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How to Make Money with AI

How to Make Money with AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is so hot in the present that many are looking for ways to earn money through AI. The recent public launch of the hugely popular ChatGPT and the increasing business investment in AI technology is creating an uproar in the media. Many are concerned that AI will eventually take over their jobs, and some want to use its power to earn money.

7 Ways to Make Money With AI

As AI has become a bigger part of our daily lives, many ways to make money use AI technology. Here are seven ways to make money with AI.

1. Generate written AI content

Generative AI programs such as ChatGPT allow anyone to create writing content in a short time. It is able to assist in writing blogs, website copywriting, business sales social media posts that are sponsored, and many more.

AI aids in developing an outline, writing paragraphs, and thinking up ideas. It can also create entire chunks of content. AI can assist freelance writers in writing more content by helping writers overcome writer’s block and writing quickly.

The most advanced AI tools, such as will help you develop professional sales copy. It can create text for email campaigns, marketing landing pages, and ads. AI can also assist in developing speech scripts, videos, and workbooks. and many more. You can provide these services to your customers and earn money from written content that is generated by AI.

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2. Create AI-generated art

AI-powered tools, such as DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney can be used by anyone to make prompts that create images. The more specific a request you provide to the AI, the more appealing the images it will generate. Websites such as PromptBase allow you to post and sell these prompts in addition to finding and making these prompts.

It is also possible to create NFTs of your artwork and then sell them, or transform your AI-generated art into a meme to be monetized. The AI-generated artwork you create could be transformed into physical items that you sell, such as T-shirts, wall art, or other decorations.

3. Create YouTube videos

AI tools let anyone create videos to upload to YouTube to promote or sell a product service. ChatGPT can create video ideas and scripts. Additionally, the application has a text-to-speech function to create a voiceover for the video. In addition, you can utilize applications such as Synthesia to generate videos you can upload to YouTube.

If you make continuously refreshing videos (i.e. ones that have information that is relevant) they can earn passive income from advertising revenue or affiliate links embedded in the video.

4. Make AI-generated digital visual products

It is also possible to utilize AI to create a variety of kinds of digital content, including digital advertisements for logos of businesses, websites, and marketing materials. Tools such as permit you to create advertisements and social content using AI which you can then sell to companies.

Pitch decks are a type of digital video content that you can create using AI. They’re a collection of slides designed to help businesses that are just starting out present their story to potential investors and partners. AI tools such as ChatGPT and Tome will help creators create pitch decks faster for their clients. These can be accessed on freelance websites such as Fiverr or Upwork.

5. Build websites

AI tools can help you build websites. Websites can be built specifically for small-business customers or design websites for yourself and earn revenue from affiliate marketing, advertising, and subscription sales.

Website-building tools such as can help anyone design a professional website using template templates and Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI). You can build websites quickly for clients, or design them to market your product or to promote affiliate marketing hyperlinks.

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6. Generate audio AI content

AI can assist in creating many kinds of audio content using the use of text-to-speech. It is possible to use AI commands to create the script for an audiobook and then use a text-to-speech creator to create the book’s audio.

AI tools also can help translate written or video content into another language. For instance, Nova A.I. software lets you translate and add subtitles to videos. You can also provide video makers with translation assistance through freelance websites such as Fiverr and Upwork. Additionally, you can use text-to-speech programs to convert written text into audio format or transform written content into audio format for visually impaired people.

7. Create online courses

It is possible to use AI software to create online courses that you can sell, and even teach others to utilize AI. AI tools such as ChatGPT can assist you in brainstorming topics and ideas, and create material for your course. AI tools allow you to make videos, create scripts, and even use an application that converts text into voiceovers and additional course materials. AI can also assist you in creating materials that can be used to promote and market your online classes to potential customers.


You could make money with AI. AI can assist anyone in creating articles or videos and online courses you can offer to companies or on online platforms to earn income. It is possible to start by using AI tools to create content, discover the most efficient ways to produce quality content, and then determine the best methods to earn money from your AI-produced content.

Since everyone can utilize AI to create content, it is important to distinguish your brand from other companies to earn a profit using AI. It could be as simple as choosing a niche and developing your own identity and brand, delivering high-quality services to customers, and making your content more human.

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