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6 Ways Google Alerts Use For Marketing

6 Ways Google Alerts Use For Marketing

Every business should know what customers say about them online. This allows the company to keep tabs on the general sentiment surrounding the business. Google Alerts can help you do just that.

Google Alerts can be used for many other purposes. They can be used to do a variety of things, from finding out the latest trends to building backlinks.

What are Google Alerts?

Google Alerts is a Google feature that alerts users when a certain term or keyword appears on a website. Google crawls the web and records these keywords on its search engine result pages (SERPs). It’s basically a tool for monitoring keywords. The main limitation is that it does not track social media posts.

What Can You Use Google Alerts for?

Google Alerts can be used in a variety of situations.

1. Brand Monitoring

Every brand must monitor its online presence. It’s important to monitor what your customers say about you.

Do they praise your brand, or are they complaining? It’s important to know what people are saying so you can react quickly.

It is especially important to do this in the case of a negative review from a customer, as it can quickly escalate into a PR crisis. You’ll do a lot of harm to your brand if you don’t take action quickly. The quicker you respond to the negative comment, the better. This will show others that your brand is doing its best to correct the situation.

If you use tools to encourage your employees to share your brand content online, you can see what they are saying about it. Google Alerts will let you know when an employee mentions you.

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2. Backlink Building

Search engines are a good source of website traffic, leads, and sales. SEO is the best way to get your website noticed. Search is responsible for 50% of all traffic in many industries.

Backlink building is one of the most important SEO techniques. Backlink building involves getting prominent websites in your niche, to link back to you.

You can use a variety of link-building methods to build backlinks. These include guest postings, broken link building, and more. Google Alerts is a simple method. Google Alerts can be set up for your brand.

You’ll receive a notification if anyone ever writes a Google Review, Blog Post, or Guest Post with your brand. The webmaster can be contacted and asked to link your website to the brand name. You’ll receive a backlink that is branded with little effort.

3. Product Mentions

This is especially important for businesses that operate online. Customers and others can review and post about your products and services on different websites. Social media, review sites, blogs, and other websites are examples.

Google Alerts will notify you whenever someone mentions your product or service.

You can respond immediately to the review and thank the customer, or solve their problem.

Google Alert is a key part of e-commerce marketing technology because it offers this feature.

What’s the best part about it?

Google Alerts, while there are other brand monitoring tools such as Determ, is free. It’s a great tool to add to your arsenal. It’s still important to combine Google Alerts and another brand monitoring tool to track social mentions. This is because Google Alerts does not track social media.

4. Competitor Tracking

Google Alerts can also be used to track your competitors. It is possible to monitor competitors in the same way that you track your brand or product mentions. It increases the trust in social media for your company.

For alerts, you can create keywords or terms that are related to your competitors. You’ll be notified whenever a third party mentions the competitors. You’ll also be the first to know when they release something new.

The Way, You can stay updated on what your competitors do and change your marketing strategy accordingly to gain an advantage over them.

If you have an animation website, and you see another website that mentions other text animation tools. You can contact them and offer them a better resource. Ask them to replace the competitor’s logo with yours, and to link to your website. You’ll receive a backlink for free

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5. Uncovering Trends

In today’s fierce competition, businesses must constantly innovate to stay afloat. You should regularly check:

  • What your competitors are up to
  • Latest developments in your industry
  • You can find best practices for the job you do.
  • New technologies that can be useful

You can join many communities, go to conferences and read a lot. You may miss some important information.

Google Alerts can be very useful. You can use it to discover any new trend. If you set up an alert for “AI”, then you may have received a lot of alerts over the last few months because ChatGPT was launched.

Google Trends and Google Alerts can be combined to discover more emerging trends and exploit them. This will help you create a data-driven marketing strategy that keeps you one step ahead of your competition.

6. Follow up on Your Press Release

Google Alerts is a great tool for businesses that create press releases frequently. You may find it difficult to stay on top of all the press releases you create, as you won’t be notified when someone posts a comment related to them.

When you set up Google Alerts with keywords that are related to your release, you will be notified when any journalist posts something about it. Here, the source filter is particularly useful.


Google Alerts is a great tool that allows businesses to see how their brand is mentioned in the media. It can be used for SEO, competitor analyses, customer service, and even PR.

This tool can do everything from backlink building to uncovering trends that will help you stay ahead of your competition.

What’s the best part about it?

It is free. If you haven’t used it yet, start using Google Alerts. Combine it with Google Trends or other brand tracking tools to get the best results.

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