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Top 20 Ways to Make Money Writing Online

Make Money Writing Online

There are many options for paid online writing. No matter what your expertise or interests are, there are opportunities for extra income opportunities are waiting for you. You can write occasional articles for extra spending money, or devote your time to blogging so that you can quit your day job to become a freelance writer for hire. We’ll show 30 ways to make money online writing in 2023. Also, everything you need to know about getting paid for your writing skills.

Top 20 Ways to Make Money Writing Online

1. Start a blog

Blogging is an effective way to make money writing online. It is possible for new bloggers to make a living with the existing blogs that are already established online.

It takes dedication and consistency to blog. Before you can see any income, it may take some time before your blog gains momentum.

Picking your niche is the first step in starting a blog. This will determine the topic that you will write about. You should be specific. There are many blogs online, so it is important to give your readers a unique perspective.

Next, choose your domain and design your blog. Finally, get it set up. There are many great resources available to assist you in this process. However, you need to remember that even though there are some free blog hosting websites and templates, most top bloggers agree that it is worth spending a bit front to make money blogging.

Once your blog is established, you should continue to post, share your posts on social media and interact with your readers. Although blogging is not an overnight success, you can still make a lot of money if you put in the work and are consistent.

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2. Create a niche website

You can create a website if you are an expert in a specific niche. You have all the freedom and control you need to run your blog, without having to post regularly. You will still need to maintain your website to keep it current and maximize its potential.

3. Self-publish a book

Self-publishing is possible for all types of books, including instructional guides, romance novels, and nonfiction. Self-publishing is a great option if you have a book written and are unsure of what next steps to take.

Publishing your book yourself is a rewarding experience. You have complete control over each step. However, this can come with a cost. Many authors discover that writing is not their passion. They don’t enjoy worrying about fonts and margins or dealing with cover artists.

Even if you use a service that is free, like Amazon’s Kindle Digital Publishing, there will be costs for editing, cover design, and marketing.

Although it is possible to make the money back on your book sales, there are no guarantees. If you are smart, it is possible to make a profit with your self-published book.

4. Create affiliate content

Did you notice that almost all food bloggers include Amazon links to their favorite ingredients and cookware items? You might have found a Pinterest article listing the essential gear of an outdoor enthusiast.

These two examples are affiliate content. This is where you (the affiliate), partner with a company in order to drive traffic to their site and earn commissions for any sales. Affiliate marketing content can be a great way to generate passive income through your website or blog.

Although it takes some planning, once you have a plan in place and implemented your affiliate content, you can make money while you sleep.

5. Write scripts for video creators

Partnering with a video producer can help you make money if you are able to understand the technicalities of scriptwriting. Video creators are often known for their screen presence, but not their writing skills. There are many gigs available in this field.

Video content is growing in popularity. Now is the perfect time to put your foot in and add script-writing experience. These jobs are frequently posted on job boards. You can also reach out to content creators you like to learn if they would be open to scriptwriting.

6. Write show notes for podcasts

Podcast listeners can find show notes online. They are written resources that accompany every episode of a podcast. Each podcast approaches shows notes differently. Generally, show notes are short, easy-to-read episode summaries with additional resources. There are many job boards that allow you to post show notes, and you can also send out cold pitches to freelance writers to other podcasters.

7. Content writing  for social media

Large businesses often have a marketer or a team of marketers who are responsible for maintaining their social media platforms. Smaller businesses may not be able to hire full-time employees for their social media management. Freelancers can be a great solution and are a win for all.

Do some research on the social media accounts of your local coffee shop, gift shop, or ice cream parlor. You may find that they aren’t posting in months, or they struggle to create engaging high-quality content. This is a great opportunity to pitch your writing services.

You don’t have to criticize them or dwell too much on their social networking mistakes. But you can have a friendly and polite conversation with them where you mention the areas you think could be improved. You should emphasize the benefits they will get from working with your company and the potential for their social media presence.

Do your research about fair pricing before you start pitching your social media writing services. Also, know what services you are offering at what prices. You don’t want to make a business owner wait while you work out details that could have been in place.

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8. Create content for local businesses

When you talk to local business owners about social media content, don’t forget the other services that you can offer.

Perhaps a local business needs your assistance with copy, blog posts, and information materials such as brochures or pamphlets. Consider joining your local chambers of commerce if you are looking for a directory of local businesses. These events can help you network and meet other local business owners.

9. Submit magazine articles

Are you a person who has a great story to share from your life? Or a political perspective that inspires “mind-blowing” emoticons from the person you share it with? write it down and turn it into a magazine article to make money.

Although the magazine industry is not as prominent as it once was, it is still active. Many freelance writers are paid to write articles for magazines. Magazines can pay up to $500 for each article. Do your homework to find the best magazines for you. Also, make sure they have not published similar articles in the past.

You can also find the submission guidelines for the magazine at this time. These instructions will help you increase your chances of getting accepted.

10. Ghostwrite online content

Do you want to learn a secret?

If you see a line in an article or blog post online, There’s a good chance that the author of that content didn’t actually create it. Ghostwriting isn’t just for celebrities; many blogs and websites also hire ghostwriters.

Ghostwriting gigs are for you if you are comfortable with earning a paycheck, but not having your name in the byline. Ghostwriting gigs often have higher rates than those that are bylined because these jobs don’t require you to add any pieces to your portfolio or take responsibility for them.

11. Write video game guidebooks

Gamers can make money online by streaming their gameplay. Consider writing a guidebook about a videogame and making it available as a PDF.

You don’t have to sell your product. Instead, you can write guides and articles for freelance websites or magazines.

12. Create destination guides

It doesn’t matter if you are a travel enthusiast or just want to know the best places to visit in your hometown, you can turn your knowledge into a profitable destination guide. You can either sell this information product on your website or blog or pitch it to travel magazines or blogs that accept these types of publications.

13. Write poetry

Although poetry may not be your first thought when you think of making money online writing, it is possible to make a living from your poems. You can submit your poems online to several places. If your piece is chosen, you’ll receive a paycheck along with bragging rights.

14. Transcribe documents

You can make a lot of money if you have a few quality pieces. Transcribing is a flexible job that pays well. Transcribing jobs that pay well often requires special skills, equipment, and legal or medical knowledge.

If you believe you would enjoy the job, don’t let it discourage you. Start by getting a few low-paying jobs to get your foot in front of the door.

15. Write product descriptions

Companies pay a lot to make sure that product descriptions on their websites are accurate and informative. These jobs can be found on job boards, or you can pitch the company directly. You can also join websites like Crowdcontent that pay you to create product descriptions for clients. Sites like Upwork can help you find potential clients.

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16. Start copywriting

Copywriting is any type of writing specifically designed for promotion or marketing. This includes content from websites, videos, blog posts, and emails.

Copy is used by businesses to promote products or services and to inspire readers to take action. Many companies hire freelance copywriters. Others hire copywriters from agencies that work with multiple companies. Some have their own copywriters. There are several job boards that offer copywriting work, such as Fact and ZipRecruiter.

17. Create email sequences

An email sequence is a series of automated emails that are sent by a business to clients at various stages of the sales cycle. Email sequences are also sent by companies when a person takes a particular action (or lack thereof), such as clicking on a link or leaving an online store with items still in their shopping cart.

You can help any company improve or create its email sequences if you are an expert in email marketing techniques. More companies are opting for email marketing.

18. Write resumes

You can freelance write resumes for job seekers if you are skilled at creating professional resumes. You can search job boards to find resume writing gigs and share the news via social media that you are open to clients for resume overhauls.

LinkedIn profiles can be specialized in writing, which is a similar way of getting paid to write. Professionals are willing to pay for a professional profile that helps them get work.

19. SEO writing

Because they offer the greatest value to clients, SEO writers are among the highest-paid freelance writers. These SEO experts are skilled in many SEO tips. This includes researching keywords and integrating them on websites to improve their ranking in search results.

Semrush offers seven SEO Certification Courses that you can take to get more information about SEO. Some of these courses are free.

20. Write technical manuals

Technical writing is a highly lucrative industry as it requires extensive industry knowledge. Technical writers must be able to break down complex information into simple messages that are easy to understand.


You now know the best options available for you to get paid to write online, It’s time for you to go out and give it your best shot. You can’t lose anything by doubting yourself. So have some faith, choose a path to start with, and make some money. Anyone can make a living online if they have the right attitude, determination, and motivation.

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