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15 keys to Make Sure Your Customers will Open Your Emails

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It is not easy to send an email and get a decent open rate. This requires careful thought about what you are sending, how it is being sent, and why. LaunchBit reports that a 20 percent open rate is a good goal. This open rate must be achieved by using email techniques, not using kitschy subject lines which are often ignored. We asked 15 Young Entrepreneur Council entrepreneurs to share their experiences. Here are give some tips to help ensure your customer open your emails.

How to make sure your customers open your email

Here are the comments of Young Entrepreneur Council community members:

1. Send Your Email Twice

People neglect their inboxes. It is possible to send an email on a bad day or at a poor time and it won’t get opened. Bad timing is not an option. Double-send your email campaign. We’ll send the first campaign and then send the second campaign with a new subject line to those who didn’t open the first email. This will nearly double your open rates.” Brett Farmiloe and Markitors, Digital Marketing Company

2. Treat your inbox as you treat yourself

“Nobody likes to receive useless emails with bizarre subject lines. You can gain trust from your users by only sending them useful content. Tailor your offers to your target audience and ensure that it is information you want to receive. This will help users realize that an email they receive is worth opening if you keep it simple.” David Tomas and Cyberclick

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3. Know Your Sequence

It all depends on the context of your brand. These subject lines may be required for your first email. This is to be expected for the beginning of your sequence. However, if you have a unique offering you can have a different voice in how your emails are created. Both can often go hand in hand.” Nicole Muniz, Start Ranking

4. Play the Long Game

The answers sound cliché because they have been repeated so many times. But the long game always wins. Your open rate should be high if you have a good list of subscribers. You must make sure you provide quality content, or at the very least, relevant content. It’s also worth cleaning your email list frequently.” Alisha Navarro 2 Hounds Design

5. Build Trust

Your customers will open your emails if you only send them useful or important information. They’ll delete your emails if you send them material they don’t want or make unfounded calls to their attention. Send only the most important information to your customers and offer an easy way for them to opt-out.” Vik Pat, Future Host

6. Time for Your Specific Market

You can write a catchy headline and appeal to your audience. But if your emails are sent on the wrong day or time, your results will not be optimal. You can look at your website stats to identify the days and times when traffic is consistently high. This is a great opportunity to send emails to customers, as it clearly shows that your market is highly engaged at these times.” Alex Miller. Upgraded points

7. List Their Pain Points

“You can get their attention by telling them that you are aware of what they are experiencing and that you have the solution. It’s also possible to mention that you have a promotion to help with their specific issue.” Zach Binder and Ipseity Inc

8. Try to Build Relationships

Try to establish relationships with people you don’t know, in order to make connections with your list members. Follow them on Twitter. You should interact with them on social media and share/like the conversations they are having.

9. Give Them Something Valuable

This is not rocket science. People will read emails that are worthwhile if they’re worth their time. People won’t open emails if you bombard them with irrelevant content. Invest in engaging content that appeals to your audience.

10. Be of Interest

It doesn’t matter what techniques you use to get them to open your emails if your company isn’t interesting to them. Based on my priorities, I know that I will open the majority of their emails if I’m interested in a product/service. ~ Adrian Ghila, Luxe RV, Inc.

11. Ensure the Audience Is Right

When focusing on improving email campaigns, it is common to focus on performance numbers (e.g. Open rates) that can be muddled by the fact that your audience may not be the right one when you focus on email campaign improvements. It is best to try new ways of targeting customers by creating hyper-targeted segments using marketing channels like Facebook and Twitter.

12. Make Your First Email Mindblowing

People receive hundreds of emails per day, but they only remember a few. It’s often generic information and pitches that I receive when I sign up for a newsletter. When a marketer breaks with the norm and offers me something that delivers real, unique value, I’m happy.”I have been a voracious reader all my life.” Outreach Mama and Ajay Pagdal

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13. Personalize

You don’t want to sound spammy when you send out emails. Personalization is important in email titles and content. Mention a conversation or a press release about them, their company, or their product. Demonstrate a genuine interest in developing the relationship. Offer content that suits their interests and needs.

14. Use Humor

People appreciate the humor in their inboxes, and many successful businesses have built their brands around being funny. You’re almost guaranteed to get open if you make people smile by writing your subject line. Make sure it’s interesting.” Jared Atchison.

15. Build a Solid Reputation

“In our A/B testing it was discovered that although more humorous titles have a higher open-rate, click-through rates for simpler titles are actually higher. We have focused on creating content that is valuable to our readers. Our consistency in that effort has earned us a good reputation among our audience who continues to open our emails week after week.” John Scheer

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