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Top 5 Lead Tracking Apps for Small Business

Lead Tracking Apps

Are you still looking for more suggestions? Let’s look at the bigger picture. You are a small business owner and you want to make your life easier. Tracking apps will allow your sales team to spend more time closing sales and building profitable relationships with prospects. Lead tracking apps can help you increase your sales productivity and automate your workflows, and eliminate the need for spreadsheets.

There are so many options, how do you decide which tracking app to choose? We’ve done the research and compiled our top five tracking apps pick for small businesses to save you time.

Top lead management and tracking apps for small businesses

1. Zoho

Zoho CRM is a powerful and affordable platform that offers a variety of features. It could be right for your small business. Zoho CRM is only one of the 30 Zoho small business products. It’s not surprising that Zoho CRM made it onto our list of top lead tracking apps. Zoho CRM is especially effective for businesses that already use Zoho Books and Zoho Projects.

Zoho offers four paid packages and a free package. This package includes basic sales automation, team collaboration, and standard reporting. It is available for three users. You can choose from the Standard, Professional, or Enterprise packages for more advanced features.

The Standard edition ($20 per month per user) includes mass email options and sales forecasting. Custom dashboards are also available.

Upgrade to Professional ($35 per month) or Enterprise (50 per month), for unlimited records, third-party integrations, and advanced customization. Zoho offers a free 15-day trial, with no credit card.


  • Comprehensive reporting
  • There are many options to digitize and store business cards on smartphones


  • Complex, customizable features
  • Integration with other email services is limited

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2. Salesforce

Salesforce is a well-known and widely used lead tracking app.

Salesforce offers many customization options and advanced features. Add basic information to each contact, you can view contact history, schedule tasks, enter basic information and browse attachments.

The business owner can see the progress of their employees and track completed and planned tasks. Employees can access the app anywhere they are in the world with the all-in-one cloud-based Solution which increases overall productivity.

Salesforce offers four packages to suit different business needs. Salesforce Essentials, which costs $25 per user per month, is the most affordable package. This package is ideal for small sales teams that want to get started immediately and scale up as they grow. This package includes basic sales and marketing for up to five users. Salesforce Essentials customers receive three months of free G Suite by Google Cloud.

Lightning Professional ($75 per month) offers social collaboration, upselling and unlimited training. Lightning Enterprise ($150 per month) offers collaborative forecasts and API integrations. It also allows for team selling, real-time sales insights, workflow automation, and team selling.


  • Procedure is smooth
  • Integration by third parties
  • ROI calculator


  • Small businesses are subject to high prices
  • Packages that are less functional may be lower in price
  • Complex operation

3. Quick Base

Intuit created Quick Base a number of financial apps that are suitable for small businesses. Intuit eventually sold Quick Base to a private equity company in 2016. Quick Base makes it simple to increase productivity in your team by making sure that nothing slips through the cracks. Sales teams can create automated reminders, alerts, and notifications to remind them of deadlines and tasks. QuickBooks also offers solutions for desktop users, as well as for online payments via your website.

Quick Base is also accessible from any device, including smartphones and tablets. This allows sales reps to better serve customers at all stages of the sales cycle. Businesses can increase their agility by integrating external tools and data into Quick Base.

Quick Base offers three packages: Platform, Enterprise, and Premier. You get customizable roles, role-based pages, advanced workflow automation, case-based support, and role-based home pages. The Platform package includes all the premier features, plus custom branding, IP filtering, and corporate directory integration. The Enterprise package offers maximum flexibility and a custom plan.

Do you need more help getting started? Get a 30-day trial for free. Quick Base is available for live support, webinars, and community forums. You can also choose to view video tutorials or take part in webinars.

A recent study found that customers who were interviewed achieved a 260% return on investment within three years. even though Quick Base is more expensive, you can still expect it to have a positive effect on your bottom line.


  • Extensive support
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Role-specific dashboards


  • Expensive packages
  • Complicated operations
  • Additional cost for some apps

4. Apptivo

Apptivo is a cost-effective yet highly functional lead management system and is an excellent choice for small businesses, especially those on a tight budget. Apptivo’s Starter Plan includes task reminders, G Suite integration, and sales automation, such as lead management.

Access to the knowledge base and how-to videos will also be available. The free plan will only allow you to contact customer support during business hours.

Premium plans ($8 per month) include 24/7 support, IMAP emails, reports, and 3GB of storage per user. You also get a web-to-lead catch, third-party integration, role-based security, and more. The Ultimate plan ($20 per month) offers more storage, API requests, and access to certain apps. Upgrade to the Enterprise plan if you need a personal account manager. Sign up now for a 30-day trial to give Apptivo a try.

Apptivo is not as sophisticated as other lead tracking apps but it provides sales teams with basic tools to organize small business leads. Apptivo reduces sales costs by up to 50%, which leads to a high return on investment.


  • Affordable costs
  • Substantial customizations
  • E-commerce integrations


  • Limited third-party integrations
  • Basic features

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5. KonDesk

KONDESK CRM is an industry-specific CRM by KONZE, it caters to the needs of Edu- Immigration agents. Small and Medium-sized consultancies can make the most out of this CRM as the company provides customizations based on the request of their customers. You can suggest a feature directly from the portal as well. With the strong country-specific modules their lead management modules assure none of your follow-ups is skipped and none of the documents is misplaced or missed out. Moreover, with KONDESK, all commissions are recorded and managed on time.

It provides you with the facility to integrate email, virtual meeting platforms, and KONZE specials, tools and software solutions that can aid your Edu-immigration consultancy which includes KONPARE; an OSHC comparison portal.

The 15 days trial version allows you only one user with only 10 leads and limited features. But its affordable pricing plan charges you only for the days you used the tool. Hence, you pay only when you actually use it.


  • Industry-specific
  • Integrations
  • Can add multiple branches


  • Complex operations
  • Limited Country options

Summary Up — Top lead tracking apps

Zoho is the top choice for the best small business lead tracking apps. It is highly customizable and inexpensive, but it also has a broad range of features. Different companies will have different requirements. You should shop around until you find an app that suits your needs and best suits your business. One of our top-rated lead tracking apps is available for those who are tired of using spreadsheets.


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