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Top 12 Benefits of Video Conferencing for Business

Top 12 Benefits of Video Conferencing for Business

Remote work and working with clients online became the new norm, and thus many businesses integrated video conferencing tools into their workflow. This eventually led to the video conferencing software market growing dramatically — currently, we’re expecting the market to reach $20 billion in the next two years.

The impact video conferencing has on areas such as client relationships, and team management is immense. More and more businesses have adopted the work-from-home concept, effectively cutting overhead expenses and having similar or even higher productivity.

Let’s look at the benefits of video conferencing for business and see how video conferencing can help you.

1.  Sync your team’s work

No matter how small your startup is, communication is the key to success. Nowadays, it’s not necessary for your team to stay in the same office from nine to five to be effective. Video conferencing enables you to hold group meetings anytime for your project, providing training, planning, team building, and other activities. Online meetings can be scheduled according to your team’s free time so everyone can attend them.

2.  Boost productivity

For those who prefer to work remotely, video conferencing tools provide an additional way to boost productivity. There’s no need for never-ending message exchanges with your clients, as you can now discuss everything in a matter of minutes as effectively as if you were meeting your client in person.

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3.  Increase flexibility

Video conferencing tools let you stay flexible so that you can work with clients who live in other time zones. You’ll also be able to record important calls and send video files to those who could not attend. Moreover, online meeting software will let you join meetings even from your smartphone. With web solutions like ExpertBox you’ll be able to improve your clients’ booking experience and strengthen communication using CRM.

4.  Reach more prospects

Video conferencing effectively erases geographical barriers, so you won’t have to physically travel to do business with potential clients living in other countries. You’ll also be able to present your services to prospective clients that live in remote areas without leaving your home. As a result, you’ll get more clients and can expect a significant increase in revenue.

5.  Increase engagement

During video calls, you can share screens and present your services in a more convincing way, winning over potential clients with a strong presentation. You can also hold webinars or offer demo calls that will explain to prospects how to use your product or services, or you can even speak to your client in real time for a question-and-answer session. This type of virtual communication is no less effective than an in-person meeting.

6.  Build trust

When you use business video conferencing tools, you help your clients get to know who they are working with. This is an effective way to increase trust between you and your client and increase their lifetime value. Clients want to see the people behind the services they receive. Face-to-face communication lets you make eye contact and see your client’s reaction, so you can ensure they are engaged.

7.  Improve client retention

Using video conferencing software often results in higher retention rates. As clients become accustomed to your top-notch workflow, they won’t settle for anything else. It’s good practice to build a communication workflow that will ensure continuous interaction and thus will encourage your clients to keep using your services.

8.  Ensure smooth communication

There are more ways to be helpful to your clients when you use video conferencing. You can consult them whenever they need help, providing demonstrations and clear instructions in real-time. This is equally helpful for onboarding, quick syncs to review the progress of the project you’re working on, and client support.

9.  Get higher attendance

Holding an in-person meeting when you need to schedule it with more than one person can be difficult. However, video communication can often assist with this task, as video communication can be used almost everywhere, potentially opening up more available times. It’s also possible to schedule an online meeting and notify all participants in advance.

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10. Reduce overhead expenses

One of the most amazing benefits of video conferencing tools is that they can reduce your overhead costs (office supplies and rent). Moreover, using virtual communication often helps businesses scale, as they can serve clients from multiple locations without opening an office in another city or traveling frequently.

11.  Stand out from competitors

You can easily use the ability to provide quick consultations, product or service presentations, and other types of business communication activities online to your advantage. Standing out from competitors is imperative in highly competitive industries, and even a slight difference can mean a lot for your business’s success.

Clients appreciate businesses that offer online communication and businesses that are willing to spend their time and effort on them. Video communication shows clients that you value them and are ready to listen.

Video conferencing tools provide your business with:

  • higher engagement, as your clients, can participate in discussions and express their opinion on various matters, providing real-time feedback
  • virtual face-to-face communication is just as beneficial as in-person communication
  • the ability to work together on important documents and projects in real-time to reduce revisions and mistakes
  • support if needed

All these benefits of videos conferencing provides help you perform better and eventually win over clients with a great experience and value.

12.  Maintain a healthy work-life balance

Having a healthy work-life balance is an undeniable advantage of video conferencing, as it contributes to the way you work and helps you to be more effective. Video conferencing tools can assist you in reducing your workload, as you will always know when you have an online meeting and will be able to schedule it so that you’ll have enough time to prepare. Moreover, scheduling an online video meeting gives you the advantage of knowing when it will end so that you can determine how much spare time you have during your day. This will let you plan your schedule in advance, and you’ll be able to complete tasks more efficiently because you’ll have a set schedule during your work day.

Wrapping up

The benefits of video conferencing in business are numerous. It’s no surprise that so many companies adopt video conferencing, switching from office-only to work-from-home or hybrid formats. There is still some hesitation about remote work, as some consider it to be less effective than traditional office work. However, a Stanford study shows us that in 2022 the productivity of those who worked remotely increased by 13% over 9 months. People who work from home and actively embrace video communication seem to perform better and lead more balanced lives. The client experience is also positive, as having access to continuous support and improved communication is a huge advantage.

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