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Top 5 Tools for a Quality Website Audit

Top 5 Tools for a Quality Website Audit

SEO audits should be regular, and every website owner needs to consider them while planning online activity. Such audits on time will help identify possible problems and resolve them before they start affecting the search rankings.

If the website is large, it may take a lot of time to analyze every page manually. SEO tools have been developed to do this job faster and more efficiently.

You can find many reliable and potent tools on the net nowadays. Here, we have compiled the list of the most high-quality ones and analyzed their characteristic features to help you make a choice.

Top 5 Tools for a Quality Website Audit


This website audit tool includes a kit of SEO tools for optimizing websites. They can do any job, from keyword research to tracking ranks. The SEO audit software is one of them.

The tool can detect technical SEO issues and analyze the efficiency of the site’s performance. It assigns a health score for site performance, HTTPS use, crawlability, markup, and internal linking. The instrument can also provide charts showing content issues, loading speed, and errors in JS and CSS. It will provide you with a complete list of issues that may need your attention. You can ask it to arrange all the issues in order of importance and use the latest filters to sort the issues by type.

The software also provides tips on how to fix these problems. You can utilize this tool to ensure your site is constantly improving.

The service offers both free and fee-paying versions of the tool. You can analyze about 100 web pages with the free version once weekly. Or you can opt for payable options – Pro, Guru, and Business. The more advanced the version is, the more pages you will be able to analyze. You will also get a 7-day free trial of all these versions to decide whether they meet your requirements.

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Google Search Console

Google develops this platform and helps website owners check the site’s performance in the Google Search engine. It will show you the current vital rankings and provide a complete SEO audit to identify some technical issues.

The software detects how well Google web crawlers can see the site and whether all the pages are indexed and available in the search results. The tool can also provide several technical reports with insights into the primary search factors. The Core Web Vitals will show how the pages perform in real-time, which are easily accessible and need improvement or boosting. The Mobile Usability report is meant for mobile web pages to show whether they are mobile- and user-friendly.

You will also get the URL Inspection feature to detect specific issues with mobile usability, coverage, etc. You will get a list of the pages that contain errors that need improvements and the basic steps to resolve them. You can also undergo the Google validation process to ensure that everything has been fixed.

However, this software doesn’t allow for initiating sitewide crawls as soon as you need them, so you will have to look for other instruments that can do it for you.

This service is free. You need to verify the site you own for smooth access to Google data.


This multifunctional service can analyze the website in 5-10 seconds and make up the complete list of issues with internal pages in a while. It can also check your website’s positions in Google and Yandex. Website owners, SEO agencies, and optimizers appreciate these SEO tools very much.

The program allows for checking the search engine parameters, reflecting all the main events and changes in the site accessibility, testing the availability of robots and sitemaps, trafficking data in Yandex or Google, and determining the number of requests from users. It can also evaluate the efficiency of meta tags and optimization of the main page, analyze the speed, audit the internal pages and technical parameters of performance, and detect the dynamics of the site’s position by region.

The software integrates well with Google Analytics and Yandex. Metrica, Yandex.Webmaster, and Google Search Console. You can get a 7-day free trial and an Elementary free plan. The Pro and Agency plans are payable.

Ahrefs SEO Site Audit

Many prominent websites widely use this popular SEO software. It offers different tools for rank tracking, competitor intelligence, keyword search, content research, and others.

The tool can crawl the pages and detect SEO issues with incoming and outgoing links, tags, HTML protocols, page speed, and many others. It can also analyze the quality of content and find duplicates and pages with inconsistent word counts.

The program can provide the general site’s health score, develop charts with the research results, and compile a list of SEO issues for immediate improvement.

The Data Explorer is a helpful feature for quick data filtration, creating reports about the audit details, and custom views.

You can develop your schedule of crawls that are available daily, weekly, or monthly. The program will complete them automatically and save the results for you. You will also be able to follow any changes between the crawls. For example, you can see what changes have been made if you notice an increase or decrease in the site’s score.

It is a paid software with four plans to choose from – Lite, Standard, Advanced, and Agency. You pay for a month’s subscription or pay for a year and get two months for free. You can also receive the crawl credits from the Lite plan. Every credit equals one page of the audit.

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SiteChecker Pro

This web crawler is cloud-based. You can detect all the technical SEO problems with its help. You can get a complete SEO audit within several minutes with this software. In addition, the platform can provide some other SEO features, such as site monitoring, rank tracking, or backlink tracking. It means a good deal of control while auditing your website. You can also schedule the checks and use different filters for site-level and page-level checks.

When the software detects a lousy issue, it will send you an email notification to help you improve the situation as quickly as possible. The program can also monitor your site’s performance daily and update the to-do list regularly.

The significant advantage of this program is that it provides a detailed how-to guide. As a result, you will be able to fix all the problems quickly on your own.

This software is paid for. It offers three plans – Basic, Startup, and Growing. You can acquire them monthly or save 20% if you order an annual plan. The number of audit reports is unlimited in every plan. Other benefits include 24/7 site monitoring, rank tracking at the local level, backlink tracking, and daily rank tracking, which are very convenient.

Final Thoughts

Now when you get to know the best and most cutting-edge SEO site audit tools available on the Web nowadays, it’s time to start auditing. Solving all technical SEO problems will lead your website to the top of search engines, making it more efficient and successful. In addition, you can avoid the negative influence of any errors on your SERP rankings and withstand any competition.

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