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5 Tech Investments to Grow Your Business in 2022

5 Tech Investments to Grow Your Business

With new tech popping up every other second, it can be hard to decide which investments to make for your business and which ones aren’t worth the expense. Tech spending hit $4 trillion alone is 2019 and keeps on growing, according to reports by CNBC. Don’t waste your money on just any tech. Take a look at the latest must-have investments you should make to keep your competitive edge razor-sharp.

Company devices

Saving money by allowing employees to bring in their own devices might cost you in the long run. While employees appreciate the chance to use their own personal devices for work-related tasks, it’s a bad idea from a security standpoint and puts your company at great risk for online hackers. Company-issued laptops, cellphones, and tablets can install the right programs and provide the necessary updates to ensure better security to keep private, sensitive company data safe from online threats of all kinds.

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Virtualization technology

What is virtualization? With virtualization, you can run multiple operations and even different operating systems on one computer — without affecting reliability or straining the system.

Virtualization tech is a great way to fully use physical hardware, with minimal downtime, better workflow management, and faster application positioning. With the ability to obtain computing resources at any scale, it’s no wonder virtualization is a standard component of enterprise IT frameworks. It’s a worthwhile investment for any business looking to level up its IT game.

Virtual servers

Forget the frustrating downtime due to maintenance, storage limitations, and the frequent investments to buy more power when dealing with physical servers. Turn to virtual servers for a more efficient, cost-effective use of resources. Virtual servers make it easy to bump up to a new level as needed. You won’t have the space or cooling requirements needed as with a physical server either. Maintenance on a virtual server couldn’t be easier, and no longer means a total shutdown. Better security is just an added bonus.

Cloud communication

Communication matters now more than ever. Are you investing in the right tools to provide remote and in-office employees a better way to communicate? Cloud applications from video

conferencing to chat groups to project management goes a long way to keep teams effectively working no matter where they are located. Assigning tasks, face-to-face internet meetings, and collaborative projects can all be handled within various apps made for the job. Seek out new ways to grow your company’s communication and you’ll forever reap the benefits of a more unified, engaged team.

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SAAS solutions

Software as a service, or SAAS, operates on a subscriber basis. Unlike the traditional method of purchasing a license for a set price for a set period of time, SAAS is flexible. Pay for the features you need, scale up as necessary and discontinue the service as required. It’s a way to get great

value without the added (and pricey) costs of hardware, recurring maintenance, and the support of an experienced IT staff. Instead, you rely on a third-party vendor for the applications you need, with all the benefits the app brings — and none of the extra costs associated with it. It’s less expensive than producing your own in-house applications and offers a much faster way to reach your business goals.

What tech investments will you make for your business in 2022?

With a large number of companies planning on increasing their technology investments, where does that leave your business? Spend your money where it counts, on company-owned devices, virtualization, virtual servers, cloud communication, and SAAS applications. Rely on these

cost-effective methods to keep your business humming along in 2022 and beyond.

Written by
Aiden Nathan

Aiden Nathan is vice growth manager of The Tech Trend. He is passionate about the applying cutting edge technology to operate the built environment more sustainably.

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