Top 6 Cloud File Storage And Backup Apps For iPhone

Top 6 Cloud File Storage And Backup Apps For iPhone

This article lists the best cloud storage apps that are free for iPhones and iPad. These apps allow users to back up their photos, videos, and documents online and then access them from multiple devices.

Is your phone running out of storage space? Your computer’s hard drive is as slow as molasses moving uphill. There are other options for upgrading your iCloud storage because you may not be able to afford it.

There are many cloud storage applications available today. How do you choose? The best choice is not determined by price or gigabytes. It’s not just about the features.

This article will help you find the right iPhone backup app for you, whether you are a cloud storage newbie or you have been storing data for years.

Free Cloud Storage Apps iPhone

Cloud storage services are a great way to store personal data away from your device. This keeps it lighter and faster. This includes images, videos, and app data. Cloud data can be accessed, retrieved, and shared from anywhere, even without having a smartphone.

Apple’s iCloud is a great cloud storage service, but combining it with an app from the App Store will give you even more cloud space.

Here are the top free cloud storage apps for iPhone.

1. Google One

Google One allows you to manage the storage on your Google Account and backup your phone.

Google accounts come with 15GB of storage space to backup your important phone data such as contacts, photos, and messages. Cloud storage keeps your important data safe even if you lose, damage, or upgrade your phone. The storage manager allows you to see all of your Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos storage and free up space in the app.

Google One memberships offer even more:

You can save your digital files, memories, projects, and other files in the cloud for as long as you want. Make your selection based on your own needs.

VPNs provide extra security on your phone by encrypting all your online activity and protecting your information.

Google experts are available to help you with any Google product or service.

You can share storage with an additional five people. Each person receives more storage but can’t access the files of others.

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2. Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive protects and syncs your photos and files, making them accessible on all of your devices. OneDrive lets you share files, photos, and videos from OneDrive. You can automatically backup photos and videos using this app. You can get 1 TB of free cloud storage if you subscribe to Microsoft 365.

With Bedtime Backup, you can backup your photos while you sleep. View photos and videos on your computer, phone, or browser. Access files on any device at any time, anywhere. Files can be shared with anyone even if that person does not have a Microsoft Account. You can control who has access to your files, including the ability to edit them and add comments.

3. Dropbox: Cloud Files Storage

Dropbox is an online storage service that offers tools to store and organize files. This app has a simple user interface with easy-to-use functionality.

To get started, you will need to create a Dropbox Account. You can choose from two plans, 2TB or 3TB. These are either billed monthly or annually. Each of these plans is also categorized by the purpose they are intended for.

Dropbox’s ability to convert documents from PDFs or PNGs into Dropbox-compatible files using the camera on your smartphone is a remarkable feature.

This one of the top-rated iPhone cloud storage apps allows you to organize your files in folders. You can control what part of your files other people can view by sharing links and inviting them to those folders. You can view virtual photo albums.

You can also upload videos and photos to your iPhone’s camera roll. You can quickly find files and folders by using the search icon on top.

4. Box: The Content Cloud

You own the content. Terms that are right for you. Content cloud allows you to create, access, share, and capture projects in a secure and seamless manner.

You can manage your content using a 10 GB free cloud storage account. This is ideal for collaborating with others or scanning and protecting important documents.

Box allows you to securely access your content, search for what you are looking for, review, and comment on content without having to switch between apps. You can also scan, record, upload, and handle tasks and ideas using audio recording and note-taking.

5. pCloud – Cloud Storage

Your photos, videos, and documents are safe with pCloud’s secure cloud storage. Streamline your file management across all your devices. Benefit from free storage up to 10GB and automatic backups which free up space on the device. You can access your photo albums, HD videos, and playlists anywhere, anytime. Send large files to anyone even if they do not have a pCloud Account. All your devices can be synced instantly with any changes you make.

The iPhone app offers file versioning in addition to automatic uploading, for easier data recovery. The free plan allows for 15 days of versioning files, while the paid plans allow for 30 days. This app also allows you to play music stored in the cloud.

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6. IDrive Online Backup

IDrive is one of the best cloud storage apps for iPhones with end-to-end encryption that lets users back up their files and systems. The service is available on all platforms, including iPhones or iPads. This software allows you to back up your entire device, including all contacts, photos, and videos, as well as calendar events. It offers the same functionality as iCloud and other leading cloud storage services on iOS.

IDrive’s cross-compatibility, web app, and ability to sync files on the move make it superior to iCloud. iCloud is only good for iOS. This service also allows you to collaborate and securely share files.

IDrive allows you to schedule automatic backups or back up your iPhone while you are on the go. It also has a feature that allows you to recover your data in the event of a ransomware infection. You can store and transfer your files securely using AES 256-bit encryption. As mentioned above, you can also create private keys (E2EE).

Conclusion — Top Free Cloud Storage Apps

iCloud is a free cloud storage service that allows iPhone users to easily back up their data.

All the Best Cloud Storage Apps for iPhone listed in this article offer secure cloud storage that can be used to backup your iPhone or access your data on multiple devices. Some offer end-to-end encryption and others let you decide whether you want to share your cloud storage with anyone else.

Download any of the online backup apps that you prefer for your iPhone.

It is also important to look at the security features of each provider, including two-factor authentication, and options for data recovery. Be sure to carefully read the terms and conditions before making a decision. Check customer reviews and research the provider to make sure you are choosing a reliable one.

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