Pros and Cons of Using Easycop Bot

Pros and Cons of Using Easycop Bot

Whatever your opinion on sneaker bots, one cannot deny the simple fact that today it is an integral part of the sneaker world. All the sneaker purchase action happening online, in one way or another, is influenced by the presence of sneaker bots. In this article, we will present you with one of the leading sneaker bots – the EasyCop bot. You can find companies who have already published an article with an in-depth analysis of the pros and cons of EasyCop bot. What we will do here in this review, is take a different approach and present you with an overview of EasyCop bot with the possible implications for future use.

Quick sneak-peek


  • Availability
  • Fresh and vibrant bot
  • Exceptional user feedback


  • Focus on the Northern American market

Pros of using EasyCop bot


How many times have you heard the expression time is money? While everyone gets the basic meaning of the expression, now we have the tools to calculate more precisely the worth of our time. You can say that one is perfectly aware of the preciousness of time.

Fundamentally, that is the main purpose of such a bot as EasyCop – less time, more sneakers. But the forgotten fact is, that while we can see a huge interest and demand in sneaker bots, the downside of such a process is the lack of entry possibilities in the sneaker-copping game. In today’s market, such a bot as EasyCop still being available for purchase is in itself a huge advantage.

About half of the sneaker bots in the market are officially out of stock. This means that if you want to get that particular, well-reviewed bot that is no longer available, you will have to start looking for reliable cook groups, discord servers, follow developer tweets, or other kinds of time-consuming activity to secure that long-awaited bot. Some people even go as far as buying a bot for copping bots. Yes, you read it right – there are bots made for purchasing a sneaker bot.

Besides the time spent purchasing the desired bot, you will have to interact with some sort of middleman. Which, as you have probably already guessed, creates a possibility of being scammed. Mostly everyone in the sneaker bot community has heard a story or two about some poor soul scammed by someone who “is fed up with copping sneakers”. Usually, that’s not true. The more convincing story would be that they purchased an EasyCop bot and are reselling the old one.

Where there is quality – there is a demand. EasyCop has established its name among sneakerheads, and the possibility to get such a bot firsthand is a huge plus to everyone who wants a reliable and efficient tool for copping sneakers.

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Fresh and vibrant bot

We’ve been around for too long to be taken by surprise easily. But EasyCop developers are the folks who managed to surprise us by recently implementing two updates to the bot.

Firstly, they increased the Easycop bot price 3x – going from $200 per month to $600. Secondly, they changed the bot from being cloud-based to being based on the Windows operating system. So when we asked ourselves, what does this mean, we came up with two answers:

  1. Confidence. The only developers who can triple the price of their product are those who know that they have a great product.
  2. Specialization. The fourth Newton’s law says that width is disproportionate to depth. This translated into sneaker vocabulary means that the more clients you want to attract, the less efficient your bot will be. Yes, All-in-One bots are an essential part of the market. But while sneaker bots are becoming more and more popular, the possibility of successfully cooking a pair of sneakers decreases.

The most effective way to counter the competition is to make the bot more specialized and target a specific area. In the EasyCop bot case, that target is specifically footwear sites.  The new changes brought to the EasyCop bot got a lot of attention. But we understand the advantages it gives to the bot and ultimately to the user.

Exceptional user feedback

It is common knowledge for everyone that if you want to know if a product or a service is reliable – check user feedback. To our knowledge, the EasyCop bot has one of the best user experience-based feedback in the market.  One should not take this fact lightly.

In the contemporary sneaker bot market, where users are investing hundreds, sometimes even thousands of dollars, every mistake or bad decision done by the bot developers will be registered in the user feedback pool. While browsing the network, you will easily see that the EasyCop bot is a fresh, but already well-reviewed bot not only by professionals but by beginners too.

Considering the observant nature of the sneakerheads, it is an exceptionally important sign of the quality present in the EasyCop bot.

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Cons of using EasyCop bot

Focus on the Northern American market

It may sound contradictory to the reader when we emphasize the advantages of specialization in one part of the article and simultaneously criticize it in the other. But nothing should be in excess.

While we see the EasyCop bot strategy to stick with footwear sites as a positive thing, the same attitude towards the world market might be not so wise. In spite of the complaints in sneakerhead forums and discord servers about the lack of European sites in the EasyCop bot, this caveat is still ignored by the developers.

We don’t know the intrinsic reasons for ignoring continental sneakerheads, but we are hoping that the EasyCop bot will change its attitude towards popular European footwear sites in the near future.


EasyCop bot is a fresh bot still in the early development stage. At the same time, it is already a well-recognized bot in the growing sneaker bot industry. Will it establish itself as MVP?

Only the future knows. But considering the availability of the bot, the adapting strategy of the developers, and the extremely good user feedback, we guess the EasyCop bot will become one of the top bots in the market.

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