple, and easy.


  • It’s actually simple. It might be too basic for some users.


We’re not sure why you’d like to send data anonymously and really and it’s not the business of. Whether you’re a whistleblower who is trying to open the cover on corruption or a medical professional sending confidential information to patients One of these great solutions could be the right choice to suit your needs.

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