What to Look Out for When Buying A New PC Monitor

Buying A New PC Monitor

Many tech enthusiasts have long been interested in building their own PC but the pandemic accelerated this enthusiasm for CPUs, keyboards, and monitors. IDC vice president Ryan Reith even stated that the sales for PC monitors are at an all-time high. And as a whole, the sales of different PC components have shot to the highest level in six years because people are building desktop computers for studies, work, and other interests.

One essential component of a PC is the monitor. And people look for PC monitors for different reasons, be it gaming or binge-watching. That said, it’s important to find one that can provide exactly what you need. To guide you in purchasing a desktop monitor, here are the following features that you need to look out for:

Evaluate if the screen size and resolution fit your computer desktop setup

PC monitors are primarily made to present visuals, so the screen size and resolution are the first specifications to consider when choosing one. Monitors average in about 23 to 32 inches in size, with the lower end being the budget-friendly option while the upper end is preferred for gaming, video editing, and graphic design. If you need to display more visuals, you can even opt to create a six monitor setup. This makes it easier for professionals to view multiple images, regardless of computer specs or screen size.

In relation to the screen size, you also need to consider the resolution of your monitor. Keep in mind that smaller screen sizes tend to use lower resolutions, such as 1080p since it is more affordable and widely supported by multiple applications. However, sharper resolutions, like 4k, are better for larger monitors.

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Check if the ports can support the components of your desktop computer

If you’re building your own desktop computer, then you need to check the ports of the PC monitor. Having a wide range of ports is definitely an advantage since this ensures that you can support different attachments. However, it’s important that you prioritize the ports that can connect your monitor to the peripheral devices of your desktop computer as well as other devices related to your work or interests.

To illustrate, a USB port is pretty common, but it’s best to get a monitor with USB-C ports since these are future-proof. Another future-proof component is the DisplayPort, which can rival VGA, DVI, and HDMI ports in handling audio and visual data. The latest DisplayPort 1.3 can handle a resolution quality up to 7680 x 4320, making it suitable for editing, designing, or gaming. There are also more ports to consider, so you need to look into the ones that are future-proof and compatible with your PC peripherals.

Inspect the build quality of the PC monitor’s external and internal parts

Once you’ve checked the basic components of a PC monitor, you need to look into its build quality to gauge its efficiency and durability. To illustrate, a monitor that was made out of flimsy plastic may be more inexpensive, but it can lead to cracks that affect the device’s overall durability and performance. Meanwhile, monitors created with strong materials, like ABS plastic, will need less maintenance since the components are sturdier.

On the other hand, a PC monitor built with a high-speed design allows for stronger signals and faster response times. The design of a monitor’s internal components affects device performance, so it’s best to assess if it can handle the speed, signal, and power that your PC needs. As such, be sure to inspect these components properly to assess the monitor’s potential.

Consider how the panel type affects the computer specs

Another factor that can affect the performance of your computer is the panel type of your monitor. There are about five different panel types available in the market, but only three of these are widely used.

The PLS panel type created by Samsung has a limited color reproduction since it is 15% cheaper than the cost of a regular panel. Meanwhile, the AFFS panel developed by HYDIS offers brightness and a 180-degree viewing angle but fails to provide a fast response time. On the other hand, the TN panel is preferred by gamers because it offers a fast response time and higher refresh rates, ensuring speed and accuracy in video games. Meanwhile, IPS panels are often chosen by editors or graphic designers, since they provide color accuracy and consistency even as you utilize the 178-degree viewing angles. Finally, the VA panel has a reduced refresh rate and response time, but it offers crisp and clear colors.

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Look for specific computer specs that are important for the usage

Finally, there may be specific computer specs that you need to look out for in a PC monitor, based on what you’ll be using it for. However, you must keep in mind that the price of a PC monitor can be affected by its computer specs. Since some of these specs are special features, they may also be less common in the market.

For instance, touch screen monitors can be rare, but they are very useful for professionals who need to interact with programs or create finer graphic details. Another uncommon type is a curved monitor, which offers more immersive and accurate graphics. Curved monitors eliminate distortion in images or videos due to their specialized hardware. Finally, gamers may prefer PC monitors with specs like G-Sync and FreeSync because these tools improve graphics by reducing stuttering and screen tears. Overall, the kind of computer specs you need will depend on why you need a monitor in the first place.

When buying a new PC monitor, you need to consider its graphics, features, and durability. Thus, you have to look out for the screen size, resolution, ports, build quality, panel type, and specs before purchasing a PC monitor for your desktop.

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